Skank-Ho Meltdown

Another empowered feminist cries and screeches on network television…

The proper feminine equivalent of the English word ‘bachelor’ is ‘spinster’. The term strictly means a never-married, older female. It derives from a job description. In a healthier age, defective wimminz who could never attract or keep a good earner had to take manual labor jobs, like making (spinning) yarn from scrap lint.

Naturally, the marketers who designed the television show Bachelorette didn’t want to use such a loaded word. They didn’t use ‘bacheloress’ either, but rather gave us a diminutive suffix, in order to conjure the image of a cute little female, rather than a screeching, self-centered succubus, like Clare, pictured above.

So this week I was in California, chilling in my hotel room, and I get an attachment from some brother featuring the empowered feminist Clare, losing her shit as she is checked by a chad named Yusuf.

I got home yesterday, and decided it was humorous enough to share. I have uploaded it to the site’s bitchute account.

If it doesn’t embed, you can watch the vid here:


  1. (Skank-ho) Clare goes on spinster show to beg for husband.
  2. (Chad) Yusuf tells Clare that she’s a low-class skank-ho single mom for making other men strip down butt naked to ‘compete’ for her.
  3. Yusuf reminds bitch that she is a menopausal 40-year old single mother.
  4. Clare kooks out in a very humorous, extended seethe-fest.
  5. Various simps come to m’lady’s rescue, illustrating the pathetic nature of male thirst.

Author: Boxer

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13 thoughts on “Skank-Ho Meltdown”

  1. I call’em all (single mums & cock-riders) .. “UN-LOVE-ABLE” ..

    They want a second (or third .. or more) bite at the apple .. and expect the same apple they could buy when they were in top form ..


    PS .. welcome back.

  2. You guys keep welcoming me back, when I haven’t really ever left. I’ve just been enjoying life. I’ve had a bunch of time off (as we all have, in this age of plague) and I’ve been traveling around the west coast, living the life of the happy bachelor.

  3. I’m workin’ way to dang hard for a man my age.

    There is good news though, I have all but 5 days off in Dec.

    You’re doing the right thing .. make the best of the time-off.

  4. Good for Yusuf! No Chad, he, but a simple truth-teller. It would be icing on the cake to learn that the only reason he ever appeared on the show to begin with was to avail himself of the chance to deliver a nuclear-grade truth enema on national television to an entitled, self-centered slore.

    As for the thirsty chumps who white knighted for “Clare,” I hope they ALL become her polyandrous slaves. They all deserve her.

  5. To be completely fair, she does not seem to be a single mother.

    She is, however, a never-married 39 year old who still thinks she will have children in the future. She is just a hairdresser, so no real income either.

    What sickened me the most was the whiteknighting. Then again, this show pre-selects such losers. The comments in the YouTube video, however, were rather red pill on balance.

    The idiots who sign up for a show like this (both the men and woman) don’t realize that they are being made fun of my a relatively red-pill audience.

  6. A simple Google search revealed something about the type of people who appear on this show.

    There have been over 30 seasons of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette to date. Of those, only about eight of the couple are still together. And most of those are recent. Only two or three have been together for over a decade.

    Entitled, over-30 women, and needy whiteknight men in the Bachelorette.
    Alpha Chad men and hypergamous women in the Bachelor.

  7. Oh, it gets worse.

    The season ended. The ‘winner’, the cuck who got engaged to her, is a pro football player who is a full 7 years younger than her. Yet he is engaged to this 39 year old hairstylist, who herself has been a contestant on various versions of this franchise for 6 years.


    There is no cure for a lack of Game. A 32 y/o pro football player gets engaged to a women 7 years older. His lack of Game led him to think that this white woman is superior to him, and is mesmerized by her big tits.

  8. There is no cure for a lack of Game. A 32 y/o pro football player gets engaged to a women 7 years older. His lack of Game led him to think that this white woman is superior to him, and is mesmerized by her big tits.

    I’m confident that Moss is just having a laugh at the expense of an aging skank. If he is actually stupid enough to marry this banged out old slag, I’ll vomit.

  9. If he is actually stupid enough to marry this banged out old slag, I’ll vomit.

    I suspect the engagement will break before marriage. After that, her prospects are gone as her 15 minutes are up.

    If it doesn’t, or if she is the one who ends it and not him (i.e. he begs), then the old Heartiste ‘Beta of the Year’ award applies.

  10. I thought he was trying to very gently move into the rebuke of her. At the start of the video, he was progressing so slowly I skipped ahead.
    She may not have liked his message that she is not the type of woman to be a good example for his daughter. But she could have handled that rebuke by either agreeing and apologizing, or by disagreeing with the rebuke and agreeing that they are not suited for each other. Either would have been a lower-stress situation.

    I think he is to be commended for keeping his cool. You could argue it was not helpful for him to repeat the line of “you are the oldest bachelor”, but it seems reasonable to accept he was trying to get her to accept the need to grow up and show more maturity / class.

  11. Crazy whores don’t like it to be pointed out that they’re the moral weak link. After he told that whore she was too disgraceful for him to use as a role model for his daughter, then she tried to act like she was dumping him. LOL She belongs to the streets. I’m proud of Yusuf, for giving her a reprimand, and a swift kick to the curb.

    BTW, I don’t own a digital TV. I haven’t watched television in over three years since my wife moved out and took the TV. Apparently I’m not missing much, except White-Knight training. But I don’t need it, I’ve already got a Captain-Save-A-Ho trophy up on my mantle. I could moonlight for the other side making bank on amazing life-coach infomercials about how to be like me, and think with your dick while ignoring red flags!

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