Profiles in Exceptional Motherhood: Jenny Erikson

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Jenny Erikson and Her Mormon Fiance (March, 2020)

Jenny Erikson describes herself as a public figure, and I accept her autoencomia, which are freely available in a number of different places (links at the bottom of this article.) Her professional achievements include managing high-profile political campaigns for several Republican candidates. She is also an established journalist, with columns in print and digital mass media outlets.

While the father of Jenny’s two older children (the ex-husband), and the father of Jenny’s two younger children (the fiance), are public figures also, I am withholding their names out of respect for their privacy.

When she isn’t campaigning, Erikson’s editorial work tends to focus on homemaking. A self described “mommy blogger,” Erikson is paid to teach the public how to feed, clothe, and raise their children. I argue here that Jenny Erikson’s standing to give such advice is questionable, based on her long and public history of extreme misbehavior.

Way back in November of 2013, Dalrock hosted a very interesting response to an article Erikson published on her personal blog. (Her blog is defunct, and the domain is now for sale at jennyerikson dot com.)

In this initial article, Erikson posted a series of shocking and scathing denunciations of both her husband, and of her priest. Her contention then was based upon having filed for divorce without her husband’s knowledge. Her priest, who was apparently connected at the courthouse, found out about the lawsuit (divorces are a matter of public record in California) and asked her husband if he could counsel the couple, thereby spilling the beans before she could have the satisfaction of dropping the hammer.

Dalrock. He Ruined the Surprise! (23 November 2013)

Part of the fun of researching these stories is finding my old work still preserved. I left a comment on Jenny Erikson’s first blog article, all those years ago, which she deleted almost immediately. I was able to cut-n-paste it into the comment section at Dalrock.

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I Am a Prophet… Like Brigham Young Himself!

While a normal person would not stoop to airing her family’s dirty laundry over the internet, Jenny enjoyed using her position in journalism to damage her husband’s reputation. Jenny’s initial blog post was only the first in a series, and her tone steadily descended into outright lunacy.

In subsequent articles, Erikson alleged that her husband was a sexual psychopath. She maintained this position, despite providing no proof of any wrongdoing.

Jenny Erikson was not content to merely rant on her lonely personal blog. Despite having no evidence for any of her insane allegations, she found help boosting the signal thanks to any number of male feminists, who were eager to help her spread malicious rumors. One supreme gentleman, who was only too willing to simp for m’lady, was the high profile CONservative Christian essayist Matt Walsh. Walsh began writing posts on his own blog, sending hourly messages over twitter, and uttering curses from the Christian god against anyone who might question his skank-ho damsel.

Matt Walsh: Married Men: Your Porn Habit Is Adultery! (25 November 2013
Cane Caldo: Matt Walsh Gets Bored and Destroys Families (25 November 2013)
Dalrock: Soothing Words for the Unrepentant Baby Mama (26 November 2013)

For the record,  Erikson’s husband has no criminal history, he is not on the sex offender registry, and the judges in Jenny’s divorce do not appear to have taken her mean spirited libel seriously. I have never believed that Jenny’s allegations were credible, but they did serve to illustrate just how depraved a wimminz can be when she decides to cash out with the help of our anti-family court system.

Jenny Erikson’s divorce became a public spectacle which was so embarrassingly ridiculous that Dalrock wrote an entire series of articles, over the course of several years, as she stumbled from one misadventure to the next. You can read through some of them here.

Fast forward to the summer of 2018, when I was contacted privately by one of my readers, and asked if I had heard about Jenny. The question was motivated by yet another article Jenny had posted on her personal blog, which made the reader think she might be converting to the Latter-Day Saint religion.

The LDSers are the largest of several competing religious organizations serving Mormons. While I am not a member of the LDS church, I did grow up practicing the Mormon folk religion, and I was curious about Jenny’s newfound interest.

In the process of reading Jenny’s account of her visits to the local stake center, I came to understand her motives for investigating the LDS church. It turned out that Jenny was not only seeing an LDS gentleman. She also boasted that they were expecting a child together, and were engaged to be married.

It was only a few short weeks later that Jenny put a happy spin on the fact that her fiance, the father of her illegitimate child, had embarrassingly decided to ghost out on their wedding at the last minute.

v5k2c2: Bullet Dodged (13 August 2018)

By that time, the lucky couple had given birth to their first child, and were already expecting a second.

Outsiders probably have a hard time understanding why this supposedly religious Mormon, who had already had a bastard child with this divorcée, refused to marry her. Men in this post code might assume that he was motivated by the tragic story of Jenny’s ex-husband. (No man wants to be the next lucky winner in the divorce cycle.) no doubt that’s part of it, but I suspect there is more to the story, and I can explain my suspicions here.

Mormons (no matter what their religion, if any) place an extreme importance on marriage and bloodlines. We revere our ancestors, and we keep track of our genealogy like no other ethnic group does.

To a Mormon man, Jenny Erikson is an outsider. LDSers often call them “non-members,” but the semantic content is the same. Jenny is not one of us, and she can never be one of us.

Jenny is white, which is important, because every Mormon is descended from New England WASPs who came west from Vermont and New York in a covered-wagon migration. Outsiders who are white are treated by a complicated set of interconnected rules, based on the fact that they might be able to pass for one of us, if they learn enough about us.

If a Mormon has a white baby with an outsider, and if that white baby is raised correctly, there is some chance that child could fit in with us. Even so, that child will be marginalized for her entire life in our community. She will be allowed to be blessed and baptized, and she’ll be permitted to serve us in menial ways, but she won’t be marrying into one of the established families, and the Mormon man who marries her will likely be a second tier type, who will be unfit for any sort of community leadership position.

So, in choosing to associate herself with this man, Jenny has chosen one of the few people guaranteed not to ever fully trust or love her. She has chosen a man whose entire extended family will never accept any of her children, not even the ones who are their biological relatives. She has exposed her two older daughters to the possibility of serious emotional and psychological damage, merely by shoehorning them into our closed society. Mormons don’t like outsiders intruding into their cliques, and we don’t mind showing it, even to little kids.

Jenny is white but she is also an outspoken Christian, which is to say, a heathen, a polytheist, a helper of Satan, and a descendant of our deadly enemies. I don’t remember what she wrote on her blog about her reception at sacrament meeting, but I doubt she was well received, even in a liberal California ward. The fact that the father of her two youngest children refuses to marry her suggests that his family has had some say in the matter. It’s safe to assume that they definitely don’t approve.

For Mr. Fiance to fuck and sire children through a ho’ like Jenny is somewhat embarrassing to the wider Mormon community. I’m sure he’s been dismissed from his position in the ward and is likely on the shit list with his former friends. For him to marry a Christian slut, in contrast, would be an absolute disaster. His family (including his Mormon children through his first wife) may well disown him. If he didn’t disappear, it’s a safe bet that the high council would convene a disciplinary tribunal.

The underlying reasons that Jenny and her fiance did not marry, and yet are still fucking and shacking up together, may now be somewhat more clear to the casual observer. We are a pragmatic people, and appearances matter. We realize that an older gent might occasionally visit a skank-ho prostitute, but no Mormon man is allowed to marry her without serious eternal consequences, in the next world and in this one.

Down below, anon alerted me to the fact that Jenny has apparently had a fourth kid. I had forgotten all about this, but Earl noted it in the messages in my 2018 article.

Anon writes:


Jenny Erickson, who I had forgotten about for years until coming here and seeing old Dalrock commenters, is apparently engaged (it is unclear if the finance is the father of the two children she had out of wedlock), AND all she does is write fawning articles about Prince Harry and Meghan… … Oh, and she is still a cuckservative poster-girl, with many cuckservative fans.

After referring him to my 2018 article, anon replied:

But are children #3 and #4 the offspring of this man, or do they have yet a different father (or two different fathers)?

That would mean, worst case, this slut has 4 children via 3 different men, and still got this fourth schlub to get engaged to her.

Even if he is just the third schlub, this is already pretty extreme.

Daughters 1 and 2 are sired by Jenny’s unfortunate ex-husband. Daughters 3 and 4 are sired by my cousin from Deseret. There are four children, by two different men.

Between ex-husband and my cousin from Deseret, Jenny wrote articles on Cafe Mom and The Stir about all the men she was fucking during her divorce. Anything is possible, but the four children on her social media are the unadopted, unaborted offspring she incessantly boasts about. Other men are common knowledge, but other children, if any, have been pretty well hidden.

At this point, my readers probably wonder why Erikson deserves so much attention. After all, she’s just a typical lying skank-ho wimminz, who ran a decent man through the divorce courts. There’s no shortage of those creeps around. Why should we bother talking about her? There are many reasons, but these are the most important ones to me:

1. Erikson has managed to establish herself as one of the more prominent members of the “Republican CONservative” movement. She has around 9000 sycophantic twitter followers, and her real reach was on display when the pathetic halfman Matt Walsh publicized her to the half million stupid Christians who pay his bills.

To repeat what I mentioned earlier: social media users call this technique boosting the signal, and one will often see wimminz requesting it (as Erikson has done many times). Wimminz tend to do this in the hopes to have their target harassed in the real-world, or lose his job. As we have already seen, Jenny did this in 2013, when she wanted to libel her ex-husband to a broader audience.

2. Erikson is prone to histrionic, childish meltdowns. These usually follow a pattern where some man questions her qualifications, at which point she simultaneously accuses him of various character flaws, all while claiming that the criticism is unjust, and begging her male friends for help in harassing her target. It wasn’t just her husband. Her typical response to criticism is to escalate it to hilarious proportions.

Jenny Erikson has significant social and political power, and she earns her living passing her insolent judgment on other parents in print, most of whom are far more competent parents than she is.

Jenny cursed me out privately two years ago. I interpreted that exchange as a request for no further contact. As such, she has not been asked to comment on this article. Be that as it may, if she feels I’ve treated her unfairly, she is welcome to leave a comment or send me an email.

All of the material I used for this article was made publicly available by Jenny herself. My sources include:

mom dot com (professional) (professional)
instagram (jennyerikson)
instagram (second chance family)
twitter (JennyErikson)

Author: Boxer

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  1. I think that whole incident alerted me to the fact that Walsh was a sucker and a simp and I wanted nothing to do with him, though apparently he was kind of big for a while there in conservative circles. As for Erickson herself, well, I read the article because you wrote it and its on your blog. That’s probably the most attention she’ll ever get from me. Sad that she is still accepted as anything other than a common whore. Maybe UNcommon, since it seems she’s worked hard on turning a hat trick and bouncing around between men like a pinball.

  2. (Her blog is defunct, and the domain is now for sale at jennyerikson dot com.)

    Oh, just imagine what someone with spare coin to waste could do with a blog site set up on this domain… 😈😈😂😂🤣🤣

  3. Oh, just imagine what someone with spare coin to waste could do with a blog site set up on this domain…

    I was wondering, last night, why Jenny didn’t spoof a parody site of herself. For 70 bucks, it would be a wonderful brand booster and would help to sell the idea that she is actually relevant.

    If any of us tried it, all the webmaster’s work would disappear within hours of her noticing, thanks to some sympathetic feminist attorney down at the California republican party who hopes to score with a banged out old lady.

  4. Oh, just imagine what someone with spare coin to waste could do with a blog site set up on this domain

    My thought was to create a Harlots Registry website. Partly to allow men to find history on the supposedly-virginal woman he met, and partly to modify behaviour through the effective technique of shaming bad women.
    We could have a section on the website for Harlot-enablers, such as various white knights and some of the elders from Sharkly’s former church. Various laywers who help people kidnap children and hold them for ransom (child support payments) would also fit well in this section.

    There used to be some website. I see now there are news articles claiming this now-defunct website had false information. Possibly true; also possible is that some of the named women objected to being publicly shamed.

    If any of us tried it, all the webmaster’s work would disappear within hours
    Unfortunately, I suspect Boxer is correct.

  5. I was wondering, last night, why Jenny didn’t spoof a parody site of herself.

    Probably because 1) that would require outside-the-box creative thinking, as well as a long-term outlook; and 2) self parody isn’t something that narcissistic, emotion-driven feminists generally abide.

    If I had the idle time and money to waste, I could see buying that domain and setting up a Jenny “parody” site. But, as you point out, it would be obliterated the minute she discovered it. More importantly, I wouldn’t want to risk creating anything she might profit from.

  6. My thought was to create a Harlots Registry website

    Imagine doing that with the domain name 🤣🤣😂😂

  7. Imagine doing that with the domain name

    Oh, that is funny! Like, but exclusively for cuckservatives.

  8. What if she had converted? If she would still be an outsider, why the aggressive missions?

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