Yet Another Male Feminist Pervert

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If you don’t know who Peter Bright is, you can read up on him at One Angry Gamer. Thanks to the author there for breaking this bizarre story.

From Bright’s six-page indictment…

From on or about April 18, 2019 up to and including on or about May 22, 2019, in the Southern District ot’ New York and elsewhere, PETER BRIGHT, the defendant, willfully and knowingly, did use a facility and means of interstate and foreign commerce to persuade, induce, entice, and coerce an individual who had not attained the age of 18 years to engage in sexual activity for which a person can be charged with a criminal offense, and attempted to do the same, to wit, BRIGHT used computers and/or telephones to communicate with an undercover FBI agent about arranging to engage in sexual activity with a purported nine-year old boy and a seven-year old girl, and attempted to meet with the boy and the girl to engage in sexual activity, in violation of New York Penal Law Sections 130.25(2), 130.30(1), 130.35(3), 130.55, 130.60(2), and 130.65(3) and (4j. Case 1:19-mj-04952-UA Document 1 Filed 05/23/19

On or about April 17, 2019, UC-1 posing as a mother of a nine-year old boy (the “Boy”) and seven-year old girl (the “Girl,~ and together with the Boy, the “Minors”) posted a public message on an online social media fetish platform called KinkD seeking to chat with people who are, in sum and substance, interested in teaching her children lessons about the “birds and the bees.”

On or about April 18, 2019, a KinkD user by the handle “randomanon,” later identified as PETER BRIGHT, the defendant, responded to UC-l’s KinkD post.

On or about May 1, 2019, UC-1 replied to BRIGHT on KinkD, “My princess is 7 and my Prince Charming is 9.” BRIGHT suggested moving the conversation to text messaging.

You can read all the (disturbing and depressing) details of this male-feminist, and his degenerate attempts to abuse children, here.

The lesson in all this: Don’t associate with male feminists. Don’t do business with them. Don’t allow them into your homes or your social circles. Keep the little kids in your families far away from them.

The Decline of The West


So, my jobs are finally winding down, and I’ve had more free time of late, which has caused me to make the mistake of looking at the television and mass-media internet outlets. Rather shocking it is, too; to see the ongoing degradation of our society.

Of course, my friends on the right wing will tell me that the end of western civilization is all the fault of black men, jewish men, arab men, the men at the head of China’s Communist Party, men in academia (like ya boy Boxer) and other such social piñatas, upon which it is easy to place the blame for bad stuff.

And then there’s my friends on the left, who will tell me (with a straight face) that the decline in American strength is all due to straight white males (like ya boy Boxer), and their hierarchical social constructs like the “patriarchy”, “white supremacy,” Zionism (our Jewish bros seem to take it from both sides) and other such nonsensical buzzwords, which the speakers can never well-define, and about which they get all defensive when questioned.

Never mind the fact that my friends on both sides of these spectrums tend to live in gated communities, which function like medieval fortresses, and who spend 98% of their lives with “straight white males” in the “patriarchy” of the upper middle class neighborhoods, and will not bat an eyelash when telling me about how their sister or daughter just divorced her husband, and how she’s moving her two (white, straight, male) divorce-bastards into her parents’ home in the same all-white medieval fortress. There is not a hint of embarrassment or shame about such nonsense, and it is spoken as though it is accepted as just an ordinary part of everyday life.

One of the news programs I was watching last night discussed the most popular baby names in North America. I snatched out my smart phone (designed and built by heterosexual men) and compared this with the most popular names in my grandfather’s era.

My grandfather was named by his father, and he was named after his own grandfather. Names like Robert, John, James and Charles predominated back then.

Today, the most popular names are shit like Liam, Elijah and Noah.

Men name their children after honored ancestors. Wimminz name their kids after whatever degenerate pop-music or film star is currently being sold as “hip” by degenerate Hollywood.

Men instinctively “get” cultural continuity. Fathers are the people who carry civilization on their backs.

Wimminz don’t have a thought from one moment to the next, except where to get the next Frappuccino and what pair of shoes they ought to wear tomorrow.

When you look at clown world, and are tempted to bemoan the state of things, it’s important to give credit where due. Rather than blaming men who don’t look like you, place the fault where it belongs…


The Longest Requirement List

She’s dated a lot, but she knows that this man just has to be out there. One question she doesn’t seem to want to answer: why should he want her?

Here’s Steve taking down a wimminz who calls herself a “hot commodity” and thinks she’s too good for the nice men who ask her out.

News for this bitch: You’re overweight, need dental work, and have a lazy eye. You’ve clearly got a lot of issues to work through, and this preemptive rejection is some sort of self-destructive ego-defense.

No Anonymity for Porn Skanks

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This week, a Ph.D. candidate at Yale University named Yiqin Fu reported that an anonymous programmer is building a database of actors and actresses in trashy internet porno. “The goal,” he says, “is to help others check whether their girlfriends ever acted in those films.”

Almost immediately, feminists went nuts. Cara Curtis, a hack blogger for TNW, wrote that “the future is truly a horrific place to be a woman.” Soraya Chemaly is quoted in degenerate Vice News (owned largely by Disney) that such a project would be “a pitch-perfect example of how these systems, globally, enable male dominance…” Samantha Cole concludes that it is “A misogynistic, abusive attempt at controlling women.”

Last year I briefly touched upon the tragic story of Sugar Shane Mosley, who married a seemingly sweet girl who loved him. When she spun on a dime and ruined his life in divorce court, he found out the truth: bitch was a former stripper and escort.

All the hoez count on keeping their victims in the dark as to their history, and thereby they can lure them into a fruitful harvest, thanks to the predators in the family court system. Our anonymous brother from China is trying to help us out, and we thank him for his efforts. May the screams and wails of the feminists only serve to increase his resolve to destroy injustice.

Christian Moral Hygiene

Mt. McLoughlin from Lower Table Rock.

It is common knowledge that Christianity encourages lying, gossiping and backbiting. I think this is a silly sacrament, and try to discourage it when I come into contact with the faithful. I also often feel sort of bad picking on the halfwits of Dalrock, but in this case, I’m honestly surprised at the stupidity of these particular contributors. It’s not that I expect better from scroungy Christians, but that these men have struck me as exceptions in the past.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 20.41.32

The problem with this childish argument is that “innocent” is subjective and impossible to define. Thus we see scum on Dalrock constantly making up wild, sexually-charged accusations against all and sundry, with no basis in fact. Jesus approves of such stuff, we’re sure, since the target-du-jour is “evil” for winning an argument against the webmaster, or some other shit.

When someone wins an argument against Dalrock, Cane Caldo, or one of the other scroungers, that someone is not “innocent,” and all bets are off.

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 20.42.05

This is really some next-level sophistry. I’m all for a symbolic read of the more far-out sections of the Bible (virgin birth, transubstantiation, etc,) as it’s asking a lot for a grown man to take some of it at face-value; but, do you really believe that “thou shalt not lie” means deceiving people is cool, provided it’s done outside the courtroom? Fuck’n lol.

As an unbeliever, I find the most valuable parts of the Bible are the practical suggestions about living a clean life, behaving oneself, and getting along with his neighbor. Trying to redefine dishonesty into something so formal that most of us only have the opportunity to do it a few times in our lives is breaking the text.

She’s Panicking…


I read the fun clickbait, so you boys don’t have to.

Skank ho’ sez:

I didn’t worry too much about meeting the right guy immediately when I was younger. I thought it would happen in time and I had plenty of it. Now I’m in my 30s and single again and I realize that I should’ve found a good guy then and snapped him up! This is why I’m freaking out:

1. MY DATING POOL SHRANK BEFORE I EVEN NOTICED! I was in a serious relationship for a couple of years and then I was taking my time to recover from the breakup. When I was finally ready to date again, I looked around and realized that I had a serious problem. Everyone I meet is either married, in a committed relationship, or someone I don’t want to date. Yikes.

The reality is that “everyone” the skank refers to merely signifies the men who are in her pool of first picks. Those men were all grabbed up, by smarter women, but there are countless other men left. Bitch’s dating pool didn’t shrink, of course. It merely shifted.

In her 20’s, she was getting plowed by me and all the boys on Tinder, and hadn’t a care in the world. Suddenly she sees the wall’s approach, and wants to lock a chump down in holy wedlock. Men like us won’t touch her at this point in the narrative, but there are thousands of men who will. For example:

  • divorced men in their 40s and 50s will generally overlook a used party-skank’s past, in return for her adopting a modicum of decency, and signing a pre-nup.
  • nerdy, short and gameless dudes will generally overlook a used party-skank’s history, in return for her being brutally honest about her past, and begging his mercy.
  • one of the men she previously used in a one-nighter might still have fond memories of plowing her holes, and she may be able to sucker one of these men.

This is, realistically, the class of all sets of men who are available to this ho’. She should be honest with herself and make the best of her present situation.

2. ALL THE GOOD GUYS I KNOW ARE TAKEN NOW! I used to know tons of great dudes. Somewhere along the way, they all got snapped up and the ones who aren’t don’t seem to be all that great. I know there have got to be awesome single guys out there, but the number is definitely smaller than it was when I was younger.

That’s right, bitch. All those women who did the snapping-up are far smarter and more resourceful than you. Men like us are left, but we’re still having fun with the girls 5-10 years younger than you. There are plenty of resources still available to you (see above) but you’re too stupid to do the heavy lifting. Best case scenario: you become a nanny or housekeeper for one of the women who jumped on the marriage-wagon while you were content to cooze the gutters.

3. IT’S NOT LIKE BEFORE—MOST PEOPLE ARE CAUGHT UP IN SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS! Before, people broke up all the time. Nothing seemed all that permanent. Now all around me I see people who want to be settled down already. I’m the opposite—I’m just now finding my individuality and freedom and looking for another free spirit. Go figure.

Quality men don’t want to waste time with a “free spirit,” they want a wife.

6. DATING A GUY WHO IS DIVORCED AND/OR HAS KIDS IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME! There are definitely different issues that a divorced guy brings to the plate—an ex-wife, for instance, and perhaps alimony or other legal issues. If he has kids, I hate to say it, but that’s a dealbreaker for me. I don’t want kids and I don’t particularly want to take care of someone else’s. This narrows my dating pool even more.

You bring plenty of “issues” to the table, too. I’m guessing you probably have herpes, HPV, and probably a prescription for Valium and Prozac. Life is a series of compromises. Will the bitch do that? Wan’t to bet cokes?

11. SOMETIMES I’M TEMPTED TO JUST GIVE UP AND SETTLE. I’ve never been one to give up on my standards, but I’ll admit the thought crosses my mind. I’ve definitely settled in the past and it was terrible, but I feel like now all my viable options have passed me by while I wasn’t paying attention. I am afraid that the longer I hold out, the more I’ll have to settle later on.

Of course she won’t. She deserves the 7-foot tall quadrillionaire with the 18-inch penis, who looks just like Brad Pitt. Nothing else will do for skank-ho princess. How dare you judge? You don’t know bitch or her AMAZING life…

Don’t settle, slut. Don’t settle. He’s out there. You’ll find him!

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