Krista Sings The Blues

krista.hoThe whore at left is one Krista Conley Glover, age 36. Krista grew up in Methville (f/k/a Portland) OR; though the booking photo attached came from St. John’s County, FL. She looks to me little better than the typical drug-addled white feminist, who has graduated from a life of coddling to crime. The 1990s chic big-hairdo, the hideous, wall-hitting face, and the vacuous stare ahead, all combine to portray this bitch in the most realistic possible light.

At first glance, a brother could be forgiven for assuming that she had been busted for peddling crack. Before we get to the real story, let’s fill in some background. Krista is married to a multimillionaire pro-golfer named Lucas Hendley Glover, age 38. Lucas and Krista were married in 2012. By anyone’s standards, he has done a passable job as a provider — busting ass to give his whore of a wife a Florida mansion and spending sprees abroad. Here’s a tweet from last month, in which she is boasting about her ability to waste her husband’s money on fucking other men “girls night out” [sic]…


Now, maybe I’m showing my lack of experience with rough trade, but in this photo, with her plunging neckline and visible nips, Krista looks little better than an aging street hooker. Her minimal boobs and bony elbows give her an Auschwitz aesthetic, and her collapsed cheeks suggest that she might be toothless. The stretch marks around her mouth are also illustrative. She’s anything but attractive, and if she were approaching me in that getup, I’d assume that she was an anorexic prostitute coming to hit me up for some spare change.

For some odd reason Lucas found her worthy of marriage, and the couple now have two children. It ought to be noted that Lucas married Krista a couple of years after he had famously won the U.S. Open, and immediately after he had won the Wells Fargo Championship. She had already crested thirty-one years, and was well on her way to sexual marketplace irrelevance when she walked down the aisle. Krista ought to down on her knees, alternately satisfying her husband’s sexual needs and thanking whatever god or gods she worships, for this man who saved her from a sad fate.


Last weekend was Mother’s Day. Like any dutiful son, Lucas wanted to spend time both with his mother and his wife. He invited them both to the The Player’s Championship 2018, to watch him on the links, where he hoped they would enjoy themselves in private seats, while he earned the family bread. Unfortunately for everyone, Lucas didn’t happen to prevail, and washed out of the tournament without placing. This is where the fun apparently began.

And thus, Krista decided that she’d celebrate Mother’s Day, this year, by beating the hell out of her husband, in front of his mom and their two terrified children. The reason for all this? Because Lucas had not performed up to her expectations.


“You’d better win, or I will take the kids, and you will never see them again!”

When granny was forced to intervene, she turned her foul attentions on Lucas’ mother. By the time the police arrived, granny was reportedly ambulanced off to hospital to get stitches in her arm. This whole story is particularly disturbing, given the fact that Lucas and his mother are both actively covering for this abusive whore in the media, right now. Lucas refused to sign the affidavit, but the cops took Krista’s spoiled ass down to the station anyhow. She caused such a fuss, they gave her an extra “resisting arrest” charge. She is quoted as saying:

“This is why cops get shot in the face!”

Like a good male-feminist, Lucas has decided to “stand by his woman,” even as she has been a complete embarrassment to him, his family, and his profession. Here is his latest profession of solidarity with this trashy ho’ on twitter dot com:


Husband and granny have since bailed Krista out of jail, and have welcomed her back into the mansion, where she will surely cause more trouble. To thank her husband and mother-in-law, Krista has begun giving interviews to national media, accusing Lucas and his mother of torturing her. This ought to be appreciated by Lucas as a prelude to having him thrown out of the house, on trumped up charges. He doesn’t seem phased.

At this point, we ought to start that magic countdown to more mayhem. Stay tuned to this channel, and we’ll report further when the cops have to come back to the mansion. Will it be to serve Lucas with a protective order, and pack him into a hotel room? Or, will it be a murder investigation, after drug-addled slut Krista hacks up her husband and kids with a butcher knife? Only time will tell.

Read more at:

Miami Herald and/or ESPN

Read the police reports here:

Wimminz’ Antlike Intuition

playaThe most popular articles I write consist of me, emptily boasting, about doing what any other man could easily do, if he had the time and proclivity. I get the most likes, comments, upvotes, and stars, not for talking about philosophy or politics, but simply telling the stories and posting the screenshots of my conquests. I get the feeling that a lot of brothers — even some who are married to supposed unicorns — are jealous of this. Fuck me. Any other man could do exactly the same thing, provided he lowered his standards enough to lay with the sorts of hot-but-vacuous whores I regularly plow.

Where do I meet these skanks? The majority come from random encounters, and not in bars or nightclubs, but on the street or in the supermarket. A large minority come from the typical dating sites: Tinder and PoF being the most fertile (heh), but also including OK Cupid, Match, and several others. For our purposes, we’ll just lump them together, and we’ll just call this class of virtual meeting-places ‘Fuckbook’ for short.

If you decide to take up the playa lifestyle, you will inevitably run into the “nice girl” who advertises her wares on Fuckbook, with scantily clad photos, usually showing everything but the nips and clit. These same whores will inevitably complain that there are no real men left in the world. You know, the types of real men like their fathers and grandfathers, who treated wimminz with “respect,” and who “never looked at wimminz as sex objects,” and who courted the wimminz with flowers, picking up the check like a dutiful sucker at the end of each meal.

The whore will bemoan her every interaction. “Why, oh why, can’t I get myself a trustworthy and dutiful man?” She’ll ask, while she’s down on all fours getting reamed by my cock, less than three hours after our first real-world encounter.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 10.44.50

This is not a parody, and I didn’t make this profile up simply to serve as an illustration, though I would understand if the married bros assumed I did. (If I tried, I wouldn’t be this audacious.)

There seems to be a marked shift in the dynamic on Fuckbook. About two years ago I started seeing it, and it hit critical mass (in my area) around the pre-thanksgiving of 2017 — sometime around six months ago. It is as though all the “party girl” types were suddenly transforming into “nice girl” types before my eyes. Gone were the photos of the slut, giving a blow job to a beer bottle, as nude people of all ages foam-partied behind her. Gone were the “I have the pussy, so I make the rules” memes. The slut formerly known as “skankho69” has completely rebranded, and is now calling herself “virginalcupcake90” on Fuckbook. She’s now pretending to be a lovely young unicorn, ready to marry you and live a monogamous life as a good, dutiful wife.

At first I thought I was aging out of the skank wimminz, and into a new paradigm of born-again-virgins; but, a bit of research suggests that assumption was hasty. Given that I’ve been on Fuckbook continuously for nearly three years, in the same American city, and given that I have the memory and attention span of something greater than a housecat, I can remember my first view of virginalcupcake90, when she posed bent-over in red lingerie for the camera, and posted the best shot on Fuckbook. The skank will inevitably keep some things constant, like the photo of her running a 5k race, and the photo of her in a business suit, and the photo of her getting her MBA from a shit-tier diploma mill, up for cross-referencing. Moreover, I can dip into the Fuckbook girls who are in their early 20s, and I see nary a skank ho slut in sight, only virginal cupcakes, who are ready to land a sucker walk down the aisle for the dutiful nice-guy.

In this regard, wimminz will always be one step ahead of men. They are rightly lampooned as being not very intelligent, but they have an antlike intuition about what will work, and the meme seems to spread among them almost instantly, wherein they will all rebrand on-the-fly, and present the opposite characteristics they were displaying a day prior.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 11.25.05


Skeptics Should Quit

Skeptics should quit being faggots. What is a skeptic? It necessarily includes atheists, but also includes agnostics, and any nominal believer that doesn’t take religious texts at face-value.

Unfortunately, it’s more difficult to make this argument than it ought to be, because it often seems like the only alternative is joining hands with the filthiest of kooks. This is a good example:

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 23.56.12

There are very few people who are so irrational as to believe that the Bible is a history book. All these people are charitably believed to be, by Frank K’s definition, nonbelievers, and given that he labels all and every ‘Unitarian’ a nonbeliever, we’re being conservative. What Frank K. seems to be labeling ‘nonbelievers’ is roughly equal to what I’m calling a skeptic.

Nonbelievers have a wide diversity of views on the matter of religious texts. Most of the skeptics I know are Catholics, most of these go to mass regularly, and take the New Testament as a point of faith and a source of good advice. In the past I hung out with evangelical atheists, but for the most part, I found them about as interesting as their religious counterparts.

Frank isn’t wrong about everything. Wimminz do see religion as a social event, or an outlet for nonverbal communication. They wear their religious preference as they would a pair of shoes. Men — including skeptics — do not tend to do this. Skeptical men can continue to appreciate religion as a discipline, as an outlet for exploring the underlying mysteries of life, and to bond with other men in an entirely sublimated, healthy, heterosexual, non-touchy-feely fashion.

The evangelical atheist tends to be a specific type of person; namely, he’s the type that can cultivate an acceptable moral sensibility without ritual. The fact that ritual would simplify his cultivation of morality will, even if admitted, be argued to outweigh the supposed negative aspects of ritual. The skeptic is often driven over to the strange delusion that everyone is exactly as intuitive as he is, and as such, that religion is entirely unnecessary. This is particularly silly, because even as he makes this argument, he’ll be (often unknowingly) quoting Rabbi Saul of Tarsus, who wrote:

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 08.07.37

Religious praxis is useful because it gives people the means to self-organize. It’s also useful because it contains the thoughtless and the irrational impulses of man, channeling them to prosocial ends, even as it socializes the man himself. The evangelical atheist doesn’t need religion because he can self-organize, and thus he sees religious people as either deluded victims or inferior subhumans. One will note that this is a delusion parallel to that which drives people like Frank K., who, because they are unable to construct an ethical life without a text to guide them, assume that all atheists are bloodthirsty cannibals.

Because you would be a bloodthirsty cannibal without mythology doesn’t entail your own weaknesses exist generally in the population.

Skeptics should thus begin taking advantage of religious organizations, despite the overwhelming presence of weirdos and fanatics in attendance. If they do, they’ll likely find (as I have) that a large portion of those attending share their commitment to a rational, examined life, even as they gain a community, and find one of the last remnants of male space.

Bruce Charlton’s Charlatanism

UntitledIf I can do anything to help the people in the androsphere, it is generally to do what I get paid to do, by a big research hub, for free. What I get paid to do is to teach students how to think and write arguments. Some semesters, those arguments have been in the form of mathematical proofs, and other semesters, those arguments have been in plain English, originating in points that incipient lawyers and philosophers are practicing. Usually, my feedback strikes kids as a bit rough, but you have to take your punches in this life, and that’s that.

Brother Derek was good enough to linkback to an article on his blog, which contains a whole host of poor arguments. I’ll go through just a few here.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 00.00.52

Bruce Charlton has a medical degree. He also has an academic master’s degree from Durham University, in the north of England. I got paid to go read one of my papers at Durham, a couple of years ago, and I know some of the faculty there. I like the place a lot, and it regularly churns out tons of thinkers who are brighter than I am. If you ever visit Durham, a quick trip to Hadrian’s Wall is interesting.

I don’t think it’s terrible for Charlton to give his opinion on politics, philosophy or economics; but, it should be noted that his degree is in literature, not politics, philosophy or economics, and if Derek quotes him giving his opinion, it’s dishonest not to point that out. Calling him Professor Charlton, and quoting him giving his opinion, is incredibly poor rhetoric, and it derails any points one might make, before the writer makes them.

All that aside, Bruce G Charlton is a completely discredited source on any topic, because he doesn’t believe in peer review. From nature dot com

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 00.00.25

As Kripke and Wittgenstein would remind us, peer review is everything. Some measure of community is a pre-requisite to the notion of truth and meaning, and if you have no one to bounce ideas off of, you’re really just spouting “nine out of ten doctors recommend” nonsense.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 00.20.33

They are approximations of truth, often really useful approximations, but ultimately are false because they are not true.

A couple of points:

1. Being “not true” is not a necessary and sufficient condition for being strictly false. This is very basic stuff, and if you are this illogical, you’re not going to win any arguments with serious feminist thinkers.

If you don’t know what I mean, consider these two propositions:

a. 1/0=5

b. 1=5

Proposition a is not true, because no one knows (at least with our conventional arithmetic) what the value of one divided by zero is. It doesn’t really mean anything, without a pre-existing axiom to define it. Proposition b, in contrast, is strictly false. By the principle we usually call ‘identity,’ 1 = 1, and 1 != 5. So there’s that.

truth cannot [sic] come from abstraction…

2. Truth can easily come from abstraction, and regularly does. If I write the proposition:

1 = 1

Then by the principle of identity, we can judge that proposition to be true. The numeral ‘1’ is abstract, inasmuch as it is both causally inert and observer independent. The same holds for the equivalence relation between ‘1’ and ‘1’.

I don’t mean to pick on anyone, but if you’re going to write arguments, then make them sound arguments. It’s better not to fraudulently use dodgy sources (like Charlton) and make sure you define the terms you use in the premises.

While Derek admits that the term ‘leftism’ has a very wide lexical range, he never bothers to define it for his argument. For that matter, he never defines ‘metaphysics,’ which is a serious discipline in the university, and which is sort of a joke at the bookstore, where it is used to denote things like crystals, finding one’s spirit animal, and nonsensical pseudosatanic occultnik texts.

Remember: if you can’t win an argument with me, then you stand no chance with our feminist enemies. Given that they’re jockeying to kill you and abuse your children, you have a positive (little joke there) duty to get good at logic and critical thinking.


Good Advice From Steve Gregg

Another Hard Day at The Office

This guest article was cobbled together from bits and pieces I found on PJ Media, authored by a brother calling himself Steve Gregg. Go here to show him some love. My comments inline and italicized.

If you work in any company with an HR department, white men are the enemy. If you’re smart, you will minimize your engagement with young women to protect yourself from false accusations of harassment from malicious, dishonest, stupid, or just plain crazy women. If a woman harasses you, you can not report it because you will be the one punished.

Of course white men are the enemy… because white men are a subset of #yesallmen, and the past few decades have proven that feminists do, in fact, hate all men.

If you are in a female majority office, you should move to a male majority office. Your prospects will be diminished by women, who select their girlfriends for promotions and training. Women in the majority feel emboldened to make gratuitous harassment complaints. There is an unconscious drive among women to drive out men they find unattractive. If your manager is surrounded by a coterie of her girlfriends all the time, particularly at lunch, you, as a man, have no future there.

If you have been falsely accused at work, you should find another job and leave, documenting the reason why in detail when you leave. It won’t get better for you. Once you have been accused once, you’re more likely to be accused a second time and be fired. Remember to document everything. You can buy a recording device that fits in your shirt pocket for $30. That won’t save your job but it can help you in an EOC lawsuit after you are wrongly fired.

A cheap ipod touch can sit in your shirt pocket, camera forward, attracting little attention, recording a/v of everything in front of you. Google photos can sync the a/v to the cloud almost on the fly. This is what I use. 

Of course, you should consult with an attorney about wiretap laws, but even if it’s illegal, it’s probably easier to face a misdemeanor recording charge than to have a bogus sexual harassment lawsuit or false rape charge.

All of that is a losing effort, of course. The EOC is set up to defend women fired by sexist companies, not men fired by sexist women.

Defeatism does not become you. The reason companies are not frightened by men is because those same companies rarely face any direct comeuppance by the schlubs they unjustly fire. Take them to court, put them in the media, and watch them squirm.

Your best defense is to hire into a technical company that requires STEM degrees. That excludes most young women. If you must work in an office with a lot of young women, be professional and polite with them, but do not engage them in personal chitchat. Anything you say can be turned into a harassment complaint and once you are accused, you are guilty. Women are more likely to file complaints against guys who are friendly to them and less likely to complain about guys who remain aloof from them and slightly disdainful.

You should only hire into a technical company that requires STEM degrees if you are really interested in that field. Not having a parasitic wife entails a much greater degree of freedom than your father had, and there’s no reason to be a striver, working subhuman conditions alongside H1B slaves, unless that lifestyle interests you. 

It’s just as well to be a barista at Starbucks, open a small business, or be a lawyer with an online storefront. Wherever you go, the defense is the same. Treat wimminz as your enemies. Never give them an ounce of attention that you aren’t being paid to give. Let it be known, subtly but certainly, that if someone fucks with you –man or wimminz– you will spend the rest of your life getting revenge.

Never go into a conference room alone with a young woman, ever. Never meet a young woman alone for any reason on a business trip. Try to channel your communication with women into email, where it is documented, or meetings, where it is witnessed. Anytime you meet with young women alone, you are courting a bogus harassment complaint for which you have no defense.

Good advice, but I’d not channel communication with women at all. Just don’t have anything to do with them socially, and don’t communicate outside of the bare minimum.

The profile for women who file a bogus complaint is that they are usually single women between 25 and 35, girly girls, and neurotic. They have made one or more complaints against men previously. They may keep a spreadsheet of every man they feel has offended them. Avoid them like lepers.

Bullshit and terrible advice. Any wimminz will file bogus complaints, regardless of age or status, the minute it benefits the ho’. Simply don’t talk to any of the wimminz you work with, problem solved.

Women age out of this belligerent phase of their lives. Once a woman gets married, has a couple babies, and turns 40, they become safe to work with. Generally, grandmas in sensible shoes and bad hair are far more safe to work with than single, young girls in heels.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 19.55.06

This is total nonsense. There are countless sexual harassment claims being made by old grannies right now, who feel free to peddle bullshit in order to back up their claims of being formerly desirable. Simply don’t indulge in personal banter or casual chit-chat with any woman, while on the clock.

The office isn’t a nightclub anyway. You’re being paid to do work. Why would you try to game wimminz at the office, of any age? Who needs the headache?

Once, when I worked in Dallas, a young woman named Laura called me and said I needed to call a meeting. OK, Laura, what about? Laura said, you just need to call a meeting. OK, Laura, what’s the agenda? Laura said, well, you just need to call a meeting. So, I tell Laura, I’m not going to call a meeting if I have nothing to say. Then, she starts screaming at me on the phone because women are free to abuse men as much as they please in the office. Managers won’t discipline them, only placate them.

A couple days later, my boss’s boss calls me in his office and tells me Laura has complained that I won’t work with her. So, I tell him she wants me to call a meeting where the agenda appears to be why are we calling this meeting. So, my boss says Laura also accuses me of stalking her. Do you believe that, I say. Well, I don’t know, he says. I reply, you mean she can just lie and win. He looks me in the eye and says, yes.

That kind of bogus complaint has happened about ten times in my thirty years of work and prompts me to avoid young women. Most men have similar stories. From what I see, about a third of women’s harassment claims are legitimate, a third ambiguous, and a third phony. That is roughly supported by an Air Force study which found about a quarter legitimate, about 3/8 ambiguous, and the rest bogus.

You’re an idiot who didn’t learn from his own mistakes. Why would you have a double-digit history of harassment claims? The first time it happened, should have been enough to convince you that flirting or bantering with wimminz on the clock is a terrible idea. 

But the best proof that harassment policy is profoundly biased is that I have never seen nor heard of a woman disciplined nor fired for harassment, only men. Please tell me how many of those women you found guilty of a false accusation were fired?

The answer to that question is, of course, some number close to zero.

That’s the problem. Women suffer no adverse consequence from making false accusations. I know of one women manager who was known for filing accusations against men, getting two fired, who was finally dismissed from a government office because of her “problems with men,” suffered no harm. Her contracting agency put her to work in their headquarters.

I have no problem believing this.

I think there are plenty of experienced men who avoid young women in the office because I’ve read or heard their stories. And, really, at every office I’ve ever been where a group of guys has gathered to talk, the conversation changes when a woman joins the group. There is a widespread wariness of young women in the working world.

I’ll give you another example. I used to take photos at office parties, but every other time, some woman would wildly object to a photo taken of her. In one case, the young woman shouted and threatened me in front of the entire office. When I asked my lead how I could report it to my company, he accused me of being the real harasser and demanded I confess. That’s how it works in the real world.

This part is only believable if you had a proven history of being an intolerable asshole. That’s easier to believe than a conspiracy theory.

In an other case, a woman came up to my desk and began wildly screaming about a photo that showed her husband standing next to another woman. I offered to pull it from an album I was making but that was not enough. She came back the next day and did it all over again. She got all her friends to harass me. My boss called me in and chastised me for not getting along with the women. Again, that’s how it works in the real world. As a consequence, I stopped taking photos and going to office parties. I don’t need trouble.

Why did you photograph these filthy wimminz in the first place? I’m guessing that you were trying to be the “nice guy,” and that’s your problem. I hope you’re sincere in your claims that you’ve stopped that nonsense.

Don’t do nice things for wimminz, like take photos or try and make them look flattering in online albums. They’ll just resent you for it. Ignore them utterly.

Office parties are never much fun anyway. Show up at the office party alone or with a date, stay for about 15 minutes, mingle with the men you work with pleasantly, and then go have some fun. If you’re off the clock and on non-company property, and there’s a wimminz you don’t work with in attendance, then you might consider gaming that whore. Otherwise just get in, get out, and move on to much better pastures.

That said, these episodes did not happen at every office I worked at. They came in clumps at offices that hired a lot of twenty-something women and had female bosses who were eager to back any accusation of harassment their subordinates made.

There were offices where the women were normal and professional, but then disengaging from them gave them less opportunity to make complaints. My life at the office improved dramatically when I stopped chatting with the young girls and remained aloof.

I’m glad you finally learned to quit being an asslicking supplicant of the filthy wimminz you work with. I’m sure your life has, in fact, improved since you finally learned from the ten sexual harassment claims you’ve been subject of.

Here’s another example. A co-worker at my current office was looking for office supplies in HR, which he found in a drawer. He remarked to two nearby young HR women, “So THAT’s where the goodies are!” They accused him of making a lewd come on. Fortunately, his boss’ boss was there and saved him, otherwise he would be taken to an HR kangaroo court and be found guilty of being a man.

His mistake was to talk to those young girls. Every time you speak to a young girl in the office, you’re courting a bogus harassment complaint. The approved solution is to say nothing to them, to not even acknowledge they exist, and press on.

This is, for better and for worse, very good advice. Treat wimminz you work with as though they’re livestock or furniture. Wimminz respond much more favorably to men who treat them with the contempt that they deserve.

If She Only Had A Dad…

Over on Airstrip One, our Christian brother Jason describes his recent exploits as a guerrilla minister. He goes out on foot in the evenings, not to run hoez or get drunk, but to try and do what society won’t, namely keeping young people out of trouble. On one particular night, he met a nice but troublefinding kid named Aieesha.

I offered prayer, one took me up on it (her name was Aieesha…pray for her…..if she actually had a dad, a PASTOR or grandfather around she would turn around quick).

Aieesha does have a dad, of course. She just doesn’t live with him. It might be that skank-ho mommy threw him out of the house recently, and is now preparing to run him face-first through the divorce courts. It might also be that in the course of fucking and sucking hundreds of random strangers, she conceived Aieesha, and thus became entitled to 19+ years of taxpayer-funded freebies. Either way, it doesn’t matter, as the result for the rest of us is the same. We have another aimless young girl wandering the streets, while she should be home doing her homework, under the protection and loving guidance of the only man who can be counted on to selflessly look after her interests.

The only winner in this scenario is skank-ho mommy. The rest of us lost, Aieesha’s dad lost big, and Aieesha lost most of all. Pray for her, if you pray, and let your heart fill with hatred for the trash that has inflicted misery on her and upon her generation.

Philosophical Wanderings


I like the idea of a reader-driven blog, because in the first place, it allows me to learn as much from my readers as they can pick up from me. Down below, someone sayeth:

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 09.33.56

I was referring to Nietzche & friends…

It would actually surprise me if Nietzsche had any friends.

The anecdotal story that philosophers like to tell was that Nietzsche had sex exactly one time, and he just happened to catch syphilis on that single occasion. What an amazing coincidence! Of course, this was part of Nietzsche’s schtick: that he had already progressed far beyond the needs of us lowly humans who were interested in sex, and was well on the way to elucidating the Übermensch.

1200px-Nietzsche187aWhile I don’t mean any disrespect to my old teachers — they were all fantastic thinkers — I don’t personally buy this, any more than I’d buy it from Joel Osteen, who probably claims to only have sex with Victoria. In the first place, being a well-known thinker has a particular charm: not because wimminz like philosophy, math, art, or any other higher form of expression, but only because you have a certain measure of social validation among your male peers. In the second, well, get real. The sex drive is second only to the impulse for eating as far as men’s instinctual needs go, and if the wimminz are willing to have sex with me, they’re certainly willing to have sex with Fred. I’m far scrawnier and paler than he, and can’t grow a cool ‘stache to save my life.

The continental tradition is a personal lacuna. I did that thesis on the analytics, and while I’m very comfortable talking shit about Bertrand Russell and Gottlob Frege, my knowledge of Nietzsche comes largely from reading exactly one of his books. I do know he wrote his thesis on early Greek playwrights, and that his love of the chaotic influenced the psychoanalytic tradition, who adopted his theory that we were all very repressed and needed more outlets for our individual and collective angst. I also know that the mathematician/phenomenologist Edmund Husserl criticized him in his Crisis of European Sciences and that Martin Heidegger (Husserl’s student) rehabilitated him in Being and Time. That’s about it.

I’d actually be pretty interested in the SJW appropriation of Nietzsche.

hits Infogalactic for more

No disrespect; and, you’re not wrong, but Infogalactic is even less reliable than Wikipedia. It’s owned by a guy named Beale, who is lately famous for being the oddball Amerind white-nationalist, who is having a fit at Andrew Anglin, and supposedly threatening to sue Gab because anonymous internet folks are making fun of him. All this sounds very inconsistent to me; though I don’t judge, and perhaps he has some motivation aside from an excess of money and time for his behavior.

Infogalactic pulls (i.e. steals) directly from Wikipedia. I’ve authored Wikipedia articles, and if I can create and modify articles there, you really shouldn’t take anything on it at face value. I tell kids it’s a good place to start, but one ought to follow the sources back to more reliable places.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 09.24.01

I was mistaken in calling Frege an MGTOW. I appreciate the correction, because that’s a misconception I’ve held for years.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 10.36.07

Of course, as a man, Uncle Karl was a hateful misogynist and rapist by default; but his personal antifeminism goes way beyond the usual boilerplate. For example, Karl Marx was a monogamist who was married to a girl named Jenny von Westphalen. They were married young and had seven children who survived, with at least a couple who died in childbirth. Karl’s father, Heinrich, was a deeply religious man, who converted to Protestant Christianity in Holland. He homeschooled young Karl until high-school.

With all this in mind, it’s strange to see the simultaneous love of him by feminists, and hatred of him in the androsphere. He was wrong about many things, but his post-Hegelian take on the historical imperative proves very useful to men like us. His greatest antifeminist student was probably E. Belfort Bax, whose work is up on marxists dot org. Men on our side ought to at least read Feminism in Extremis here.