Alex Jones and Pizzagate

I usually like to link my readers to original sources, but I’ve decided I’m not going to do that in this case. In the first place, I don’t want to send Alex Jones any extra web-traffic. In the second, I don’t want anyone to harass his victims. Background on this story can probably start here, for the uninitiated.

Until recently, I had nothing against the people who listen to Alex Jones, he’s just not my cup o’ tea. That changed with the conspiracy theory popularly known as Pizza Gate. This is a story centered around a pizza parlor in Washington DC. Believers charge that it is some sort of a front for organized criminals to kidnap, rape and murder children.

The first problem with this theory — aside from the obvious: that there is no evidence — is that it’s centered around a public place. For years, tens of thousands of people have come and gone from the pizza shop in question, at all hours of the day and night. Is it reasonable to believe that children were being tortured, raped and murdered in this environment? No one saw anything as they were ordering and eating pizza?

Note: A quick dig through court records suggested that the only drama surrounding the pizza shop was a zoning complaint, by neighbors who were annoyed by late night drunks walking past their houses, to and from the restaurant. The pizza shop can probably be said to be guilty of being a mediocre neighbor… but this is not akin to being the front for a ring of organized child killers.

Jones and other conspiracy theorists mobilized a mob of people to investigate this joint, causing serious disruption to the business. On some of the youtube videos of people harassing patrons, the owner can be seen calmly asking the protestors to sit down and talk to him, at different times offering them free coffee and pizza. Eventually, a nutjob who was inspired by Jones’ “activism” went to the pizza shop with an AK-47 and started shooting furniture.

2017.03.15 - Comet Pizza 2_0

So, what’s the owner of such a business supposed to do? I suppose he could sue Alex Jones, which will entail years and years of paying his attorneys to file pleadings and motions in court. Long after this drama has been forgotten, the owner will be forced to relive this nonsense. Eventually, he’d probably win his case, and Jones would just as quickly move himself and all his assets to the Bahamas, to evade collection.

My astute readers will note that just by stating these obvious problems with the conspiracy theory, Brother Boxer is opening himself up to charges that he is part of the conspiracy. Should the wrong people read this blog post, it’s possible that I’ll be outed as a long-time friend of Crooked Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, and a guest at the parties at the pizza shop. Never mind the fact that I think the Clintons and Podestas are idiots, and I wouldn’t have anything to say to them if I ever actually did see them. It is how these witch-hunts work.

Over at Black Pill, commenter Boy Doesn’t Meet Girl (visit his blog) writes:

“The only people who ask “what a conspiracy theorist is” are conspiracy theorists.” According to whom, outside of this tribal blog of anonymous keyboard warriors?

As a guy with a math degree, I have a fetish for well-defined terms; but, “conspiracy theorist” is analytic.

I don’t disagree with you about conspiracy theorists in general. People are all the time scheming to enrich themselves (I do this almost every time I go to work) and often two-or-more folks will scheme together. It can be useful to try and figure out, after the fact, what happened when something seemingly random goes down. The problem, in this case, is Jones’ pattern of lying about people for the sake of his ratings, then making a halfhearted apology for the lunacy he’s ejaculated into the collective consciousness, after he’s already profited from his dishonesty.

Alex_Jones_thumbs_upAlex Jones is a man who fabricated tales of rape and murder in order to sell penis-enhancement pills, to his gullible listeners, on his kooky program. He’s also a man who, despite just losing custody of his children, is not lifting a finger to help divorced men in a similar situation.

Alex Jones is not a dissident. Alex Jones is not your friend. He’s a male feminist, who is loyal to the system in place, and he has grown rich by lying to you.

Alt-Left Thug Life

Down below, one of my five occasional readers asks…

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 14.57.18

I could say that I study the present through the lens of historical materialism, but the alt-right does that too. They just don’t know the Marxist origins of their own philosophical system.

Mostly, I say that because I’m not a “white nationalist.” I’ve covered that before on this blog here. If you’re bored of the tl;dr and just want the basic reason, here it is in abbreviated form.


These are white people from Afghanistan. I have nothing in common with them, other than a common ancestor someplace. More importantly, I find their proclivity to shoot folks and blow shit up to be disturbing. Thus, I don’t want the U.S. government to move thousands of them into high-density apartment complexes near me, where they can spend their lives on welfare, build a mosque that interrupts my view of the city, and fill my consciousness with their alien jabber.

It doesn’t matter that they’re members of my racial group. It doesn’t matter that they’re not all terrorists. It doesn’t matter that some of their women are cute. I’m sure some would do well here. I don’t care. I have far more in common with a black dude from New Orleans than a white dude from Afghanistan.

I also don’t care about Jews. I think Judaism is sort of a silly religion, but if I’m honest I’ll cop to the fact that all religions are silly — including the one I was born into. Bashing Jews and blacks, and feeling some nebulous kinship to white folks regardless of their individual phenotype isn’t something I am going to invest any time in. Thus, I’m not alt-right. I’m alt-left.

More Kooky Alex Jones

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has had his prior custody order reversed on the petition of his ex wife. He now is deprecated to walking-ATM / sperm-donor status, like so many other men in our society.

After nine hours of deliberation in the child custody trial involving internet broadcaster Alex Jones, a Travis County jury gave his ex-wife, Kelly Jones, a victory, awarding her joint custody with the right to have their three children make their primary residence with her instead of her husband for the first time since their 2015 divorce.

More at Austin American-Statesman

I am still waiting for Jones to begin using his considerable public presence to open an honest discussion about the abuses of the American divorce courts. Does he have the courage to do this? Brother Boxer is skeptical.

It’s worth noting that another popular celebrity got ground up in the gears of the family law racket a few years ago.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 13.00.05

Michael Moore ended up losing millions of dollars in his divorce, to the boobless, barren pig depicted above. By all accounts, he got railroaded, yet he has yet to make a peep about this travesty. Like Jones, Michael Moore has tens of millions of people who listen to him criticize the status-quo.

The fact that these people are silent, about the things that ought to be most important to a healthy man, is in itself more interesting than their usual act.

Why I Am Not A Christian

One of Brazil’s most popular porn stars caused an uproar with her fellow Evangelical Christians when she said God is totally cool with her job: fucking hundreds of men, and selling the films of this degeneracy to thirsty simps.

The New York Post reports that devoutly religious porn actress Kamilla Werneck caused the furor on the racy TV show Pornolondia, in which she explained why God won’t judge her for her trashy, immoral lifestyle.
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 07.45.40