The Sad Case of Caylin


A series of searches revealed several articles on the subject of skank-ho Caylin Allise Watson. Nowhere in any article I read was there a mention of the father of the little boy she tried to kill. Scumbag journalists would like you to believe that this was another mythical “virgin birth,” and that no man exists who has been harmed by the subject’s inept attempt to burn a baby alive.

Once we accept that we’re being lied to about the father’s existence, we must explore the other lies-by-omission on display. There are many other little facts that have gone unreported in this story.

At some point, some unfortunate man stooped to lie with this sow, and we can surmise that shortly after birth, that man was cut out of the picture (except for the expectation of sending big dollaz to this ho’, on a monthly basis.) It’s completely plausible that some black-robed faggot down at the anti-family court wrote out an order that the father of this baby not come within 500 yards, on pain of arrest and blah blah blah.

That man would have protected his son from this crazy bitch, but he was denied the opportunity, and here we see the end result of a society gone insane.

She was charged with attempted murder, arson, abuse and infliction of great bodily injury upon a child

…no doubt the cunt pass will be in full effect. She’ll be given an attorney (at our expense) who will cry fake tears about how this wimminz is the poor victim of misogyny, and how nothing is her fault. Another black-robed faggot will sympathize. As usual, we can expect bitch will plea-bargain her series of felonies down to jaywalking, and she’ll be released to do it all over again.

Advice for a Young Sister

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 12.05.21

Over on reddit, a young girl writes about a contentious situation with her roommate. I’m attaching a screenshot because the censors there like to alter and delete content which isn’t sufficiently feminist.

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 12.02.45 (1)

I(19f) live with my roommate(22f).

Every week she ends up bringing home another guy to have sex with and recently she commented that I never bring over anyone. I told her that I have never had any sexual relationship and plan to stay that way.

If the feminists were serious about a woman’s “right to choose,” and “my body, my choice,” this would be a non-issue.

The typical feminist is not merely a liar. She is so psychologically damaged that she is unaware of what she, herself, really wants. She has been conditioned from the cradle to respond to emotional appeals, and in this way she is easily controlled and manipulated into doing whatever her masters want her to do.

Some of us find this annoying, but bright people can use this conditioning for their own benefit.

She said that I need to try to be more like her and offered to let me sleep with one of her guy friends.

This behavior reveals that roommate is not “friends” with any of these men she describes as such, and she’s not O.P.’s friend, either.

Her roommate wants O.P. to be more like her… specifically, roommate wants our sister to:

  • have a higher risk for std
  • have less money
  • have less time
  • have diminished prospects for marriage

Her roommate wants her to be more like her, because her roommate feels threatened by the mere existence of a stronger and more successful female in her proximity.

This is called ressentiment. It has been covered here before.

I told her no and she started shaming me for being a virgin. She’s really upsetting me what do I do?

What O.P. should do is shame the roommate. Being disciplined and not wasting time on no-strings sex is something to be proud of. In contrast, the roommate is a complete embarrassment to herself and to her family.

Women like this need to transcend the conditioning which makes them upset when the herd signals disapproval. This is probably a challenge but I believe it is entirely possible. A great benefit to the application of this is on display when the typical feminist discovers that you are immune to their shaming tactics. She then kooks out in a delightful frenzy that is truly entertaining to behold.

The bottom line is that the 19-year old will likely marry a good earner, in a very short time, and if she continues her long-term planning, she will rapidly be in a very good position. In contrast, the 22-year old roommate is on the fast-track to being an unmarried 30-something untouchable, of the type that we enjoy scoffing at on this blog.


The Teachings of Professor Wilhelm


Dejected. That’s what we were, and many still are.

So we began the quarantine, some ten weeks ago, learning that any mediocre skank-ho slut could get on a social media site called OnlyFans dot com, in order to get paid big dollaz selling lewds to simps.


This slut gets paid more per month than I do, and she doesn’t have to take a single dick in trade. What a world.

Comes now Anon, with a daring plan.


Unable to see so many of his brothers enter into unmasculine servitude, he rides forth in battle for the patriarchy.


The fuck is wrong with you, bitch? Now your father has the video of your dildo double-penetration.

You know he will be disgusted.


No woman with any self-respect would peddle her ass on the internet. It’s only right that mommy and daddy cut off your allowance.


Wimminz can get congressluts (like Ilhan Omar) to write all the feminist laws they want. Our brother is morally blameless for alerting this dumb THOT’s father to the fact that she is making a laughingstock of herself as an internet prostitute.

(Full disclosure: While I’m not a professional ethicist, I’m confident that Kant would back me up on this.)


“I’m crying…” LOL!

Props to Anon for offering her some respectable work, despite the fact that she’s stupid as hell and would be a liability to any employer. She may also be underage.

And now, a message for all of us, from the man who has begun the propaganda of the deed.


You’re too busy to start a patriarchal study group for your fellow Christians (Jews, Muslims, Satanists…) You can’t be bothered to mentor a young brother who is being raised by a slut single mother. You don’t have the spare cash to help one of the many men who is being impoverished by the divorce courts. Very well. You can at least do this.

Remember, men, if everyone does something, everything will get done.

Harry Knew Better


It was only two years ago that Harry walked down the aisle with Meghan: a woman who betrayed her first husband years earlier… a woman who used her own wedding to insult her father. Harry was warned well in advance, but he knew better than the rest of us. Harry was sure that he had stumbled upon a diamond in the dirt. Harry thought he was doing “something wonderful” by giving this hardened feminist slut the honorable title of wife. How quickly we come to rue our rash decisions.

Through his act of rebellion against the timeless ideals of patriarchy, Harry sent a strong message, to every fat slut in the world, that redemption was not only possible, but easy. “It is quite all right,” said Harry, “to frivolously divorce a decent man, and then spend the next few years as a Hollywood sex doll… because you too will someday be wifed up by a bona fide prince!”

Most of us have met the hot broad with the sordid history who fucks like a banshee and tells a man what he wants to hear. Only the most foolish among us would marry such a woman. Unlike most of us, Harry is still somewhat insulated. He will be able to pay this cunt an actual king’s ransom, in order to get rid of her. He will be able to hire people to look after little Archie. He will be able to do whatever he wants, even after the divorce courts take tens of millions of dollars from him. The rest of us are not, and never will be, in a comparable position. A young man who decides to get married must be smart, rather than being Harry.

Too Much “Hanging Out”


A couple of weeks ago, we got a look at a wimminz who was very upset that her husband was “hanging out” with his daughter. This appears to be a precisely similar story.

Once married, a wimminz will expect you to be on call if your children need to be yelled at, beaten, or otherwise punished for making your bitch wife feel badly. Any other services will not be required, and if you go out of your way to be a proficient father, your skank-ho wife will divorce you. Brother Jay is learning this lesson now.

It’s worth noting that the “lazy” Jay Cutler played professional football for the Chicago Bears for over ten years. He spent most of his life working very hard, and is now a multimillionaire. This is just more evidence that the “alpha” designation, used by guys like Roissy and Vox Day, is completely meaningless. Cutler will lose most of what he has busted ass to earn, in short order, as his estate is split between his useless cunt of a wife, and the feminist state.

Given that such top-tier men can not even keep a wall-hitting mediocrity like Mizz Cavallari happy, what chance do men like us have to stay out of the docks of the divorce court?