How White Dudez Riot


I saw a couple of interesting things as I switched around on livestreams last night. The first happened in Dallas.

About an hour after the pigs ran away, they moved back into this area with tear gas, pushing the protest a couple of blocks down the street. Dallas police eventually moved adjacent to a parking lot where rioters were attempting to burn a police car. Suddenly, about a dozen armed white militia appeared and took defensive positions around the perimeter, and allowed the rioters to escape. The cameraman panned around as he was running and the militia had AR-15 rifles trained on the police, covering the exit.

The Dallas riot ended not due to direct police interference, but because there was a mixed race couple attempting to start fistfights and attacking other protestors. There was also a group of African-American Christian guys who were running around interfering with the protest, citing the New Testament. This is all coherent with COINTELPRO doctrine. The pigs will often pay people to cause internal problems, in order to break up the revolutionary solidarity of a countercultural group.

I then switched to this guy’s great Minneapolis livestream…

Regg Inkagnido on Youtube

When I joined the narrator was interviewing an African American guy who was complaining about a group of “hostile white dudes,” who were “not from Minnesota.” He described them as “burning everything” but were not part of the protest. The cameraman indicated that they had intimidated him also, and that he didn’t want to mess with them. He caught them as they moved, in military formation, from building to building, methodically burning everything in their path. At one point, the cameraman expressed fear that they were going to burn an occupied building where senior citizens and disabled people were sheltering. (They didn’t.)

Every time the cameraman met someone new, they described being frightened of the white guerrillas who were fighting the cops and the MN national guard.

“These white people don’t fuck around… I knew lots of people in prison, and I know these type of people… You don’t fuck with them… I am gonna mind my business…”

This marks a very significant departure from the historical narrative of previous riots. These were not “antifa” troublemakers. They were regular, working class White folks, who acted as though they had military training, moving against the pigs in a deliberate and organized fashion.

Remember the white militia who got fucked over during the quarantine? They’re still pissed off, and now they’re coordinating with Black Lives Matter.

2020 is not a good year to be a police officer.

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  1. Apparently, the system has noticed the same things I have…

    With respect to Peterson (I enjoy his work… he’s funny and witty and often right) the MN government is correct, assuming they’re using “white supremacist” as a catch-all for working class white dudes who now hate the government.

    Over on VDARE, Sailer writes about this too…

    Sailer is simply wrong when he describes all the white dudes as “antifa”. Regg Inkagnido illustrated the difference last night, in real time, when he interviewed three white antifa who also commented on the white militia who were behaving not like protestors, but like professional, military-grade arsonists.

    There have been times in history when American whites and blacks have joined forces to fight the power. This is what strikes terror in the heart of the establishment and its lackeys.

  2. assuming they’re using “white supremacist” as a catch-all for working class white dudes who now hate the government.


  3. Breaking:

    I’m taking this as confirmation from BLM organizers and ANTIFA that they’re being supported by white militia. There’s really no other conclusion to be drawn from a release like this.

    The MN state government appears to be shitting themselves, moving thousands of NG troops into the city in preparation.

    If BLM and white militia are smart, they will be like Che Guevara, and move tonight’s protest just far enough away to make it difficult for all that hardware to reach them. In a guerrilla conflict, the partisans have the advantage of mobility. They should use it.

    Note: v5k2c2 and all its authors are neutral on this conflict. We neither condemn nor condone any of the actions that are currently taking place. We sympathize with the victims of state-sanctioned violence, and their families. We hope that all men stay safe as they venture out during such trying and uncertain times.

  4. Dear Honeycomb:

    I used working-class for a reason. The middle-class white dudes who hate the government are anti-Trump liberals wearing pussy hats, who live in the wealthy suburbs ringing the city.

    If the partisans are smart, they’ll move to just one of these suburbs for this evening’s protest. It takes a great deal of time and coordination to move all that artillery a few miles down the road, so they’ll be much safer protesting in Orono, North Oaks, or Sunfish Lake.

    Stay safe out there, brothers!

  5. I think the word (white sue-prem-uh-cist) is linked to ALL White Dudes these days ..

    I don’t disagree with your word play .. just how many now use the term.

    If you add “who hate their government” [sic] .. you automatically get “terrorist” added-on.

    Frankly .. if they want a war (aka the gubermint) they’ll regret it if the BLM / ANTIFA join with the disgruntled white dudes.

  6. I think the word (white sue-prem-uh-cist) is linked to ALL White Dudes these days

    People don’t call me that, because they assume that I’m the typical comfortable white liberal faggot who teaches school. The system reserves terms like that for working-class white dudes with construction jobs.

    Frankly .. if they want a war (aka the gubermint) they’ll regret it if the BLM / ANTIFA join with the disgruntled white dudes.

    It seems to be happening now. A couple of thoughts…

    The Dallas militia has a better strategy of integrating with BLM, by openly going up and being friendly. Watch that youtube video I linked. Toward the end, you see African-American BLM guys protesting for Duncan Lemp, who was apparently a white militia dude, murdered by the pigs in Maryland.

    The Minneapolis militia was openly threatening and frightening the protestors. This may be advantageous in the short term (it gave them the space to do a lot of damage) but it isn’t conducive to working together.

    Integrated protests may continue tonight. This won’t be the first time it’s happened. Big Bill Haywood (a Mormon from Utah) went to Mississippi at the turn of the 20th century, and went to a meeting of the Ku Klux Klan. At the end of it, a bunch of Klansmen went out in support of black workers and they all ran the fatcats out of town together. Later, he went to Idaho, and talked black soldiers into deserting their unit with their weapons to support the local miners who were striking.

    Breaking: BLM is reporting that the teamsters union in Maine has authorized their members to drive police arrest wagons. I hope that is not the case. I’ll look forward to shaming some of these traitors on this blog if it turns out to be true.

  7. This is just going to be the realtime megathread for riot journalism and commentary through the evening. Honeycomb and anyone else can sound off here if something interesting pops up.

  8. You won’t see any “in-fill-tray-shun” of that group by the fed’s!

  9. Endless whining by the corporate media about the Apple store being damaged, but Apple employees have a different take…

    “I just saw the photos of the Apple store in downtown Portland with the doors and the glass smashed. I worked there for two years when I lived in Portland, so it hurts my heart to see that someone did that and that someone wasn’t me.”

  10. People don’t call me that,

    Oh .. I get called far worse .. Cuz I’m a “Dude-Supreme-Uh-Cyst” ..

    But .. also because I’m rocking a bee-ute-ee-full mullet .. though it is fading a lil on top (i.e. th crown) .. dang I’m gettin old .. even my hair doesn’t think its worth hanging around!

  11. Cappy has this meme up ..

    He’s a MSP home-boy .. I lived there in all of 2000 thru 2004 and a lil more .. couldn’t happen to a better city!

    Jus’ sayin’

  12. Apple uses slave labor in China to build the overpriced electronic toys they sell to American kids. They also pay very little income tax. It’s hard to condemn anything that happens to that transnational corporation.

    Plus, their overpriced products just plain suck.

  13. Plus, their overpriced products just plain suck.

    They really do. I’m typing this on a 5-year old pro, and I’m very lucky to have bought it right before they introduced their shitty keyboard and USB-C protocols.

    I also have an 2013 air running Mavericks, which I can’t get rid of, because the assholes at Wolfram Alpha won’t transfer my Mathematica license and I’m too cheap to pay $1300 for a new one. (I mean, I bought it once…)

    Apple used to make quality hardware. When/if this machine breaks, I’m going to get a surface laptop for 30% less (which will hold up better).

  14. There are reports of Philadelphia pigs hiding badge numbers and name tags with “thin blue line” stickers. This is a dangerous move. Be careful!

  15. Quiet in Fresno. Why? Blue collar large city like this, and all colors knows better than to burn their own livelihood down. Working class blacks, whites and latins have always worked side by side here and we know the police are corrupt AND we know the police target,kill, harass, jail anyone who gets in the way of them attempting to control the gangs here.

  16. All quiet here in Southern Arizona as well. Two reasons, methinks:

    1. Minuscule dindu population (they don’t chimp out unless they have strength in numbers)

    2. ALL of us here pack heat, so the local swine know better than to try to start trouble.

  17. There are reports of Philadelphia pigs hiding badge numbers and name tags with “thin blue line” stickers. This is a dangerous move. Be careful!

    That’s good news, in a way, since it’s a sign that they’re terrified. It also represents the mask coming off, revealing them to be no different than the Crips or the Bloods (some of us never considered them to be any different).

  18. In my backyard, the fine citizens of Philadelphia have burned down a Starbucks, some police cars, and who knows what else by now. I spent the day with my boys, far away from that action.

    “Anabaptists protesting”

    I’m not really surprised by their participation, nor their method. That’s the way to do it. They won’t be mistaken for rioters and don’t have to worry about infiltrators. The brothers who insist on going to protests should take notes. This is a group that is uniquely identifiable (by clothing and manner) and collective. Nobody is a stranger in the group. This is an advantage of the ‘home church’, the potential ability to act socially and politically while avoiding some of the pitfalls. This isn’t like joining a random Facebook group event and showing up only to get arrested as part of other instigators. It also helps to be a member of a group the eschews violence.

  19. Nashville TN City Hall is burning now.
    The Grove mall in upscale Los Angeles is being looted.

  20. I’m watching Regg Inkagnedo’s livestream. Protestors are fighting among themselves. Disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.

  21. LOL! Minneapolis SWAT team is shooting rubber bullets directly at the establishment press.

  22. Breaking: The Chase Bank in La Mesa California has been looted and burned.

    I suppose if you want to go do something terrible, this is one particular target that nobody will cry too many tears over.

  23. Chris Mathias, a “journalist” for the Huffington Compost, who consistently supports censoring the internet, got his ass kicked by New York’s finest this evening.

    Reporter Phoebe Leila Barghouty saw the NYPD “violently arresting” Mathias…

    “They grabbed Chris aggressively and turned him over on either a car or a barricade to zip tie. I believe he was yelling, ‘Let me get my phone,’ but they obviously didn’t [let him] and they just took him away from there,” Barghouty told HuffPost. (Mathias’ wife told HuffPost his phone had been knocked out of his hand.)

    Many other feminist journalists have been pepper sprayed, beaten, and otherwise been given proper treatment during this festive week, as all the people they sneer at have a chance to get some comeuppance.

    I love to see all my deadly enemies, who want to take away my free speech, fight among themselves. Good work!

  24. I believe he was yelling, ‘Let me get my phone,’

    Too bad they didn’t pull his pants down and jam it sideways up his rectum.

    “There ya go. There’s yer phone. Betcha won’t lose it now!”

  25. I suppose if you want to go do something terrible, this is one particular target that nobody will cry too many tears over.

    I’m tempted to chalk this one up to somebody not paying attention. These Soros-funded dickheads aren’t supposed to be destroying Globalist institutions like banks, which are the closest things to religious temples those vile creatures have. STRICTLY off limits, those!

    Somebody’s gonna get a “talking to.”

  26. He’s been a lame duck prez since he got in .. but that’s not his fault ..

    It’s impossible to beat the deep state .. america is a rotting roiting corpse.

  27. Nothing is ever his fault. He’s just the poor helpless president. Nothing he can do. MAGA!

  28. I still say there’s a better than 50 percent chance that there won’t be a presidential election this year. Even if it takes place, whoever wins will never take office, as neither side will accept the results. If what we’re witnessing right now is not the opening stages of the Second American Revolution, whatever follows a 2020 Presidential Election will be.

  29. The lockdown probably has much do with how widespread this protest is. People of any IQ don’t like having their chains yanked to the point of suffocation. Inciting people into a constant state of fear didn’t promote peaceful conduct, either, as CNN found out.

    On the bright side, police taking potshots at news media is a positive direction. Their aim will hopefully improve enough to shoot Elites, too, the ones smart enough to play globalism behind a desk instead of behind a cameraman.

    Yes, news peeps, the cop DID see the camera. That’s how he knew your people weren’t innocent.

  30. I still say there’s a better than 50 percent chance that there won’t be a presidential election this year.

    I would take that bet in a second.

    Last night, Minnesota and Pennsylvania became deep red states. California might be in play, before this is all over.

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