All the World’s a Stage

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Zerohedge has an article about the viral video by reubengotsoul.

People can blame George Soros or the “international bankers,” but that’s silly. If I had to guess, I’d finger the Donald Trump administration, as the chaos we have seen of late only benefits his chances for a landslide re-election.

In case you’re joining the party late, here’s the news…

For years, I have written about a game the system plays with young men.

In the first act, the system uses political theatre to get a naïve young chump to emotionally identify with one team in an apparent two-sided squabble.

In the second act, the system stages a simulacrum of conflict, in order to get the two sides fighting.

For the depressing denouement, the system sends its pigs out to roll all the suckers on both sides up, and send them off to one of its prisons, where they’ll be enslaved for years.

Proud Boys v. Antifa, black v. white, republican v. democrat… These are metaphysically meaningless distinctions. The only important thing, in the eyes of the system, is that you can be identified with a side, and blamed for its excesses.

Those excesses are often (if not usually) caused by the system itself.

A couple of days ago, I noted that the predator drones that were flying over the protests were there to gather photographic evidence on each and every person who went down to protest police brutality.

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If you were in the vicinity of a “happening” in the past week, you are now being watched. The pigs don’t need to send agents to follow you around. The extensive network of cell towers and video cameras which are ubiquitous across America are now doing that job for them, thanks to quarantine rules which just happened to be legislated into place a few weeks ago.

(How Convenient!)

Consider the following scenarios…

  • Brother John goes to a peaceful protest. Someone else throws one of the bricks (that has “magically” appeared, right next to the federal courthouse) and does property damage. Brother John is now on the list, and marked for arrest.
  • Brother Joe stays away from the protest. Someone from the protest (who just “magically” appeared “out of nowhere” to cause trouble) attacks Joe. Joe warns the troublemaker away with an AR-15. Joe is now on the list, and marked for arrest.

The police and the army aren’t out on the streets to “help” anyone. They’re out on the streets to arrest and enslave both Joe and John. Once that simple truth is grasped, all the weirdness that is presently transpiring will instantly become understandable.

Hopefully this explains why I have no sympathy for the pigs (who will be arresting both Joe and John, if they don’t beat him to death first), or for the system (which has empowered the pigs, and given them the rules to play by.)

Stay safe out there, my brothers.

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6 thoughts on “All the World’s a Stage”

  1. If you do want to attend .. “an event” .. it would be best to leave your cell phone government tracking device at home.

    And as always .. the government is not your friend! .. or the solution to any problem .. THEY (.gov) are the problem!

    And they (.gov agents) are circulating in the crowds acting as licensed pro-vock-oh-tores .. act accordingly.

  2. Yup, well said. This certainly makes sense:

    If I had to guess, I’d finger the Donald Trump administration, as the chaos we have seen of late only benefits his chances for a landslide re-election.

    However, I wouldn’t go as far as to say thar this means that Soros, the Bankster Cabal, and all the usual suspects aren’t also behind it, because it’s not at all certain that they (Trump, Soros, et al.) aren’t all one and the same beast.

    Trump has been the perfect hybrid of a chameleon and a weasel for his entire political career, never staking himself firmly to any political party, ideology, or principles. It is clear to anyone who pays even cursory attention to him that his only fixed belief and concern is Donald Trump. If that means making himself a puppet of Soros, the Banksters, and the usual suspects in order to feather his own nest, then he won’t hesitate for a millisecond to do it. The fact that he has made even a serious attempt to act on almost NONE of his campaign promises, the ones that made the MAGAheads his worshipful slaves to begin with, leans heavily in favor of confirming this hypothesis.

  3. “If I had to guess, I’d finger the Donald Trump administration, as the chaos we have seen of late only benefits his chances for a landslide re-election.”

    This is very possible because he and Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey have history. In October 2019ish, Frey demanded Trump pay half a million in “city costs” during a campaign visit and Trump refused. Also, Frey is Reform Jew and Trump is aligned with Orthodox Jew. I understand they hate each other.

    Even Trump declaring Antifa a terrorist organization is suspicious. Why didn’t he do it four years ago? Everybody knew, nobody in power cared, until this election cycle. Seems that he was expecting a strong economy to secure his victory, then the Plandemic torpedoed that and now he’s resorting to the desperate measure of actually doing what he originally promised.

    It’s hard to care about any side in these unrests. Nobody is innocent except the people getting burned out and beaten for protecting their homes & businesses.

    “Consider the following scenarios…”

    Meh. We’re all going to end up on various lists regardless. The “useful idiot” list might be a happier fate than the “armed & principled” list.

  4. We’re all going to end up on various lists regardless.

    Yup, and I count myself among those who truly don’t give a rat fuck. Odds are that before the year ends the people making those lists will be buzzard feed hanging from some lamp post or bridge overpass.

  5. Read the history of the “Cultural Revolution” in China during the late 1960’s. Orchestrated directly from the “top” and then the masses (red guard) blamed for “excess” and were told by the same people on the top when things got out of hand to “show restraint”

    Then masses arrested, thrown into prison……while the nation itself was set back a decade in the destruction. Not to mention the loss of property, life and the horror many had to endure at the hands of this protest period.

  6. Read the history of Germany, Italy and Japan from the end of World War I til the early 1930’s. Divided, polarized nations elctorally. High unemployment. Inflation by the mid 1920’s in all three nations. A huge earthquake in 1922 in Tokyo. The systems they had in place were useless, masses demanding “order” in all three countries. Massive political corruption.

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