Black Propaganda and Feminism

Many of my favorite blogs, over the years, have both hard-hitting articles and a lively comment section. iSteve is the prime example, though Dalrock and Heartiste both qualify too.

A day or two ago, over on one of these other places, I cited Jack Donovan’s book The Way of Men as a decent primer on masculinity. The first comments were more or less legitimate, if deliberately uninformed.


The author of the book is an openly gay dude, and many Christians refuse to read the work of someone in that camp. No problem. Even so, It wasn’t long until the resident headcases appeared to try and derail any discussion about the book.


While I have seen Jack Donovan and his work excoriated on feminist sites like Jezebel, at least the feminists tend to critique it’s content. Frank K appears to be making a false rape accusation against the author, which is something that I don’t even see from the likes of Jessica Valenti.

Not to be outdone, SirHamster agrees and amplifies:

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 06.51.05.png

There are a couple of interesting possibilities here. The most obvious is that these people have some sort of repressed fantasy life which includes inappropriate thoughts about young boys. Because SirHamster is mentally ill, he projects these disgusting fantasies outward, upon random strangers he disagrees with on the internet, and upon authors of books he doesn’t like.

When confronted about these weird fantasies, SirHamster doubles down, naturally, and starts desperately spreading the meme that y’r boy Boxer is a homosexual pedophile. With no evidence, of course, but whatever…

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 06.45.43

It might also be the case that the feminist movement is sending malcontents to manosphere blogs in an effort to make antifeminist men look like unhinged nutcases. This is actually a well-known phenomenon, which was described in Tayacan’s Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare, Taber’s War of The Flea, and Che Guevara’s classic Guerrilla Warfare. The tactic is usually known as “black propaganda.”

Is that what motivates people like SirHamster? Hard to say. If I had to guess, I’d go with psychological problems and social isolation as a likely cause. Even so: While patriarchalists shouldn’t give way to conspiracy theories, they should be aware that their enemies are committed, determined and unscrupulous. Feminists have gained the upper hand almost completely through propaganda, rather than direct action. Deception is easier than fighting, and historically it has been their M.O..

Update: In a funny turn of events, SirHamster (with the help of his fake Christian friend Cane Caldo) is now denying that he ever wrote this nonsense. I cover this humorous reversal here.

Pre-emptively Blocked!

It appears that the moral and intellectual cowards at National Review have all mass-blocked y’r boy Boxer over on Twitter. From their perspective, I’m sure that’s for the best.


The Degenerate Bishop of San Diego

The Bishop of San Diego is calling on all Catholics to rise up and revolt against Donald Trump, the democratically elected leader of the United States.

In a 20-minute address to the U.S. regional meeting of the World Meeting of Popular Movements, Bishop Robert McElroy said that “President Trump was the candidate of disruption. He was the disrupter.”

“Well, now we must all become disrupters,” he said.

McElroy is, incidentally, the man who runs interference for the degenerate pro-abortion and pro-divorce “Catholic Answers Forum.”

Much more at…

The Importance of Twitter

Virtual pundits are a dime-a-dozen, and their careers rise and fall on Twitter. With this in mind, there’s no reason that sensible men shouldn’t be creating anonymous accounts to talk back to feminists and other headcases.



Protip: follow @herbiemarcuse when you get there, and, multiply your effectiveness by posting a well-written article from Dalrock, Heartiste, etc..

Best case scenario: your mark is fool enough to actually feed into your countersignal.


We don’t need or want the vast majority of these feminist ninnies, but there are a number of people in all these crowds who could use our message.

White Nationalists are (mostly) Losers

I will say there are exceptions. I know a number of serious, committed people who describe themselves as white nationalists. These men and women are decent, realistic people with a healthy sense of humor. They can handle talking to a dude (like y’r boy Boxer) who likes dating black chicks and doesn’t worry too much about ethnic stuff. They are, unfortunately, the minority.

Photo courtesy Omega Virgin Revolt

Whatever differences I may have with Black Pill, he logically lays out the brutal truth on the white nationalist movement, and the quality of its average adherent. Read his cogent essay here.