Contingent Survivability

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Last November, we all learned that China was grappling with a viral outbreak (which may or may not be caused by a genetically engineered bioweapon.) At the end of march, the U.S. Treasury was looted of trillions of dollars, nearly all of which ended up in the pockets of a few billionaires. In April, America’s supply lines began to collapse, and basic supplies became scarce on store shelves. Finally, in May, protests erupted ostensibly about police brutality, which have been hyped by the corporate press into a low-level race war.

America is coming apart. Donald Trump can not save it. Whether America dissolves tomorrow or twenty years from now, this is an inescapable fact. The average American is rightly concerned, and I don’t have any solid answers to the problems we collectively face. Even so, I’ve spent years anticipating something sorta like this chain of events, and I thought I’d open up a discussion about surviving whatever comes next.

In 2018, I had been living and working in one of America’s largest cities for four years. I liked my town, but I simultaneously saw the problems with long-term habitation. I’m going to list some of the factors I judged my move by:

  • The town was prone to both storms and flooding.
  • The climate in this town was tropical, and life without air-conditioning was very difficult.
  • The town was largely populated by people of a different ethnic group, and adjacent to a foreign nation where this ethnic group was a majority.
  • The town was politically very different than the immediate suburbs.
  • The town was a sprawling urban mess, where nearly every square millimeter of earth was paved over.

It is possible to live in an area prone to flash floods, torrential rains, and hurricanes. People have lived in such areas for thousands of years. At the same time, when natural disasters occur,  the residents survive through the good will of their neighbors.

When the power goes out in October, in an area where the fall temperature is 100 degrees F, and the humidity is 90%, one needs lots of clean water to survive, and he gets such stuff as a favor from the people around him.

In a disaster, the people around you are going to judge you. One might hope that he will be judged on his personal merits. In a small town this would be the case. In a large city, one will be judged on a set of presuppositions that are out of an individual’s control. Whether any of us likes it or not, nature has provided each of us with a uniform, in skin color. Certain other factors also come into play: what language you speak is a big one. What religion you follow is another.

In the event of an emergency, when resources are scarce, it is human nature to prioritize helping those who are like yourself. This is not an ideological construct, as we are constantly told in the media. It is a basic, instinctual response to crisis. We are hard-wired to look out for those who share our genes, with whom we have ancestors in common. Whether any of us like this simple aspect is irrelevant, as it is a biological reality.

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I used to live in one of the cities in the above table. My city was less than two hours drive from the Mexican border. Moreover, my city is one of the few cities in America which had continuously been populated by Spanish speakers, from its very inception. I speak Spanish myself, but when I speak, it’s obvious that I speak it as a norteamericano. 

Cities are a luxury that have been viable thanks to cheap energy and complicated infrastructure. If the trucks quit delivering supplies to any one of these cities, there would be mass migration, food riots, and widespread starvation. This would occur within weeks, not months.

Supposing the food and electricity ran out in my town, and further supposing I survived the chaos, and somehow made my way outside my megacity. Then I would be depending on the kindness of the people immediately outside of it. These are people who theoretically have the ability to feed themselves through their relationship with the land. Such people would likely be closer to my genotype, but they would also see me as a political enemy. To them, I would be a degenerate liberal urbanite, a coalburning race traitor, and a parasite who deserves his fate.

At the end of 2018, I packed up and left. I ended up in a largely agricultural, rural area. The American state I live in today is less populous than the county from which I departed. I won’t pretend to have had some religious vision, which led me to leave when I did, but in hindsight, I left at the perfect time. I was only able to move thanks to the fact that I had no wife and family, and I had been able to save my meager surplus without a conniving wimminz stealing the lot of it.

America is demographically set up in much the same way that Yugoslavia was, prior to its dissolution. Most of the unpleasantness in that breakup happened in the areas which were most highly mixed.

Take an honest look at your own ethnic and religious background. You don’t want to be the only person who looks like you when the food runs low. If I were an African-American, I would seriously consider moving to the American south. Not only that, but I’d try to position myself in the particular part of the county I end up in that is most homogenous.

When America dissolves, there will be no winners. Those who lose least will be the men who survive the dissolution. If you are in a large city, you need to seriously consider getting the fuck out. You should also take a few lessons from my people, in planning for the collapse.


Mormon Self-Defense Cells, Provo

Mormons are a bit better at resisting atomization than other groups. This is evident right now. The media is currently demonizing the militia which they are shocked to discover appearing spontaneously and overnight, who are now openly patrolling the streets in Utah and Arizona. We have a sort of religious duty to fight to the last man, and we all understand it from childhood… though most of us imagined we would be fighting the U.S. Army, we will also fight rioters.

Every American needs to start building these sorts of local connections right now. Find some capable men that you have something in common with, and start connecting with them. Anyone who has taken my advice about starting a home church is already doing this. A man doesn’t need to adopt a uniform or standardize weapons, or otherwise larp out as some sort of goony militia. Simply start talking to your brothers about current events.

There are a bunch of weird anarchists who are starting to come into residential areas. They are starting fires and fucking things up. What should we do if they hit our neighborhood?

Shelf-stable food is important. 10 kilo bags of rice and beans will keep a man going for a long time. A few boxes of protein bars also won’t hurt.

Is anyone else thinking about this sort of thing? Sound off with comments or criticism.

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6 thoughts on “Contingent Survivability”

  1. Is anyone else thinking about this sort of thing?

    Since I left the Navy .. yes .. even more so after 9-11 .. you-betcha ..

    My concern was a Jail Break caused by our leaders turning out the criminals due to lack of funding .. poly-ticks .. natural disaster(s) .. etc ..

    That has always been the real zombie awe-pock-o-lips scenerio I’ve prepared for ..

    Do the math on how many battle-towel-yunz of hardened thugs that is .. it’s staggering. Especially if they form mischief / murdering gangs outside like inside ..

    In effect they did it with white guilt / soy bouys / & young wimminz .. but a jail release is still a possibility ..

    So when they show up in their uniform .. they’ll (i.e. white guilt crowd) be harder to identify without all the black chit they wear .. so here’s to them showing up in black ..

    As for what can you do .. form a small community posse .. get deputized if possible ..

    And stack the ammo high & deep because you won’t have enough ammo or harden hearted men available to aid your cause when the real zombies show up.

  2. “Is anyone else thinking about this sort of thing? Sound off with comments or criticism.”

    Yes. Though preparing and living frugally is a way of life among the Pennsylvania Dutch Anabaptists, I started getting concerned in February… more concerned than I’ve ever been. I have to provide for a family of seven. Now, I’ve written posts here about financial independence and security, so I’ve taken a lot of steps to ensure ‘rainy day’ protection. But this was the first time I felt like I wasn’t prepared enough.

    I put away 5 months of food for seven people, a good combination of shelf-stable carbs, proteins, and fats. Then, I purchased a pressure cooker and ensured that I could make 100 quarts of canned food. I started garden plants indoors. I overhauled my garden, expanding it and building a 8′ tall bamboo trellis system to maximize yields. I’ve started collecting seeds.

    I went on a shopping binge and bought every possible essential item that I could think of that I might need if the supply chain broke down and normal commerce stopped: rope, tools, building supplies, adhesives, various chemicals and lubricants, etc. Some of the items took a month to arrive, but I got it all by the end of May.

    I bought a portable rocket stove and built a permanent one. I stocked up on fuel. I bought and seasoned cast iron pans/pots. I got a new propane grill. I can cook with propane, electricity, or wood.

    I got my kids’ prosthetics serviced/replaced.

    I’m preparing my home. I’m getting stronger panes of glass and more secure steel doors installed. My roof is good for 20 years. My A/C system is brand new.

    “Take an honest look at your own ethnic and religious background. You don’t want to be the only person who looks like you when the food runs low.”

    I’ve performed as much maintenance as I could on all four of my vehicles (three have AWD), including new tires. If I was forced to abandon my home, I’m an hour or so drive from my ethnic group, including a couple family farms in the extended family. I could fix most of the essentials (including food and clothing) in two vehicles. I keep enough fuel in my cars at all time to ensure that I can drive that way on a moments notice. I’ve even familiarized myself with the backroads. If absolutely necessary, we have tents and backpacks and could hike the distance.

    Assuming it doesn’t come to that, I don’t live anywhere close to “The Ring of Fire”, tornadoes and hurricanes are relatively rare, and my house is on the top of a hill where it won’t flood.

    I’ve done this all on my own. My wife, to her credit, hasn’t even tried to argue that I shouldn’t do it. She sees the chaos and understands the need to prepare, though she has a more positive outlook than I do. But since the food I’ve stored has a 5 to 25 year shelf life, it is cheap insurance.

  3. “Shelf-stable food is important. 10 kilo bags of rice and beans will keep a man going for a long time. A few boxes of protein bars also won’t hurt.”

    If you guys are going to take this seriously (and you should), it behooves you to do it right. In particular, you must avoid protein poisoning (‘rabbit starvation’). Protein is very easy to store in large quantities that last forever, but you’ll (paradoxically) starve if you have unlimited protein, but not enough fat. Theoretically, if you resort to cannibalism, you want to eat any available fat person. Do not eat a lean, starving person, or else you will die faster. Fat is essential!

    Fat normally has a relatively short shelf life. Very few fats that can store for longer than a year without going rancid. If you want to survive for a year or two without access to reliable fat sources, there are few options. The method I’ve chosen is coconut oil. As a saturated fat, it has one of the longest shelf lives of any fat source. Buy a year or two supply and put it in the freezer. When electricity goes away, you can still keep those things around in a basement or cold cellar for up to 2 years.

    If you have the land, you should be growing potatoes (including some sweet potatoes for Vitamin A). A person can live off a diet of 80% potatoes indefinitely if necessary. If not, you can get 80% of your calories from white rice and beans, which can be stored indefinitely. Most (but not all) food should be stored in sealed mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. You’ll need to supplement this diet with vegetables and other sources of certain vitamins and minerals.

    Secure a water source and/or store a few hundred (or thousand) gallons of water.

    You’re going to want to stock up on a bunch of other things (including salt, sugar, etc.).

    If there is interest, I’ll write a full post (or so) on the topic to go into a higher level of detail.

  4. Like Derek said .. food .. shelter .. water .. community .. are just as important.

    ….. BREAK …..

    Consider one of these an essential accessory ..

  5. I live in an urban environment. Have prepped for years and continue to do so. Have planned an escape if i indeed had to leave (along canals, rail and then out into to orchards and vast fields). I have tested this once at night back in March. I would head to the mountains, and Sierra foothills but really for what? I am in good enough shape to haul a 50 lb backpack. Running out of water would be an issue trekking here out of Fresno to the mountains.

    In a real collapse the roads, all of them leaving this area would be clogged with traffic and desperate people.

    I have no group or anyone to pair up with.

    The biggest danger leaving would be lack of water and other people who could overtake me if they were desperate. I have advanced cerifiable training in First Aid and forest medicine….so i could have some viable skills in some mountain town…the problem is they even may chase me away. So……live out in the vast Sierras until foid runs out

  6. Yes, I have been thinking about this for a while. I got serious about it, not that long after I stopped blogging. I’m not sure there will be a collapse as such, but civilization can only support an ever growing number of useless women for so long before something breaks.

    Of course, I completely on my own with this. In an ideal scenario, this is sub-optimal. However, a “community” can not be trusted unless it is actively hostile to women. There aren’t enough such men so if you’re a man you’re on your own whether you realize it or not. The women in your life will sell you out sooner or later.

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