Making Oneself a Target


Part of living in clownworld is the burden of imposing a critique of ideology on men who should know better. Right now, there is a so-called manosphere man, who is actually encouraging other men to feel sorry for the huge transnational corporation which is Target.

Target is theoretically headquartered in Minnesota, but as with all transnational corporations, it cares nothing for the people who live and work in its vicinity. Target is only headquartered local to Minnesotans thanks to inertia or kickbacks from local government. If it found it advantageous, Target would immediately move its headquarters to Toronto, London, or Hong Kong.

For a great illustration of how loyal Target has historically been to the people of Minnesota, I present this photograph:


This is a display in a Minneapolis Target store. Specifically, the display is located in a section where young girls, ages 9 – 13, buy clothes. Target made it an important part of its mission to groom working-class children to see sexual degeneracy as desirable and normal.

The class distinction is important. Middle class parents can take their kids to Macy’s or Dillard’s or J.C. Penney. People of modest means shop at Target because they have to. Working class girls are conditioned to be dykes and trannies, while middle class girls can remain women.


Here is what a Minneapolis Target looks like today. I’m sure the corporation took a tiny hit in its billion dollar budget, but I don’t feel sorry for them, and you shouldn’t either.


I am not condoning the vandalism, but I’m not feeling sorry for a transnational corporation, either. Target has exploited the people of Minnesota for decades. Finally, the people of Minnesota took back a tiny fraction of what had been stolen from them.

It should also be noted that Target’s profits have soared during the pandemic shutdown. While all the smaller mom and pop stores have been shuttered out of business, Target was allowed to stay open. They have reaped record profits as a result.

Who the real “looterz” are, is therefore questionable.

I am not unclear on where the sentiment to sympathize with this exploitative monster are coming from. Amazingly, the corporate parasites in charge of this business have ordered their lackeys in the media to downplay their wild windfalls with articles like this one…


They actually had to (temporarily) pay their slaves two whole dollars over the minimum wage. The horror!

Thankfully, the people are getting wise to the media shenanigans, and the feminist journalists appear to be next on the list for some payback. Here’s CNN headquarters, in Atlanta. (Thanks to Laura Loomer on Parler)


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  1. The funny thing is that Target is one of the very models of corporate virtue signaling. Didn’t help them, did it?

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