Road War 2020: D.C. Edition


Yesterday, Gunner Q wrote:

We’re all going to end up on various lists regardless. The “useful idiot” list might be a happier fate than the “armed & principled” list.

I try not to give advice (unless I’m asked directly) but “armed and principled” is foolish, when you’re taking up arms to defend institutions that hate you and want you dead. I suppose if someone really wants to get beaten up or shot during their pointless “bugaloo” nonsense, there’s nothing I am going to do to stop them; but, I expect intelligent men to at least consider the costs and benefits.

Who has been victimized so far? Mostly it has been CNN, Target, Gucci, Nike, and Wallgreens. These are big transnational corporations that have zero loyalty to America or its people. They exist to exploit you with high prices and starvation wages. So, a bunch of poor people want to loot and burn their stores. If I were tempted to intervene, it’d be to cheer them on.

The cops (both local and national) have no problems killing members of the “armed and principled” crowd whenever one of those dorks looks at them the wrong way. Now the cops are getting called mean names, and people are spraypainting cop cars. (Cry more, pigs.)

These are not things worth killing and dying for. The cops get paid to trade blows. Let them take a few. As for guarding the Rolex store… you’ve gotta be kidding me.

Then feeriker writes:

Odds are that before the year ends the people making those lists will be buzzard feed hanging from some lamp post or bridge overpass.

I’ll take that bet. I’ve heard a lot of people echoing these same sentiments. I’m here to tell you to quit dreaming.

Everyone (BLM, ANTIFA, Proud Boys) thinks that it’ll be Petrograd 1917 by the end of the week, all because they tagged and burned a few monuments that nobody really cares about. If we time travel, I expect us to land at 1989 Beijing.

China Tiananmen Then and Now

If the feminist state appears weak right now, it’s because they are strong (the shot-callers know Sun Tzu and Che Guevara at least as well as I do.) The U.S. Government has no problem at all putting the police and the army into the streets to whoop some ass whenever they decide it’s expedient, and all signs point to this happening pretty quickly. Smart men should stay away from all these protests.

Worry about yourself, your neighbors, and your extended family. They deserve your attention. The rest of the world does not.

Author: Boxer

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4 thoughts on “Road War 2020: D.C. Edition”

  1. While I’d gladly claim credit for it, your first citation of me wasn’t actually my post. The second was, though.

    Jesus Boxer, ya fuck’n moron. Try and pay attention…

    (Thanks feeriker. I’ll fix it now. Apologies to Gunner Q as well.)

  2. Did I call this shit, or what?

    Edit: The video doesn’t start until 29 minutes in, because Jeff Bezos’ halfwits down at Washington Post don’t know how to do basic video editing.

    Edit: LMAO Libs! You’re all gonna die!

  3. You ask, “who has been victimized so far?”
    George Floyd, all the small time owners without adequate insurance, folks beaten up by antifa, the cops that have been shot in response (I hold them in low esteem but I don’t want them shot)the children who ever more deeply see themselves as victims and government their savior because of their parent’s priorities, the protesters who are tearing up their own hood, and protesters who bind their mental shackles tighter and tighter.

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