Sharkly Deals With Feminists

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Occasionally, I hear heartwarming stories about real-life antifeminist praxis. So it was a few days ago, when our brother Sharkly talked about his latest interaction with the meddling faggots down at his feminist Christian coven.

Let’s let him tell it…

I went down to confront the elder board at my wife’s church for being worthless pussies who are ashamed of God’s word and refuse to address my wife’s frivolous divorce.

The Christian’s love for divorce, and their meddling into the marriages of normal families, has already been well established. Needless to say, by refusing to address the depressing antics of Sharkly’s immoral wife, the Christians give tacit approval of all her misbehavior.

They called off the meeting, which was to be a part of their elder’s meeting, the day I was to meet them.

Of course they did. How dare a husband show up to this public meeting and speak his mind? The nerve!

Well, I decided I’d go confront those cunt-worshippers anyhow, since I knew they’d be there. They had the building all locked up, and I went around checking all the doors, until I happened to find the window to the room they were meeting in. They saw me and tried to ignore me, however I knocked on the window a few times, until they must have figured out that I wasn’t going to just leave.

This is exactly what a decent man should do. The church grounds are protected under Marsh v. Alabama, and a man has the right to speak his mind there. It should also be noted that the church has been the direct financial recipient of Sharkly’s gifts and offerings, as well as being supported by the rest of us via their 501c3 status.

The Christians live as parasites, on all of our backs. We who pay their bills ought to see them as they are, and treat them accordingly.

Then in what seemed really like something out of a comedy, they came over to one of the glass doors in a glass wall, and they had the strongest one of them pop the door open stick his head out and brace himself in the doorway, as the others all stood cowering inside listening through the partially open doorway. They seemed frightened and had no good answers as I called them all cowards, who didn’t give a shit my son’s were being robbed of their father.

It’s more than cowardice. These men are guilty of furthering the breakup of a marriage. 

The guy in the doorway kept whining because I’d told him “you’re fucking worthless” over the phone when they’d even chickened out of meeting with me. He kept brining it up like I was supposed to apologize. Usually in those types of situations I would just explain more clearly why I believe they’re fucking worthless as a Christians, elders, and false teachers, but I didn’t get the chance to. The dude claimed they’d get back with me, and popped back inside the building.

Sharkly’s only mistake is letting things go. Perhaps this was a strategic move, on his part, but I’d encourage any man in the same situation to force the issue, and keep disrupting the meeting until the Christian faggots are forced to call the sheriff. Provided you’re not armed or indulging in vandalism, the cops are just going to ask you to leave, and take your report. At that point, you can get the media involved.

They still haven’t, but I found our brief meeting satisfying. I asked them in the name of Jesus Christ to quit being ashamed of God’s word and preach submission to my wife, for the sake of my children. I called them all cowards to their faces and watched through the tinted glass wall, they were cowering behind, trying to make eye contact, as they all just stared at their feet, and the guy wedged in the doorway kept watching me like he was ready to shit his pants, if I had lunged towards him.

Sharkly did the right thing by being assertive without being threatening. It’s one thing to disrupt these useless cucks as they gather to plan the dissolving of more marriages, and another to give them an excuse to whine and play the victim, as Christians all love to do.

Anyhow, I left feeling good. I’m not sure how the five of them dusted off their manhoods after I left. I don’t believe I ever got as far down the cunt-worshipping rabbit hole as they are, but it seems somehow that my blue-pill past from a little over a year ago, now seems a lifetime ago.

If some man or group of men conspire to destroy your marriage, that man or group of men has become your deadly enemy. In a healthy patriarchal society, such people would be run out of town. In clown world, they’re celebrated and given positions of authority. Calling attention to their motives and actions is right and just.

Something For Which To Aspire…


Over on quora, some stupid, lazy bitch writes:

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 15.08.27

She doesn’t like working, but needs money to get her through to retirement.

Fortunately, Becca Bankston is here to help…

Becca writes:
You’re 27. Good (not too old). If you’re not in shape, get yourself in shape. Get a boob job and your teeth whitened and some braces if you need them. Get your hair and nails done and a fake tan. Corset train. Learn to be a good conversationalist. (basically ask questions and listen and really listen and make good comments on the answers)

Also take a class in finance and managing money.

Then, start going to places where you will meet men with money. Go out with whoever asks you out if you are attracted to him. (the better you make yourself look, the more men you will have to pick from).

I like this article, if only for its brute forthrightness. In the first place, it allows the brothers to see the historical inflation of female hotness.

Twenty-seven is certainly past the point of peak attractiveness for a wimminz. In the old days, this bitch would already be old news, and she’d have long ago been shunted aside in favor of the hot girls in the 22-24 range.

Today, she still has an opportunity to exploit a man. What happened? An epidemic of disgusting obesity, combined with a prevailing trend toward body-piercing and tattoos, which makes the average wimminz look like a circus freak or a human-walrus hybrid.

Do not sleep with any of them immediately. Wait at least three months. If some drop off, they were not serious marriage material anyway. You will also have more leverage if you are willing to marry an older man.

My advice, to demand sex on the first date, is something that I stole from Tom Leykis, and it has a practical purpose. By denying you sex, that hot slut is hoping that you’ll get thirsty enough to pop the question she’s dying to hear. Don’t fall for this. Cut ties the minute she starts fronting, because there are hundreds of other skanks who are ready to get it on.

Suppose you do get so thirsty that you’ll consider marriage, simply to get that ass? At that point, as Becca is about to illustrate, the game is over.

Once you get married. Have at least one child as soon as possible. So estimating that you get married at 28, and get pregnant soon after, and even if you get divorced right then, you should be set with alimony and child support and you will have the child support til you are 46 and the alimony til you get married again.

That’s right, kings. That hot woman, who seems so into you, has an ulterior motive. She is playing the long con, and you are the mark.

Only marry again if the next guy has more money than the guy who is paying you alimony. If you can, manage to get a house out of the deal. Also use that financial acumen you acquired from your finance classes to be able to live off of the interest of your capital and maybe rent out rooms in the house you have acquired.

This is what you get for toiling over that expensive, rigorous degree in finance, engineering, English, or mathematics. You worked hard, landed a decent job, and now you have enough income to be exploited by a disgusting skank-ho wimminz.

And as long as you are frugal and manage your money well, you might not have to actually ever work again. Also maybe not have the child, because if you marry high up enough, you will not need the child support, and children are a good bit like a full time job with a 24/7 work week. An older man who might already have children from a previous marriage might not care if you choose to remain childless. In fact, he might welcome it. If you do not have much energy, I highly recommend that you do remain childless. Children take up a lot of energy for as long as you are alive.

It is worth noting that Becca’s scam is very attainable. Unlike child support, which eventually ends, alimony is often a life sentence. In California, for instance, alimony is mandatory, and after only a few years of marriage, the alimony is permanent. There are men in this world who spend a relatively short time as a skank-ho wimminz’ wedded slave, thereafter to be forced to pay her weekly for the rest of their natural lives.

Before you even consider marrying, you should take Becca’s sage advice. Consult a licensed attorney in your area for the finer details.

You should also go sit in on a session of the divorce courts. They’re free and open to the public, in every state and province in North America. Quite a spectacle it is, too.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 13.13.04

Becca, who apparently works as a “massage therapist,” has given you boys a far more valuable gift than the standard “sucky sucky” happy ending she gives her usual clients. She has been absolutely candid about the grift that millions of wimminz are running. Take her seriously, and don’t be a chump.


Definitions and Misconceptions


Nick Griffin, a well-known British politician and kook, has released a free book in PDF format on the so-called “alt right” movement. Anyone can download the book here.

While Griffin gets a lot of things right, he paints in broad strokes, and he goes out of his way to lambaste those of us in the broader MGTOW community as the source of all sorts of social problems, including homosexual pedophilia and satanism.


Nick Griffin: Alt Right Not Right, p. 39

If you ever wondered where white nationalist kooks and loons like SirHamster and Cane Caldo learned to cook up false allegations, I’d posit guys like this as a first cause.

Griffin writes:

“But while some of the male victims of the liberal feminisation of society have responded with active protests, others have reacted by withdrawing from female company altogether. This is taken to extremes by the largely online ‘community’ known as MGTOW, pronounced ‘mɪɡtaʊ’.

This uses websites and social media to urge young men against romantic relationships with women, especially marriage” (Griffin, 40).

It is, of course, nice that Griffin has his position, with tenure in the parliament of the European Union, and a well paid career as a holocaust-denying kook. I am curious as to what Griffin suggests regular men do, in a world dominated by policemen eager to enforce laws like the Violence Against Women Act, and the Child Support Responsibility Act of 1994.

Since he hasn’t heard, here’s the news: due process has been suspended in most western countries (including his,) and regular men are responding to the (very real) threats of having their kids kidnapped, their property stolen, and their freedoms curtailed, on nothing more than the baseless whining of some wimminz who his “unhappy.”

I use my web page to encourage men to be very careful in all their dealings, (not only with wimminz, but also with scroungy politicians like the author) because our toxic cultural milieu never forgives or forgets men who trip through life’s wires. We are going to keep doing this, whether Griffin likes it or not. Our message is important, and men will continue to respond to it, because it is a very powerful message.

According to columnist Martin Daubney, followers of MGTOW believe that legal and romantic entanglements with women fail a cost–benefit analysis and risk–benefit analysis. Jeremy Nicholson, writing for Psychology Today, similarly described MGTOW as “guys who have been frustrated and punished to the point that they see no further incentive to relate [to dating] […], they focus on making themselves happy” (Griffin).

Nick is here repeating the feminist mantra about how we’re all a bunch of bitter losers who deserved our run through divorce court. Nothing could be further from reality. I’ve sent hundreds of young brothers off with credentials which will enable them to support a family, if they choose to do so. Many of them are intuitive MGTOW men, who have never bothered to visit our web pages. They’ve learned well from their fathers, their uncles, their neighbors and friends, and they won’t be making the same mistakes. If some of these men do marry, it will be after a long process of deliberation, coupled with rigorous scrutiny on any potential wife. That is exactly how it should be, in this world.

…most – if not all – older MGTOW devotees have a very strong personal interest in turning impressionable adolescent boys off girls. They use MGTOW in the way rural Spaniards still use sticky birdlime to catch song thrushes as edible delicacies. (Griffin).

While it is true that homosexuals hate women, (See Reuben, 1982) almost no MGTOW that I’ve run across are openly homosexual. Moreover, most MGTOW brothers who have any sense eschew real-world contact. MGTOW is not a mass movement for furthering gay sex. It’s an individual reaction to material conditions in the real world.

There is more, and it only gets less credible, but I’ll stop here.

What’s your definition of MGTOW? Shout at me in the comments.

Just Trying to Change The World


yet another instagram slut… yet another fish-lipped photo…

The ugly skank in the mugshot was just charged with murder in Clark County, Nevada. Who did she ice? How did it happen? Let’s hear it straight from the ever reputable feminist press.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 12.01.12

This wall-hitting former hottie iced the old simp who paid her rent. This same scenario plays out so often, it hardly even seems newsworthy. If I have any sympathy (simp-athy?) for this man, it’s only based on the fact that he was an elderly boomer, who was raised on a whole constellation of lies that paint wimminz as inherently sweet, pure, honest and moral.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 12.11.28


Dead as dirt: Dr. Thomas Burchard

She wanted to “change the world…” yezzzzz

Note well, little brothers. This man was a psychiatrist. A professional, who spent his entire life devoted to deconstructing and treating society’s neurotics. It’s hard to imagine anyone less likely to be chumped out by a lying instagram prostitute; yet, there he is, dead as dirt.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 12.12.41

Burchard is described as “avuncular,” which is a fancy word meaning “uncle-like.” There are men who may have had cause to pay some nasty slut’s rent, but Burchard wasn’t one of them. We must remember that if some bitch can’t get her actual uncle to act all “avuncular,” then it’s a strong tell that she doesn’t deserve such treatment.

Another thing: Burchard has a girlfriend of ~20 years named Earp. Burchard is fucking supporting Turner, with Earp’s full knowledge and apparent consent. One wonders why Ms. Earp didn’t dump this philandering old fool. A few scenarios come to mind, one or more of which may simultaneously be plausible…

  • Burchard is also paying Earp’s bills, and Earp didn’t want to upset the apple cart.
  • Burchard was one of a great many simps Earp had on her roster, and she didn’t care.
  • Earp and Turner were secretly friends, and Earp wanted Burchard dead too.

To me, it’s entirely conceivable that the “string of text messages” sent from Burchard’s phone, to Earp, were coded messages letting one bitch know that the other had snuffed the target. Earp may have pre-emptively turned Turner in to the cops, in order to shield herself from scrutiny.

All of this is idle speculation, of course. I’m just one man who has seen wimminz scheme together before instantly betraying one another, and I’ve seen such things too many times to count.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 14.44.12

LOL! This bitch has two children. It seems that we have discussed the perils of dating a skank-ho single mom in the recent past, no?

Incidentally, Earp’s description of Turner as “evil as Manson” is actually just adding to my suspicions that she was part of the deed in the planning stages, and has possibly set up her co-conspirator to take the fall. This is just too transparently theatrical to be believable.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 14.58.36

Here’s a tip. If you boys want to exercise some “extreme generosity,” direct that to people in your extended family or perhaps your immediate community. Your own nephews deserve your “avuncular” attention, so help them finance their first cars. There’s probably an old man three doors down who gets meals-on-wheels. Buy him some steak. The old illegal alien who cuts your lawn probably has teenage DACA kids who need tuition paid. Not only would you be more likely to “change the world” in a positive way, but you’d also be devoting your attentions to people who are likely to be worthy of them.

And I can tell you how Turner and Burchard met. She sent him a message on Instagram, on Tinder, or on Plenty of Fish.

There’s more to the story, but I want to stay within fair use guidelines, and we’ve covered all the important stuff. What do you think?

Read more at sfgate dot com

Wimminz Takes Credit For Man’s Work


A wimminz named Katie Bouman has been constantly in the news for several days, touted as the groundbreaking genius who brought us the first image of a black hole. CNN reported that Bouman “led the creation of an algorithm,” which makes it sound like it was her personal project.

It turns out that Katie didn’t “lead” anything. She was just a bit player on the team. The individual who did nearly all the development work, on the software which allowed for the imaging, was a man named Andrew Chael.

When people started talking about this strange phenomenon, Chael got on twitter, to white knight for m’lady. He must have typed his denouncement of all us misogynists stream-of-consciousness, because in his defense, he confirmed the fact that he was, in fact, the “primary developer” of the software in question.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 00.50.08

Thanks, Andrew, for telling us what we knew already.

What Am I Doing Here?

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 18.14.41

I started this blog five years ago. Being the uncreative man that I am, I simply named it after the post code I was in when I hit the ‘submit’ button on the WordPress form. For the first year (or so), I had comments turned off. I didn’t really care if anyone else commented, because the comment sections I had experienced had problems that outweighed their benefits.

I had a blog before that, entitled La Prensa. In those very old days, I translated (with permission) articles written by men like W.F. Price and AfOR into French and Spanish, and tried to spread manosphere memes into minority communities. That blog was taken down after a kook named Rob Fedders attempted to “out” me as a professor at Simon Fraser University. Fedders contacted various feminist organizations, and tried to get this poor fellow fired. This man, who I had never met, and who certainly didn’t author any of my articles, probably got a ton of shit, simply because an insane incel suspected he was me.

I encourage everyone here to remain anonymous for a reason.

There are other threads to those early years. If one looks at my first real article, he can draw a distinct line to all the latest ones, and he’ll find that if anything is consistent here, it is my disdain for mass culture. This could easily be typecast as an anti-celebrity blog… something like the antithesis of People or Entertainment Tonight. In this regard, I’m following in the tradition of Adorno and Horkheimer, who also hated popular culture.

Plato constructed a healthy critique of actors and comedians 2500 years ago, and I hate them for many of the reasons he did. They’re people who make their living pretending to be things that they aren’t. They’re entitled to a living at their trade, but in our society, they’ve assumed positions of unearned respect and authority. Undermining the trend of honoring the unworthy is probably the most valuable thing any of us can do.

Down below, Derek writes:

I write as a counterpoint to your articles. I’m not refuting much; more providing another perspective.

I’m glad Derek is here, and he’s welcome to refute me as much as he likes. If someone doesn’t like Derek (or me), they are welcome to decamp.

From the beginning, I saw my blog as not competing with behemoths like The Spearhead, Dalrock or Roissy. One might assume, at first, that huge communities like these are blessed with a diversity that is impossible on a small blog like mine. Spending some time in those places will disabuse one of that silly notion immediately.

Dalrock’s blog is far too large to function as an effective community of men. Most of us know that intuitively.

Comment sections are strange things. As participation in such a venue increases, the potential for true diversity is rapidly outweighed by a selection toward conformity. As Dalrock becomes more popular, he attracts more angry nutters, more social outcasts, more loony misfits, and more dullwitted parasites. All these people end up as (more-or-less) free riders, simply there to agree and amplify. Thus, a dogmatic ideology starts taking shape, and everyone begins parroting the same buzz-words, and shouting down sensible dissidents.

This is even more evident at Roissy, which is much larger than Dalrock. Roissy has a staggering number of readers who participate in his comment section. Roissy’s commenters are so numerous that they have effectively subdivided themselves into cliquish subgroups. If discussion is difficult on Dalrock, it’s absolutely impossible on Heartiste, where people are petrified into opposing camps, all shouting at one another.

From the beginning, I saw V5K 2C2 as a sort of digital neighborhood: something closer to a mailing list or a ‘zine. I always knew the dangers of getting too big, but I’m especially wary of this now, for a specific reason that I didn’t foresee back in the early days.


A couple of years ago, I noted people like Cane Caldo and SirHamster injecting white nationalism into discussions on Dalrock. The larger any forum becomes, the more prone it is to this sort of idiotic groupthink. I don’t want a petrified comment section, with hundreds of people chanting mantras in unison. If there is a motivator for a comment section to go down to destruction, white nationalism is it.

Since I’m criticizing white nationalists, I’ll quickly lay out my reasons why…

1. White nationalists are depressives. They constantly promote a defeatist attitude and immediately bring the general mood of every discussion down. According to white nationalists, society is run by a small minority of omnipotent super geniuses (known as Jews). Since these Jews control everything, white nationalists will insist that a young brother’s only recourse is to go commit suicide, preferrably immediately after some pathetic display of ultraviolence.

The problem with this thesis is obvious: it’s premises are untrue.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 22.03.47

Dispelling the myth of Jewish superintelligence, one YouTube video at a time.

The guy who recently shot up a synagogue was surely groomed by these losers. None of the people he murdered were millionaires, or had high positions in political or social life. None of his victims seem particularly intellectually accomplished. They were just regular Americans, who went to work every day, and who had a different religious background.

2. White nationalists are anti-intellectual. Idiots like David Duke and Paul Nehlen are held up as authorities, despite the fact that they’re transparent grifters who are doing nothing but living off donations given them by their disciples. Points are argued and forwarded not on their merits, but merely on ideological grounds. White nationalists are, in this regard, very similar to feminists, in that they have a set of general grievances, and any proposition needs to fit within the script to be accepted. Any question that deviates from their narrative is rejected, and the questioner is self-righteously shouted down.

3. White nationalists are feminists by another name. I’ve covered this aspect for years, but it bears repeating, because this is a personal annoyance of mine. Go talk to some of these idiots and you’ll get the idea. Their precious white wimminz are to be worshipped as though they were goddesses, despite the fact that these same white wimminz are raising up a generation of white thugs and hoez, who are far more likely to steal my wallet than to get a job. Massive misbehavior like widespread divorce, chronic unemployment and welfare, single mom sluttery and drug abuse is glossed over with the flimsiest of excuses.

White nationalists have a couple of go-to responses to any question. Usually, when I criticize them even mildly, I am called a “race-traitor,” which is a meaningless term, given that my people don’t even consider the average white nationalist to be white. They’ll then admit that some of the things I’m saying are true, but immediately tell me that all their problems are the fault of a Jewish conspiracy. This is a response that is precisely similar to what I get from black nationalists and feminists, who whine about “white privilege” and “patriarchy” respectively.

Occasionally, a white nationalist will talk about a real problem, like ANTIFA. As an aside, ANTIFA is probably the only group that’s goonier and more pathetic than white nationalists, given that they’re pseudoleftists who are “protesting” on behalf of huge corporations.

I don’t want ANTIFA running roughshod through my comment section either. Even so, ANTIFA has no presence on the manosphere, so they’re not really my concern.

Every time Dalrock throws his blog into moderation, I get 10-20 new applicants. The last time this happened was last weekend. I could have approved twenty new commenters, and one of them might have fit in. Four of them would have repeatedly told Earl he’s a faggot for worshipping Mary, and five others would have told Jason he’s a faggot for not fucking random skanks, and the other ten would have started proselytizing for Stormfront, unironically talking about what a great guy Hitler was, and how the south should have won the American civil war.

So, my role here is not only as one of the authors, it’s also editorial. My goal is to maintain focus, and enforce some minimal intellectual standards. Derek will continue writing articles here for as long as it amuses him, and while everyone can read, I’ll continue to be selective about who gets to have a voice.