Anticipating Calamity, Vol. 1

The one thing in this world you can not do enough of is covering your own behind. No one else will do it for you.

So, you’ve met some chick, and all of a sudden, sex happens. We’ve all been there. The problem, in this case, is that there has been no “memorandum of understanding” documented beforehand. This poses a problem in the #metoo era, given that you are now in a legal position which gives her the upper-hand.

Your duty, at this point, is to get her to say she had no complaints, in writing, and back this up to the cloud. Email is better than text message, but text message is better than nothing.


It should not escape anyone that currently, numerous wimminz are retroactively accusing men of harassment, rape, and lewd conduct, often years after the fact, with zero evidence, and that the male victims of these unprovable accusations are being socially and financially punished, regardless of the facts. If you are a man in North America, you need to take this seriously.

An Old-Fashioned Girl


Standards are important. This is why, early on, I decided to inaugurate my own form of “shit test” to weed out the crazy and non-compliant from the potential pool.

Her: I like this app so far. haven’t found any gross guys or catfish yet.

Me: I don’t know what you mean exactly, but happy if you’re having fun.

Her: sometimes creepy guys get a little to [sic] forward, and i’m an old fashioned girl…

If I had the inclination, I could have converted this whore into an instant bang. She initiated contact, so she was clearly down. I’d have merely reminded her of a couple of simple facts in heartiste’s cocky/funny tone. Notably: If you’re 22 or older, you aren’t a “girl” by any stretch of the imagination. Moreover, if you’re on plenty of fish, you aren’t old fashioned. So, are we going to meet and fuck, or not?

Even so, these attitudes are tiresome, and I’ve found the lackluster sex that proceeds to be entirely unworthy of the effort. So I fired off the last message, and blocked the acres of self-righteous justification that was sure to follow.

Decide what your minimum standards include, and then stick to them. There’s no reason for you to waste time on any bitch who is rude, manipulative, or otherwise unworthy of you.

Also: LOL at the cheapo jewelry on offer in the side-bar. I can believe there are simps who would buy a genuine simulated diamond tennis bracelet, for $39.99, for some PoFfer. Sad!

Murder in Brockton Massachusetts

This weekend we mourn the senseless deaths of little Edson and Lason Brito. They are merely the latest example of what happens to boys in our feminist state, and they will surely not be the last.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 21.30.31

The prize catch of a wimminz, seen above, is one Latarsha L. Sanders. Prosecutors allege that she stabbed her 8-year-old son, young Edson Brito, some 50 times with a kitchen knife as part of a “ritual incident.” Whatever matriarchal cult goddess she was trying to appease apparently wasn’t satisfied by just one murder, so she went to work on her 5-year old boy, little Lason Brito, next. He died almost immediately thereafter.

During a series of interviews with police following the discovery of the bodies of the two boys Monday, Sanders, 43, gave varied explanations for the deaths that ranged from a claim that she was motivated by “voodoo stuff” to the claim that her daughter “wanted a little blood.”

The daughter’s name has not been released, but the fact that this woman slaughtered her two boys, while leaving the girl unharmed, is implicit evidence that she is a party-line feminist, who is committed to “sticking it to” the patriarchy (in a material sense).

Mizz Sanders has been temporarily inconvenienced with a double-murder trial, but she’s sure to be released very soon, so that she can have some more kids by some other simp, and do it all again.

Boston dot com and its parent publication, the Boston Globe, are adhering to fine feminist standards by pretending that these boys’ father does not exist. It is entirely reasonable to assume that he was told by a faggot judge in the divorce courts to beat feet, after his entire estate was divided between his lawyer, his murdering whore of a wife, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Read their fine reporting here and here.

Bermuda Rescinds Marriage-in-Anus

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 09.37.28Bermuda is an autonomous territory of the U.K. in the North Atlantic. It’s located about 1000 km due east of South Carolina. Last year, the high court decreed that homos had the “constitutional right” to gay-marry each other. Bermuda’s Constitution is here. I can’t seem to find mention of anything of the sort.

Naturally, the vast majority of people who live in Bermuda are vexed by these magistrates who indulge in social-engineering from the bench. The island’s parliament forwarded a bill rescinding the marriage-in-anus decree, and it was passed by a huge margin.

The UK, which has no problem meddling in the affairs of its de-facto colonies, can use a variety of tactics to overturn this law from afar. Whether the queen will intervene remains to be seen.

Malice & The Moynihan Report

Stolen from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan was a qualified sociologist, who was serving as an assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Labor, in the Johnson administration. He released a report entitled “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” In it he described the deleterious effects that were already becoming apparent after the beginnings of the social welfare programs coined as “Great Society,” which were ostensibly sold to the public as a safety-net. In fact, what they were actually doing was discouraging fatherhood and destabilizing the American family, particularly in the African-American neighborhoods.

Moynihan’s report recommended a reversal of the social welfare policies, and the introduction of noncoercive incentives to lure fathers back into the family homes. He was arrogantly scoffed at by all right-thinking (i.e. feminist) individuals in government and media, and the administration doubled down on welfare payments and social engineering.

One of those policies was the mandate that every weekend, in many black neighborhoods, a sheriff’s deputy would drop by homes on the welfare rolls. These were called “welfare checks” and were explained as a way to make sure everyone in the home was getting their needs met. What the deputies actually did was to search for a father. Any household that had an adult black male inside would immediately lose their welfare checks and food subsidies. Sometimes, the man would be carted down to the jailhouse and charged with “abandonment.” This had an immediate and terrible effect, which exacerbated the homeless problem, even as it ripped children away from the one man in the world who could be counted on to look after them.

By this we can come to an unsurprising conclusion: The people in charge took Moynihan’s report seriously, and revealed their true intentions, which was not to “help” anyone, but to deracinate the black and working-class white children in America. Whether through malice or stupidity (and I vote for the former) they have ghettoified America on purpose.

Download Moynihan’s work in pdf here.

A Plenty of Fish Success Story

From (PoF) a/k/a Plenty of Rotten Tuna:

Love at first sight!

Eric and I met on plenty of fish after I moved back to our home town following a three year absence. I put up my profile and two hours later I had a message from him. We went to Starbucks that night. I was 7 months pregnant at the time but he was ok with that. My daughter Cordelia was born December 21st and Eric was there with me, and even cut the cord when she was born. We got engaged in January and we didn’t want to wait so we got married at a local city building on February 6th. We are now happily married and raising our daughter together, all because of Plenty of Fish!

Amanda & Eric, Married 2/2013

Bad stuff:

Him: Way too fat, fagbeard, slouchy posture, ill-fitting suit, those weird shoes that add 6 inches to a man’s height.

Her: Also somewhat overweight. May have a lazy eye. 7-months pregnant on PoF.

On the upside: 

Men and women can lose weight.

Probably still cuter than many of the fugly skank-ho wimminz on PoF that night.

They’re (at least pretending to be) monogamous.


One will note that I am not necessarily criticizing him for marrying the woman, nor am I calling him a cuck, for adopting (at least in theory) the kid.

I recognize that this has been an outlier pattern in patriarchy since the beginning of it. A man has the right to do whatever he wants in his own household, including the risking of its dissolution. This is a pre-Christian concept called paterfamilias, encoded in Table IV of the old Roman code.


I wish these people no ill, but I would be curious to see what their marriage is like, some five years on. Are they still together? I’d like to think so, but I’m a dreamer. I have never seen a scenario quite this risky play out in meatspace, however I have seen scenarios that included one or two of the pieces to this jigsaw puzzle enacted, and they always ended in a spectacular shower of drama, angst and confusion.


For America to Live, Google Must Die


This site now has its own top-level domain name. and is still hosted on wordpress servers. There are a number of reasons that I have gone this route. Immediately, I was compelled by the increase in spammy ads that wordpress was employing against any non-account holders who came here to read the site. You should now be seeing this blog ad-free. You’re welcome. Of course, in doing this I was conceding to a sort of strong-arm tactic, but in the end it was only 50 dollars.

The conspiracy theorists will now conclude that wordpress has all my personal details: legal name, work and home addresses, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, etc. That’s true. My full legal name has been fairly well known around the sphere for years. Hell: The name of this blog denotes the (less than 1 km^2) area in which I lived, when I started it up.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 12.06.04

I was an early financial supporter of Bill Price (I know, kick me, but I felt sorry for him.) He knew much more about me than wordpress ever will, and even after he banned me from his blog and married a feminist, he didn’t sell me out. It’s an open secret that I have met many big manosphere names in person, and have participated on the back-end in some of their projects.

On the other end, my boss already knows I write here. The IT department outed me weeks ago, and we’ve had conversations about shit I’ve posted. She thinks some of my articles are outrageous, and some are funny, and when I asked her recently if she had a professional problem with it, she said something along the lines of “it’s called academic freedom, dumbass…” before buying me a coffee.

If anything, I’m more hesitant to think that the manosphere authors who have met me will connect the mild-mannered proofreader they know to the asshole who has been going by “Boxer.”

I had two other options: I could try to rig something up at home (too time-consuming) or migrate to Google’s blogger, which will farm out my readers’ asses to every spammer and con-artist in existence, for next to nothing.

I learned the hard way in this regard, when I started a gmail account to handle my manosphere-related communications. Just days after I opened my google account, I left some comment on an MGTOW blog, and almost immediately started getting solicitations to buy fleshlights, real dolls, and all manner of other incel-related paraphernalia. About a week later, I posted on heartiste, and suddenly was inundated with all manner of ads for illegal viagra and penis-enhancement devices. Am I an incel or a playa? Google doesn’t know, and doesn’t care. They’ll shotgun me with so much crap that something is bound to draw me in. Why should I put any of you guys through that?

In any case, I hope the reading experience here is a little less cluttered.