Abortion As Pastime

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Those of us who are woke to the abortion issue recognize it for what it is: a refuge for the lazy and the irresponsible. The vast majority of clinic patrons, at least in the U.S.A., are not underage rape victims or mothers who have contracted some life-altering disease. They are life’s failures, who choose to have anonymous sex, with no planning, and who then show up at the doctor’s, to kill the children they somehow didn’t realize would be the result of their poor life choices.

And now it’s time for me to segue into the point of this article. I’m sure my readers (all three of them) are waiting for the punch-line, the apex, the denouement. Without any further delay, I will now introduce you to a gaggle of bozos who are even more disgusting than the irresponsible assholes we enjoy scoffing at on this blog. There are actually people who get a sick thrill out of killing their kids. You’ll find them boasting on Reddit… the front page of the internet.


Occasionally, someone shows up on their newsgroup, aghast at its stated purpose, wondering if these dopes are actually serious. Let’s hear from Oolaiva, who asked that redundant question a year ago…

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Ooliava’s friend seems to be seriously fucked in the head, and in a normal society, she’d be in a mental hospital. Of course, in clown-world, Ooliava’s sister is free to keep breeding and killing… her body, her choice.

Ooliava wonders if dozens of abortions might, say, fuck up her pal’s body? Almost immediately, Klaus appears, to lecture all us normals on how healthy and normal this bizarre kink actually is.

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Yeah, Ooliava, why you gotta be such a busybody? Let folks like Klaus alone, to keep aborting his own kids!

Suddenly, 1972POV arrives, to express his disapproval. He seems way too sensible for this bunch. Fortunately, short-tingles is on hand to set him straight.

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That’s right, you asshole. Abortion is “morally sound,” (whatever that means) so you should mind your own bizniss.

At about this point, Aborterrific appears, to agree and amplify. Let’s listen to this clown’s words of pseudowisdom, as he waxes all philosophical, with the eloquence of Hegel himself…

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Such an exciting and romantic fetish! Let’s all get pregnant and have a series of abortions (at public expense, naturally) to express our love for each other!

Cometh now a fine, upstanding gent who calls himself “rapebreeder,” who would like to tell his story…

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I tend to doubt the veracity of all this… DNA evidence would land such a creep in the clink in short order, but at least he has a safe space on Reddit to express his feverish fantasies.

The next time Planned Parenthood spins a bunch of stories about poor mothers and deformed kids in an attempt to get a donation, remember the fine folks of Reddit, who were good enough to shed light on where your money is actually going. As always, don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to the ho’!

Feminism is Hell


From the years 697BC to 643BC King Manasseh reigned as king of Judah. The Bible describes his reign as evil. Many have argued that he was the worst of all the kings in the southern kingdom. Among the list of his evil deeds is the devout worship of Moloch:

“He sacrificed his own son in the fire” [2 Kings 21:6]

Not only did he sacrifice his own son, but he perpetuated Moloch worship during his reign. The focal point of these deeds was in Jerusalem in the Valley of Ben Hinnom. God was so incensed by these abominations that he sent his prophet Jeremiah to condemn it:

“They have built the high places of Baal to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal—something I did not command or mention, nor did it enter my mind. So beware, the days are coming, declares the Lord, when people will no longer call this place Topheth or the Valley of Ben Hinnom, but the Valley of Slaughter.” [Jeremiah 19:5-6]

By the time of Jesus, the Valley of Ben Hinnom was known by the name Gehenna. Jesus talked about it often. But Gehenna is not the name that we use in English. We use “Hell”, the place of death. Hell, the most special kind of place, is named after those who murder their own children.

When Judah, under King Manasseh’s reign, murdered hundreds (or possibly thousands) of children, God was so ticked off that “Hell” now commemorates it. We’ve seen previously that feminism is a religion of death. One of its primary rituals is child sacrifice: abortion. In the last four decades nearly 2 billion babies have been sacrificed to Moloch in its name. It’s hard to truly comprehend a number that large. Those are video game numbers representing human lives.

If God lost his religion over the deaths of thousands, imagine how he views the deaths of billions. Feminism is truly hell. No, that’s not right. I think even Hell is personally disturbed and horrified by 2 billion murdered children. Feminism is worse than Hell. We just don’t have any other name to describe it.

† This small valley still exists in Jerusalem. You can go visit it.

Losing Control

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Totally Unbiased!!

Imagine being so astoundingly stupid, so stunningly tone-deaf, that when a big-name comic announces that he’s going to troll you, you fail to understand him. He subsequently names his exercise Sticks & Stones, and you respond… by getting all weepy, and throwing a tantrum.

Such is the status of our contemporary cultural critics.

Embracing Feminist Scouting


For decades, the Girl Scouts of the USA has been pushing extreme feminism at the expense of our young girls. Not wanting to miss the chance to attack our enemies, Dalrock took a vicious stab at feminist-driven scouting by attacking the American Heritage Girls.

“One of the astounding things modern Christians have done is twist Scripture into a gospel of girlpower.  Christian women are now taught that the Gospel is a message of high self esteem. From American Heritage Girls Girl Power and God’s Power:”

Wait, what? Is this the Christian-run American Heritage Girls, the same organization that was founded to give a countering alternative to the activist feminist Girl Scouts of the USA? I had a look at the AHG website to see what it had to say:

“Girl Power” on its own is a flawed movement. It places all its meaning in the human understanding of man and woman, embracing concepts of cultural feminism as the sole source of worth. But we know as Christians that humankind’s purpose doesn’t come from Earthly sources—it’s of God. Just as worth does not come from intelligence, appearance or wealth, nor does it come from the idea of feminine validation.

Apparently if there is one thing that we should condemn about scouting for girls, it is those organizations that oppose feminism and teach that we should have inner joy because every life has intrinsic worth.

Long time readers of this blog know that the majority of content focuses on directly attacking the causes and supporters of feminism. By contrast, blogs like Vox Day and Dalrock are really feminist blogs riddled with half-truths.

Dalrock, specifically, spends almost all his time vilifying anti-feminists. Given the choice between attacking a popular activist feminist organization or an anti-feminist organization whose worst crime is not being amazing at teaching theology, Dalrock chooses the latter. When faced with the choice to attack feminist thought policing or embrace it, Dalrock chooses the latter.

Pay attention and know who your friends and enemies are.

What Else Is New?

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Another skank single-mom cunt has brutalized another little kid. This happens on a near daily basis in our twisted society, and I wonder when we’re going to get a collective clue about how to deal with these bitches.

A three-month old little kid’s bones are not fully formed, and fractures in cartilaginous tissues are incredibly difficult to cause. These injuries are surely greenstick fractures, caused by someone bending the poor child’s arms and legs into ninety degree angles. It is pretty much impossible to do such things accidentally, of course.

Needless to say, this child’s father is nowhere to be found. No doubt he has been chased away by child support enforcement. This filthy wimminz is an absolute sadist and she needs to be locked up. Unfortunately, we can expect that this toxic whore will be cunt-passed into a jaywalking conviction, and cut loose later this week, to do it all again.

In other news, Gunner Q lifted my content without proper credit and ran with it, producing a detailed article about the assholes behind the phony ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ review aggregator. You guys should go check it out.

I don’t care if my readers steal my work. All the content here is the collective property of men everywhere. Even so, if you write something worth reading, kicking a backlink in will get my audience to your site.

Down below, jg1 wrote a series of comments detailing the takeover of Dalrock’s comment section by Vox Day’s pet idiots. This is a hilarious turn of events, which explains all the “new” traffic my blog has seen this week.

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In one of the funniest exchanges I’ve seen recently, the feminist SirHamster suggests his critics post proof of his dishonesty

Screen Shot 2019-09-03 at 16.03.58

Anyone who frequents Dalrock’s blog should feel absolutely free to “put up” SirHamster’s history of false accusations of rape, transvestism and pedophilia. These lies are always told against manosphere authors who are more accomplished, more intelligent, and more grounded than he is: well-respected thinkers and accomplished military officers are his typical targets. As such, whoever he is kooking out about now ought to take his angst as proof of his own inherent superiority.

While I haven’t bothered to get any intel on the kook behind the SirHamster sock, he’s almost certainly in his 40s or 50s, given his endless tirades against MGTOW-minded brothers. I would bet money that he has at least one (and probably several) skank-ho slut daughters who are riding the Tinder carousel. The one thing he seems to fear most is the fact that none of you young brothers are game to pay princess’ bills, when she decides she’s “had her fun, and is now ready to settle down in a serious relationship.”

Back in my teenage years, I used to love to torment such bozos by socking up and laughing at them on usenet newsgroups. I don’t have the time for such stuff now, but I have archived enough embarrassing material that this idiot has vomited up into the discourse to make it easy for some enterprising young troll to have a bit of fun. Feel free to use one of my old sigs, if you’re game, and tell the idiot that Boxer sent you.

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The Brethren will Rise Again!

Dave Chappelle on Wimminz

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So, last night, five minutes after I got done fucking some progressively feminist lawyer-ho’, she alluded to the latest pop-media fueled outrage that a nice male-feminist like me just had to commiserate with. Apparently, Dave Chappelle is in the crosshairs for making fun of trannies.

Bitch is apparently unaware that I got kicked offa twitter for that, but whatever. I did what I always do when a slut wants to pretend to lecture about politics: I sat quietly, while laughing inside, as her voice rose and fell, and her hands moved all dramatically. Then I resolved to watch whatever it was she was telling me that I should never, ever watch, and less than an hour later, I did exactly that.

The show in question is entitled Sticks and Stones, and it’s entirely relevant to the shit I’ve been talking about on this blog for the past six years. The show begins by lampooning the public’s tendency to impoverish talented people (like Louis CK) at the behest of the feminist cranks in the #MeToo movement, and segues into comparing a wimminz’ right to abortion to a man’s obligation to pay child support for a kid that isn’t his.

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Rotten Tomatoes Suggests You Not Watch Chappelle

The Atlantic calls it an angry tantrum, The Root calls it stale and lazy, and Vice (that cucked out celebration of sodomy and drug abuse) warns its readers not to watch it. I don’t know how much dogwhistling a normal man can take before he makes it a point to download and enjoy it, but I watched it last night, and I found it both funny and insightful.

On a personal level, I’ve always liked Chappelle anyway. He’s the son of a Christian priest who converted to Islam, and he had the number one comedy show on cable before bailing out and going anonymous. In that regard, despite being a married family man, he’s also the archetypical MGTOW. Celebrity and pretense means nothing to this man. He tells it like it is, whether you like it or not.

Did you watch his routine? What did you think? Shout out in the comments.

Censored Material: My Wife Left Me


The following story was posted two days ago on Reddit, and it was censored within hours, but not before it was cached by the most evil wonderful corporation ever to have existed. Thanks to our revolutionary antifeminist comrades at Google, for saving this story!

The author is unknown. Is it fiction? I dunno. Personally I find it totally credible. Take it away, my brother…

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.46.34

Our brother has learned the hard way about treating wimminz the way one would like to be treated himself. Of course, he loved his wife, so he assumed (naïvely) that she loved him in exactly the same fashion.

It’s O.K. to send her to Maui for a week. She’d never cheat on you, right?

As for this man’s son, we respect the concept of adoption, as all men do. If I were him, I’d have a calm talk with this young brother, lay out all the details, and then make a decision on what the future brings. I can’t imagine any scenario in which our younger brother doesn’t end up hating his mother, though I suspect he has always hated that bitch. Kids aren’t nearly as stupid as their mothers assume them to be.

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.46.54

Of course, I’ve warned the married bros about assuming your wife was a man-with-tits, while simultaneously redpilling aspiring playaz about the dangers of being “the guy she really wants…”

That guy has just broken up a good brother’s family. At the same time, he has become the next sucker for this bitch to take advantage of. Be smart, and don’t let this be you.

Just say ‘no’ to the married ho’

That includes all these supposedly single bitches you find on Tinder who are “just here for the weekend from out of town,” and “looking for a fun time…”

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 12.47.14

Note our brother’s confusion over the phenomenological “change” he describes. One minute, he knew one set of facts, and the next, he knew another, so he perceives his bitch of a wife as a “different person.” In reality, the bitch has not changed one iota.

I truly sympathize with this man, and would never make light of his situation, but it bears repeating that this state-of-affairs would not have erupted had he not made some very serious mistakes.

What do you brothers think of this story? Sound off below.

And to the human garbage over at Reddit: May you be treated in the way you have treated our brother…

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