President Bitch


After “closely monitoring” the situation for three full years, President Bitch finally wrote an executive order about social media censorship. I read the order today. It ordered more monitoring of the situation, with some swamp committees and commissions opened up at our expense.

Social media stocks surged after the order was published, and it was understood that President Bitch once again broke one of his promises. 12 hours later, and President Bitch got muzzled.

I don’t have to wonder how it feels, knowing that a faggot like Jack Dorsey can censor me on the internet. Now President Bitch can feel it too.


Edit: 29 May 2020 (1305 PDT)

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Author: Boxer

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2 thoughts on “President Bitch”

  1. Oh Boxer but “he’s the best president ever” and he stands for “the constitution”

    I mentioned on Dischord about the irony in this order. (MGTOW chat room). I was smeared as a far leftist, a Clinton lover……and the usual mindless chants of “Trump 2020” and how he has done more for men than any president ever.

    He at this point is indeed no better that Joe Biden.

  2. Anyone surprised by Trump’s waffling, flip-flopping, and betrayal of his base needs to remember one thing: NOBODY gets (s)elected to the highest office in the land without doing the Cabal’s bidding.

    Trump is “different” from his predecessors only in that he doesn’t hail from the ranks of the professional politicians. That, however, only signifies that the Cabal chose a new brand of stooge from what it employed in the past, a new puppet of a different model that would have more broad appeal to one of the loudest, most disaffected demographic groups among the unwashed masses.

    The Cabal is fine with Trump’s rhetoric, as it serves as a nice distraction for keeping the working-class Right in line. However, we can see that they don’t hesitate for a second to rein him in quickly when he actually starts to ACT on that rhetoric in a manner contrary to the Cabal’s agenda.

    Will Trump send the National Guard into Minneapolis? Probably not, as the civil unrest there is currently serving the Cabal’s interests (that is, to cause racial strife, disunity, and social breakdown). If Trump does deploy military force it will be because he’s told to do so, for reasons benefitting his handlers, not Minneapolis and not social order.

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