Another Strong, Successful Single Mom!

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Down below, our man Honeycomb nominates a wimminz named Celeste T. Christian as single mother of the year.

Why does this bitch deserve such an award? Let’s see how we can best honor skank-ho princess, based on the write-up in our dishonest feminist press…

A 21-year-old woman has been charged with trying to drown her 3-year-old son, days after posting on social media that he was dead.

Of course, wimminz’ intuition told the bitch that her baby was “already dead” days before she decided to drown him like a rat in the bathtub. Naturally, being a web-enabled skank, she had to post baby’s death notice on Tinder and Facebook and Snatch dot Com…

Chicago police said Celeste Christian left her son alone in the bathtub for 5 to 10 minutes on Sunday at her home in the South Shore neighborhood. When she returned, she found him floating limply on top of the water.

The boy was taken to Comer Children’s Hospital, where he remains in critical condition with water in his lungs.

Her baby is brain-dead, and will almost certainly have to be cared for, for the rest of his life, by social services workers, while his attacker gets all the sympathy she can handle.


What is most interesting (and what will come as absolutely no surprise to the readers of this blog) is the erasure of the man who originally ratted this bitch out. It was that little boy’s father, and he is curiously mentioned only as an afterthought in most of the mainstream press which carried the story.

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Based on social trends and countless personal experiences, we can reconstruct a likely picture of what actually happened. This dog ugly bitch (miraculously) found some man to marry (or at least impregnate) her. As soon as he became inconvenient, she dumped him to cruise for strange dick in Chicago’s worst dive bars and nightclubs. I’m sure some faggot CONservative divorce court judge told him that he was only useful insofar as he kept paying bitch her monthly allowance.

Said father did all he could to keep track of his little boy, even if that was only to try and stalk her on the social media sites. The notice of baby’s death was probably as shocking as the news that his son wasn’t actually dead, and he wasn’t dead at all when the news broke.

The conservative/Christian inspired government has conspired with the liberal/feminist media to push the lie that men are violent, and wimminz are nurturing, and that children must always be awarded to their mothers in any separation. In fact, the opposite is often true.

Single mothers are the most dreadful plague ever to be visited on any society. They kill far more people than tuberculosis, gun violence, terrorism, ANTIFA, Nazi Skinheads, tornadoes, earthquakes, or military action. Single moms pose a direct threat to western civilization itself. Our misfortune will continue for as long as we allow these wimminz to continue their degenerate lifestyle.

Wimminz Get What They Deserve


A month ago, I updated this blog on my old friend LaQuan’da. I first met this beauty back in the late spring of this year, and by July I had devolved into becoming something of an orbiter. As I earlier reported, LaQuan’da made contact with a generic “I miss youuu” message which is typical of bed-hopping skanks, and which surprised me, since she did a great job convincing my dumb ass that she was the one-in-a-billion NAWALT “not that kinda gurllll” who might actually make someone a competent wife.

So, I went to dinner, and the predictable story unfolded. LaQuan’da copped to the fact that when she ghosted out on me, back in August, she had already been dating multiple men, of which I was the only one. She ended up settling in to fuck a gent who was:

  • married (but separated, really, fo’ sho’, and truly, ya right)
  • fired from his job as a school bus driver for being…
  • addicted to prescription painkillers
  • fucking any number of other hoez on the side.

I found her final complaint about this guy to be sorta silly, given that she’s been doing the same things, so I interrupted my date to chuckle and point out that

“this is the man you rejected me for, is that not so?”

at which point the poor dear began to shed tears and pose a scene in the restaurant, so I quit making jokes, and just sat and listened to her spill her tales of woe.

While all wimminz are more skillful liars and manipulators than we can ever be, this particular wimminz is such a cunning actress that she strikes me as downright dangerous. Her theatrics are imbued with a wonderful authenticity, and woe be it to the brother who marries her, only to find himself at the end of a divorce action, complete with all manner of phony allegations of marital misconduct, delivered to the courts in such a convincing manner.

Now the reasons I took a month to post this article are varied, but mostly because I wanted to keep waxing that ass for a while. In the interim, I wanted to see and study all the various ways in which I was fooled by this bitch. I’ve learned a great deal, but there are a number of observations I can make many of which I’ve probably made before, but which bear repeating:

  • Roissy’s tired maxim that orbiters never get the ass is not true, and this is a great example. The spirit of Roissy’s maxim, may be valuable all the same. It took me a great deal of effort to pluck this ripe fruit, and while I’ve had a very good time, the overall profit isn’t very large.
  • Wimminz do not love evil men, but they do love weak men, who they can control and manipulate. Who is more easily controlled than a jobless drug addict whose wife is on this wimminz’ speed dial? This is the reason a wimminz will ignore a decent fella, in favor of writing erotica and sending it to death-row prisoners.
  • The simp tendency is very powerful in a man, and it should never be underestimated. I have been regularly at war with myself for the past five weeks, resisting the temptation to let this unrepentant skank-ho bitch move in, just because the sex is so good, and because she says so many of the right things.

There are three things that help me keep things in context. The first is the fact that I’m presently fucking two other females. The second is the absolute knowledge that to her, I am a rebound, and this will end the minute she finds another weak man she can toy with. The last is the spectre of this blog, and the notion that I might have to be held accountable to all of you, my readers, for getting sucked beyond this woman’s fantastic, deplorable event-horizon, and going down to destruction.

I’ve fucked her, and the sex is absolutely as good as I ever dreamed it would be. I’ve kissed her thighs and sucked her nipples. I’ve licked her cunt and asshole. I can even say that I love her… in a way. She has that magical ability to morph into whatever I’ve always wished for in a lifelong mate, and to play the part to perfection. The red sun of desire (and decision) burns brightly, but it won’t burn forever.

Sexy Racist Statistics


Way back in The Virginity Fetish, Boxer made a few claims that relate to the recent series. His dislike of statistics notwithstanding, there are a number of points worth further consideration.

“If you take huge populations of people, there are bound to be differences. Those differences in character and attitude are notable only in aggregate.”

The first part of this statement is completely true, but feminism, bureaucracy, and gnu-atheist scientism[1] cannot abide the notion that there are visible group differences at the genetic level[2].

The second part is subtly incorrect.

In a normally distributed population, the average difference between random individuals is 2/√π, or ~1.13, standard deviations. For IQ, this is ~17 points. Even within families there is a high variability between siblings (~13 IQ points).[3a] Given this variability, does this mean we cannot make any individual predictions? No, it does not.

We all know this is true intuitively, but have been trained by feminist blank-slatists to deny this. For example, everyone knows that men have greater physical ability than women. We should not have been surprised when, in soccer, under-15 boys beat the U.S. Women’s National Team or when 15 year-old boys beat the Australian Women’s National Team[3b]:MaleFemaleStrength

Adult women simply cannot compete with 15 year-old boys at peak physicality.[4]

“Suppose I, as an anglophone Mormon, descended entirely from New England WASP types, meets one African bushman in the wild. What do the statistics tell me? The answer is, not a god damned thing. The best I can surmise is that I have a slight probability of being a little smarter than that fucker, but that is in no wise guaranteed.”

No, statistics tell you that if your IQ is at least average, you have a very high probability of having greater intelligence. This is why if Harvard didn’t discriminate against the best students, its demographic makeup might change dramatically[3c][3d][3e]:


When all of the seventy fastest marathoners of all time come from North and East African ancestry (2% of world population) and 97 out of 100 of the fastest sprinters of all time come from West African ancestry (5% of world population), you would be a fool to deny the predictive power of genetics.[3f] There should be no shame in pointing this out.

Even with the variability in a random sample, the genetic racial differences between Asians and Blacks (~20 points) is greater than the average difference between two random individuals (~17 points). This is why race[5] is highly predictive of factors strongly correlated with IQ, such as socioeconomic status, educational attainment, and likelihood of criminality.

Not everything is about genetics (“nature”) though:

“If I happen to meet him in Africa, then it’s in my interest to kiss his black behind in the hopes that he can teach me how to keep from becoming a lion’s dinner.”

You would be a fool to discount the importance of environment (“nurture”). No matter how intelligent your PhD-holding gender studies professor might be, she won’t help treat your cancer. This leads to the crux of the issue:

“Part of what I want to illustrate, with all this, is the absolute non-correlation between cognitive ability and wimminz’ well-established proclivity for whimsical self-destruction.”

The difficulty separating the genetic from the environmental makes it hard to evaluate this claim. It is highly complex. What the series endeavored to do was tease out feminism’s relationship to other factors, such as cognitive ability. While we can’t exactly determine the causal factors behind feminism, we can undoubtedly determine correlations.

So, we are not surprised to learn that valuing virginity is negatively correlated with destructive feminist-favored outcomes (e.g. divorce). We are also not surprised that, over time, general intelligence is negatively correlated with those same outcomes. Lastly, we are not surprised that, over time, devout religious observance is similarly negative correlated.

It is simply not true that “differences in character and attitude are notable only in aggregate.” Thus, if you select a random working-age man and woman from the population, you will be quite surprised if she beats him in arm wrestling. You will be even more shocked when he is overcome by emotion and bursts into tears. These defy your quite reasonable expectations.

Similarly, if you randomly select an Asian person and a Black person and the Asian person has higher intelligence and socioeconomic status or the Black person has a criminal record, these differences are largely predicted by genetic differences.[7] If instead you get an Asian with a criminal record and a Black Fellow of economics, this is the reason:


The group differences are notable in the aggregate precisely because they represent real differences at the individual level. The existence of exceptions is both expected and irrelevant. More importantly, if you remove random selection, the individual differences often become even more notable.

Racist, white supremacist[6] Henry Harpending of the University of Utah caught fire for stating that educational gaps were not closing, despite decades of attempts to do so. This is because the heritability of IQ is 0.8 to 0.9.[3g] It is simply mathematically impossible for the gap to close through environmental intervention. Closing the gap could only be simulated by artificially lowering the opportunities and outcomes of the more successful groups, that is, enacting inequalities.[3h] This is the feminist agenda.

Be warned: by reading this stuff, commenting on it, or worse agreeing with it, you become a racist, white supremacist yourself (regardless of your actual race or ethnic group, of course). It’s much better to embrace feminism, where you will be nice, safe, always have good feelings, and get a trophy.

The feminist imperative is to conflate amoral facts with moral (in)equality. If you have the rational ability to differentiate between facts and morality, you are, by social definition, a white supremacist.[7]

Christianity has long taught that all persons are created in the image of God. No matter one’s race or socioeconomic status, all have value before God. At the same time, Christianity has never shied away from the notions that persons have differences and that certain ways of life (holy living) are superior to others (living in sin). Christianity balances amoral facts with human moral worth. Feminism cannot do this.

[1] Of the Richard Dawkins school.

[2] Group differences are okay, as long as they are caused by environmental factors that support identity politics.

[3] Twitter

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[4] They have a good chance of losing to a team of physically average 15 year-old boys.

[5] Race here means genetically related groups, not specific traits like skin color. For example, African bushman, East Africans, and West Africans are all racially different each other in meaningful ways. Skin color is sometimes an okay approximation for race, but it’s not a perfect correlate: races have traits, traits do not have races.

[6] That is, a typical anthropologist that studies intelligence and group genetic differences.

[7] Pay no attention to the fact that average Asians and Jews have higher IQ and socioeconomic status than average Whites. Accusations of white supremacy don’t have to be logical or evidence-based. Feminism has no use for facts.



Fables about beautiful women who will become good wives are regularly debunked here, and in the interest of complete honesty and self-criticism, I’m prepared to tell my readers about one of the clever wimminz who came disturbingly close to catching ya boy in her fishtrap.

Back in July, I talked about her briefly, in a comment, here:

I met a woman recently (may or may not be a wimminz, but she’s doing a good job luring me with the illusion that she is decent). Long legs, very nice figure, keeps fit, African-American, great bubble ass, hair is not weaved out, but is not butch cut either – six inch braids in her fro. She speaks nicely, dresses modestly, no skank-ho tatts, claims to be a virgin (and for once, I think I believe her), Catholic and wants Boxer to do RCIA and quit being a male skank-ho slut if he’s serious about dating her…

In August, said hot black chick suddenly disappeared after much doting. Such is the way things always go… until two weeks ago, when she suddenly reappeared. She has been desperate to meet up with my ass for several days, and has been sending fawning texts nearly every morning to that effect.

While I had assumed that she got bored of waiting for me to commit, her immediate eruption into the status-quo suggests something much more interesting, and carnal.

I’m meeting her in a few hours for lunch. In the interim, can anyone predict the future-past and tell me what Shaniqua has been up to? I’m sure one of you boys can divine it. My guess is encoded in the title to this article. Either way, I look forward to a very entertaining afternoon.

November’s Feminist Hero


As a proud male feminist, I have accepted the fact that my masculinity is something to be ashamed of, and that all my actions are irrelevant, given that all men are rapists.

Down below, Heidi nominates a woman named Brittany Pilkington, as this month’s feminist hero. What did our proud sister Brittany do? She exercised her “right to choose,” and retroactively aborted her three young sons, one after another.

Exchange Dead Sons Mother Charged

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 13.03.04

Why did our hero do the deed? Let’s hear her tell it…

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 13.07.11

The Hits Just Keep On A-Coming


Do not conflate “Kim” here with the last chick, who finally took the hint at some point yesterday, and quit responding to my endless flaking. This is a new Tinder slut, desperate to land a chump in time for Christmas morning.


For the record, every woman I string along has a number of common qualities. I am only fucking with women who have already divorced a good man and stolen his children. Not that this makes me any more noble, but I do have some standards.

Older dogs who socialize with us, in the 45-60 range, should consider setting up a phony profile (you can easily get a pic here) and join me in trolling the 20-something divorcée crowd. It’s fun, you know you want to, and they deserve it.