One For The Sisters


Some miserable old cunt writes:

I’m an old, lazy, overweight, skank-ho wimminz, who has spent the last twenty years sucking miles of strange cock, while contributing nothing to society. Seeing photos of a happy wife with a healthy family is unsettling and depressing because I have never been able to attract or keep a quality man of my own. Kindly fuck off and quit posting photos of your normal, decent life on social media, so that I can get back to the comfortable delusion that every other female is an unhappy skank-bitch just like me. kthxbye

Bad Neighbors

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 11.24.56

This morning, a skank-ho police-wimminz named Amber Guyger was convicted for murder. Guyger broke into her neighbor’s apartment one evening, found her victim peacefully sitting on his couch (eating a dish of ice cream), and executed him without a single justifiable reason.

After Guyger shot her victim, she refused to render aid, despite having a kit full of first-aid supplies on her person. When her colleagues arrived for clean-up, she concocted a ridiculous story about how she was “disoriented” and supposedly went sleepwalking into this man’s house, thinking it was her own.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 11.31.16

Guyger and her victim: Botham Jean

Imagine what would happen if the roles were reversed, and this man had busted into this wimminz house and shot her dead. Had that been the case, we would have had the feminist media baying for his blood on a daily basis, along with opinion pieces suggesting that all men are violent psychopaths.

Since this is a wimminz, the media has gone all out to promote sympathy for the criminal.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 11.20.40

One thing that is not being reported: Guyger was an affirmative-action quota hire for the Dallas police department who failed her first polygraph interview. Amazingly, the Dallas police allowed her extra time for coaching, and administered a second polygraph interview, so that they could hire her.

Before she ever applied in Dallas, she had failed an interview for employment with the Fort Worth Police Department, which wisely told her to beat feat out of their candidate pool. Similar failed attempts to become a cop were reported by the DFW airport police, and the Plano police bureau.

The city of Dallas also revealed that Guyger had a history of using illegal drugs, and that Guyger was an instagram ho’, with a number of different social media accounts.

Another result of the trial is the discovery that Guyger was banging one of her married colleagues in the police bureau. Her simp, a man named Martin Rivera, was screwing this bag despite his having a wife and family. Thus the murderer was actively engaged in destroying a number of different men, all while being paid a good wage by the taxpayer.

We salute the jury for making a wise decision, convicting this parasite, and referring her for a prison sentence. As I write this, the hearing regarding sentencing is in progress. Will this skank get cunt-passed out by the judge? I hope not, but the judge is another female, sooooo….


This Is What Equality Looks Like

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 08.02.33

I’m constantly reminded of the importance of agitating for more wimminz to be given makework government jobs, where they will be promised a living wage and a generous pension, where they don’t have to submit quality work, and from which they can never be fired.

Currently, there is drama on a national scale, and the cause is…

(drumroll please)


…a hideous old catlady that got her high-paying government job by way of the quota.

Truly, I never would have guessed.

Wimminz and Their Demands


We’ve recently been exploring the instinctive disgust that arises in a wimminz for her man’s pre-existing children. I thought it would be instructive to contrast this phenomenon with the inherent generosity of men.

In the following video, we can hear some wimminz complain about her boyfriend, who is currently caring for her children (sired by some other man). Wimminz indignantly demands that her boyfriend “man up.”

Tommy softballs this wimminz to keep her on the line. Listen to the insane levels of entitlement that the typical skank-ho single mom carries between her ears.

Do you blame this man for not quitting his job, moving in with this bitch, and signing the marriage certificate? Sound off in the comments.

Endorsing Laura Loomer


Lowbrow Performance Art – We Love It!

In an earlier article, I wrote about dissident political candidates who made free speech a part of their campaigns. Laura Loomer is one such candidate. She was previously featured on this blog after she chained herself to the front door at Jack Dorsey’s corporate office.

Loomer is facing a fundraising deadline. Political parties often judge the viability of candidates by the number of individual donations, and I’m hoping the republicans give her matching funds. As I am committed to doing my part, I gave her a some money and put my name on her list.

Screen Shot 2019-09-29 at 09.39.47

Unfortunately, Jack Dorsey won’t let me tweet my support.

I find some of what Loomer espouses to be tasteless and disturbing. I’m also a registered democrat, who doesn’t live in her district. That aside, her effort toward becoming Jack Dorsey’s own personal nightmare are just too important (and too hilarious) to go unrewarded.

I gave her five hundred dollars, because I’m a bachelor who can afford this. I realize that we’re all in different places, but I would love it if a few people kicked her something. The party bosses judge candidates by the number of individual donors, so even if you give her one dollar, you’ll be sending a strong message to the humorless wannabe censors at Twatter, Fuckbook and Cuckazon that you’re sick of their shit.


What Lies Behind The Behavior

Screen Shot 2019-09-28 at 16.02.02

While I hate social media for its censorship, I simultaneously love it for the humor. Tonight we are going to be treated to a bit of realtalk from an anonymous married mother, posting on a facebook forum. Bitch is known only as “T.”

I’ve been keeping this bottled up for so long. My husband has a son from a previous relationship and he is so spoilt and bratty and much more and I don’t want him around.

As a man who hates children, I can sympathize.

Of course, unlike this bitch, I don’t beg to marry people who already have kids attached.

Me and hubby get into such awkward conversations about it so now I try to not talk to him about it. I tried to get along with my skid (step kid) and it was fun at first, but then his behavior just got worse and worse with tantrums and stuff and even though I did know he had a kid when we started dating, I didn’t know he would get like this!!!! the skid lives with his mother full time and we moved far away which I felt was best for us and I feel good about that, but i can tell my husband misses him which is fine with me, but when he expects me to be everywhere that they are its so damn annoying… I tell him to go and do their own thing together and im not being spiteful about it I just think that it would do them some good…but its just so annoying cause I feel that I shouldn’t be putting him in an awkward spot with this and then im the one left feeling uncomfortable.

Just a couple of days ago we read the sad story of Richard Davis and his unfortunate daughter Janiyah. As we saw then, Mr. Davis made the tragic mistake of leaving little Janiyah in care of the skank ho bitch he was fucking, and now baby Janiyah is dead as dirt.

What do you want to bet that murderous slag had some name like ‘skid’ that she (at least mentally) attached to her man’s little girl…

If we cook dinner and skid doesn’t like what’s for dinner he gets a takeaway. If he’s involved in making food or deciding what’s going to be for dinner then he will decide that he doesn’t want it and if he’s told he has to, goes on a ‘hunger strike’. He wanted a PS4 at his Mum’s and at his Dad’s, he threw a tantrum and got it, there’s so many other things. His Mum and Dad both spoilt him, he gets away with being like that at his Mums. He’s with us EVERY single half term and some of the Xmas break😩😩. Every time half term gets close and it’s time for my skid to stay with us I become cold and quiet to everyone.

He’s not a bad kid but I can’t stand him in my house, he’s spoilt as hell.

She admits there is nothing wrong with him, she just hates him to hate him…

I don’t want him to have anything to do with my 2year old daughter who is my husbands. I keep him away from my daughter and I only speak to him when I have to. I’m guessing he can feel it since he is now 12. My biggest hope is that he will be so uncomfortable he will stop coming to visit.

Let’s intuit what actually went down with this whore, shall we?

  1. Bitch is desperate for money/respect/dick.
  2. Bitch finds a poor sap who has just been through a divorce.
  3. Wallet-seeking mode initialized.
  4. Bitch sucks this poor sap off, says all the right stuff…
  5. Sap marries bitch.
  6. Sap impregnates bitch.
  7. Bitch suddenly drops the nice girl persona.
  8. Sap is now stuck paying for two horrible cunts…

It’s hard to hide from my husband and I don’t want to discuss it anymore with him. He will ask me to buy the train tickets for the visit and I wait until the last min so it costs more hoping my husband will say push the date out further to save money.

For a split second, I thought that bitch was actually funding the home visits. Then I realized that she wasn’t. My bad!

I feel bad because it causes tension at times but I just can’t get over the knot in my stomach when he’s around. I work so hard to make sure he doesn’t play with my daughter or spend any time with her. I find myself trying to figure out a way to discourage her from calling him her brother without making it obvious I did it. I just don’t want him around us. Whenever he leaves I put in extra effort to show how lovely and peaceful it is without skid.


It was Jennifer Love Hewitt versus The Wall

If we weren’t so settled with work and things since we moved a few years ago, I’d consider encouraging hubby to move even further away, our daughter hasn’t started school yet so it’s still a thought in my mind. Hubby yesterday discussed having skid for all of Xmas holidays this year, he wanted to raise it with me before he contacted skid’s Mum. He also wants him to come on our first family holiday abroad in the summer. This is putting pressure on my marriage and I really feel uncomfortable that he wants to do this.

I just need advice from other females about how to try and talk to my husband about this. I actually feel better writing about this, I might get stick for stating how I feel but this is just how I feel. I find myself getting happy each year skid gets closer to being 18, no child support will be paid and skid should be more mature and less bratty. How am I supposed to deal with this?

There is little doubt that the “advice from other females” is heavily skewed into yougogrrl territory, with other whores encouraging bitch to continue this destructive game.  Inadvertently, bitch gave us all a candid look into what really goes on in the female mind, and for that we thank her.