Our Uncle Sig


Given that I’ve referred to him, here, there and elsewhere for years, I thought I’d finally backtrack into a brief introduction to our long-departed brother, one of the foremost modern advocates of patriarchy, Sigmund Freud. Freud and his groundbreaking work remain relevant today, and many of the techniques he pioneered retain the potential to treat our favorite contemporary malcontents: wimminz and male-feminists.

I love talking about Freud for many reasons, mostly because the mention of his name affects feminists like none other. Bringing him up to a bluehaired pseudointellectual fatty is akin to deholstering a crucifix and waving it in Dracula’s face. He has been dead for eighty years, yet he lives on, as the boogeyman who terrorizes our enemies from the grave.

Our brother was, first and foremost, a determinist. This is a ten-dollar word which alludes to one’s inability to make free choices. When you decide to do something, you may think that you are making a choice. Freud reminds you that you are being directed by forces you don’t understand, and usually don’t even recognize. In Freudian terms, human beings do not have complete control over what they do. Human behavior is shaped and directed by forces which queue up for expression, deep in the individual unconscious. Primal instincts, anxieties and aspirations exert unseen pressure on the personality, affecting the way we all interact with our world.

Sigismund Schlomo Freud began his career with a conventional medical degree in Vienna, awarded in 1880. In his first years of practice, he became interested in gynecology, focusing on hysteria (for which hysterectomy was often prescribed) and noted that female hormonal problems were often comorbid with antisocial behavior (refusal to speak, feigned paralysis, shoplifting, family violence, etc.).

Freud completed his habilitation under Josef Breuer, who advocated treating hysterical women with “the talking cure.” This would eventually become known as psychoanalysis.

Refining Breuer’s method, Freud began experimenting with free association: allowing his patients to ramble on about whatever came to mind, from one moment to the next. After amassing a body of work over the course of several years, Freud posited the existence of repressed unconscious forces which broke loose in dreams, in selective memory-loss, and in “slips of the tongue.” This parapraxis is the unconscious mind’s attempt at wish fulfillment or avoidance.

In the latter stages of exploring the unconscious, Freud began developing a theory of psychosexual development which expresses itself in stages. Libido (i.e. feelings of love and/or sexual directedness) are, until maturity, largely undifferentiated. This polymorphous perversity is, in infancy, completely random. Early on, feelings of love and attachment come through feeding at one’s mother’s breast. This is the oral stage of psychosexual development. Later, toilet training begins, and the anal stage marks a human being’s sense of accomplishment as s/he masters the ability to control his excretion.

After the anal stage, the sexes become differentiated. This is, in Freudian terminology, the phallic stage of psychosexual development.

During the phallic stage, a human being undergoes the beginnings of individuation, that is, he recognizes himself as distinct from others. He subsequently compares himself with others, and in so doing, he notices a couple of things. Whatever sex the human subject is, he recognizes that either he possesses a penis, or that she lacks one, and the subject compares his own genitals to those displayed by his father and mother. The fact that some people lack a penis suggests to the boy that his penis may be removed. This castration anxiety shapes his subsequent behavior. The fact that she lacks a penis suggests to the little girl that she has been robbed, at some point in the past, by design or circumstance, of one. This penis envy shapes her subsequent behavior.

If mentioning penis envy is not the easiest way to trigger a kooky feminist, then I will eat my undershorts. It ought to be the first tool in the box, and is especially effective for those overeducated dykes who have graduate degrees in wimminz studies. Penis envy is the reason for a wimminz’ permanent sense of inferiority, her annoying tryhardism, and her whiny passivity.

For the boy, castration anxiety is centered upon the father. The boy may find himself fearing the possibility that his father will castrate him, and reduce him to womanhood. There is the theory of the Oedipal complex, which drives the boy to fear his father and cling to his mother. Natural and normal (i.e. patriarchal) development makes this a temporary scenario. Eventually, the boy realizes that he can achieve safety by becoming a disciplined, dutiful son, taking his place as a temporarily lesser man, who learns from the more powerful male how to wield authority with temperance and decisiveness.

This is civilization at the level of the family, according to our Uncle Sig.

For the girl, penis envy does not resolve. Where a boy is forced to let go of his total reliance on his mother, the girl has the ability to retain her libidinal interest in the father. This leaves her personality relatively underdeveloped, and she generally does not develop a conscience, a sense of morality, or, in Freudian terms, a superego.

This is anti-civilization: wimminz feral behavior, at the level of the family.

Our Uncle Sig was the counter-enlightment intellectual who revitalized the obvious notion that biology was destiny, that anatomy was as important as culture, and who, at least in terms of sexuality, broke the tabula rasa over the heads of the feminists. Every man who is interested in resurrecting a patriarchal society should read him. I’ve given you the basics. Now go and study.

How Dare You?


When everyone’s favorite feminist Christian priest, Marc Driscoll, decided to start screaming at the men in his congregation, he probably imagined he’d get the wives and daughters in the audience wet for him. He likely anticipated an increase in donations, as the Christian whores in the chapel would see him as more manly than their own fathers and husbands.

He probably didn’t know that he’d become a fun manosphere meme.

While I can’t imagine that there’s anyone who hasn’t been entertained by this clown, here’s five minutes of Driscoll, kooking out in the most laughable fashion, in case you’ve missed it.

The first group of men that Driscoll castigates are the men who “have been coming here for years, with [their] hands all over their girlfriend[s]…” These men, who have been donating to Driscoll’s Christian church, for years, are subsequently screamed at for not marrying their Christian girlfriends.

Driscoll was not indulging in empty rhetoric. There were certainly many men in the audience who were faithful Christians. These men donated time and money, so that this useless parasite could continue to live large, without working. These men obeyed all the rules of their religious texts. They had what early Christian church fathers called a “natural marriage,” by taking a woman and faithfully living with her and loving her. Driscoll, of course, knows better than Augustine and St. Anselm. He knows better than a thousand years of patriarchal wisdom, which mirrors common sense. He calls these men and their marriages “cowardice” and “neglect,” and asks these faithful men who they think they are, for not manning up, and giving their slutty Christian wimminz a chance at being divorced.

To fuck a Christian slut without putting the noose of the divorce court around one’s neck is “dishonorable,” and “unmanly.” Those in the audience who didn’t realize it were in for a treat, as Pastor Driscoll was there to set them straight.

I fucked two wimminz in the last couple of weeks. Both were religious. One was a Protestant, and the other was Jewish. Neither seemed to mind the fact that I wasn’t much for religion myself. Both pretended to be patriarchal. Both expressed interest in being married. What I must assume is that neither would really be interested in marrying me, unless I were to magically convert to their own respective religions.

It might be that I constantly meet and fuck outliers, but I don’t think there are that many outliers in the world.

What I find more likely is that I meet and fuck random, everyday wimminz. These are the Christian and Jewish (and Muslim) sluts that you brothers meet, when you go to church. They find me amusing to play with. They also find me safe, as they know there is no chance that I will interact with the pool of men they plan to pretend to commit to.

Brother Boxer is a walking dildo and ATM machine, who these wimminz can goof off with on the side, while they are seeking out a good earning sucker, in their own community. Boxer will be discarded, but you will be the mark. It is you who they plan to marry, with the help of their faggot priest or rabbi, who will browbeat you, their victim, into signing on that dotted line.

Don’t think that you can have a “natural marriage,” in this society. Your priest is an agent of the feminist state, and he will be there, to derail your plans.

Thus it is you who will be robbed, the minute that princess decides that she’s not happy. This magic moment, which will (just coincidentally) arrive when the law tells her she can maximize her alimony payout, (in many states, that’s on your seventh or tenth anniversary,) will take you by surprise. Remember me, when it comes to pass. I tried to warn you.

By then you’ll have some sweet little Christian or Jewish (or Muslim) kids, who she will use as hostages to keep you in line. These children will grow up without a stable father-figure in the home, and will likely see a long procession of unscrupulous men, in and out of mom’s bedroom, throughout their tender years. You will pay for this, and I will too, and the only people who will profit are your skank-ho wife, the divorce lawyers, and faggot priests like Marc Driscoll.

So, really, there is someone who is childish, who is a “boy, and not a man,” and who deserves to be publicly humiliated. It isn’t you. It is the man who lives at your expense, without working. It is the man who AMOGs you, when you should be praying and enjoying the serenity of family time. It is the man who interferes in your marriage, during the hours that ought to be devoted to worshipping your God. Marc Driscoll is an example, but he’s hardly the only one.

How dare you? Indeed!

Kanin: False Rape Allegations

Commentators Jew613 and Heidi are discussing Eugene Kanin’s study entitled False Rape Allegations (Archives of Sexual Behavior: 23, No. 1, 1994). I figured I’d dig up a grainy PDF of it and host it here.

ABSTRACT: With the cooperation of the police agency of a small metropolitan community, 45 consecutive, disposed, false rape allegations covering a 9 year period were studied. These false rape allegations constitute 41% the total forcible rape cases (n = 109) reported during this period. These false allegations appear to serve three major functions for the complainants: providing an alibi, seeking revenge, and obtaining sympathy and attention. False rape allegations are not the consequence of a gender-linked aberration, as frequently claimed, but reflect impulsive and desperate efforts to cope with personal and social stress situations.

Read the whole thing here:


Breaking News: Wimminz Lies about Rape

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 08.33.16

In a one-time-only, never to be repeated spectacle, the first wimminz who ever vomited up a filthy, fictitious rape-fantasy about a handsome, powerful man, and told it as though it were true, has admitted she was bullshitting the entire time.

This proves that wimminz never lie about rape.

Bonus funnies in the comments: Wimminz are reminding us that wimminz are the true victims here.

Katie Emmerson Porn Videos!

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.22.21

I guess it’s too late to scare the people who read my blog with Canadian n00dz. Given that someone came looking, I figured I would open up the topic and see who would really be in the market for such mediocre porn.

Given Stormy Daniels’ rise to the top of the charts, I guess there are probably a whole lotta y’all out there who would be down for some 3-5 wimminz who try to be sexy for a living, all while moralizing in the media.


Only in America could this wimminz become a top-shelf pr0n star.

So, be honest, all you degenerates. Who is better lookin’?

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Skank-ho Feminist Katie Gregoire Emmerson


Skank-ho Feminist Stormy Daniels

It’s an informal poll, but I’d be interested to know whether anyone will admit to finding either wimminz appealing.