Studies in Oneitis: John and Mary

I think this video, produced by John David Ebert, about his (now dead) girlfriend, Mary Church, is useful viewing for all men.

Ebert is an interesting man. His biography includes dropping out of undergrad to go to work for the Joseph Campbell Foundation. He subsequently worked at semiotext(e) (with game huckster Neil Strauss a/k/a Style, of all people) proofreading heady philosophical work by thinkers such as Peter Sloterdijk and Slavoj Žižek.

He racked up significant achievements, with only training as a high-school graduate. This suggests that Ebert is an incredibly bright man, and that when he is motivated to learn something, there’s nothing that stops him.

A couple of years ago, Ebert met a barely legal stripper/prostitute, named Mary Church. For reasons that will surprise no one in this post code, that relationship was very brief. Mary was very troubled, and she suicided a couple of years ago. Ebert subsequently spent the last several months publicizing his deceased lover’s art.

I’m not an art critic, but her art strikes me as very interesting. Occasionally she did some funny stuff that we might enjoy here. For example: here she is making fun of trannies…



It’s a shame this woman passed away. Whatever her other faults, more work in this direction would have earned her a spot in the women’s auxiliary.

About a month ago, Ebert began kooking out on twitter. Apparently some third-party clued him in to the fact that his girlfriend was lying to him, throughout the entirety of their relationship.

So, to recap, a brilliant 50-year old geezer fell in love with a teenage girl who had a career as a stripper/escort, and (despite his superior intellect) he is somehow surprised that she ran around on him in the era of feminism. He is now kooking out in the most embarrassing fashion, despite the fact that she died a year ago.

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7 thoughts on “Studies in Oneitis: John and Mary”

  1. Sad. A typical “brilliant incel nerd falls for the first slore who notices him” story. The end would have been tragic no matter how you scripted it. If “Mary” hadn’t died of other causes, odds are that John would have killed her, probably in an act of murder-suicide, once he discovered her betrayal.

  2. Sad. A typical “brilliant incel nerd falls for the first slore who notices him” story.

    I don’t know that it’s that simplistic. I believe Ebert was married for many years. If I were to guess, I would posit a daughter who he lost contact with. Many captain-save-a-ho types are trying to reconstruct a sort of parental role with the much younger wimminz they are exploited by.

    I also don’t think he would have harmed her. Had she lived, there probably would have been a messy breakup.

    I think his ongoing expressions of grief are an illustration of the interruption of the pair-bonding impulse. Many such cases, and all that. I also think it’s interesting how intelligent men often seem completely clueless about things that us normies take for granted. I mean, really… what did he think was going to happen?

  3. Dear Anon:

    She’s actually been “engaged” for two years. The new chump was supposed to marry her last August, but quickly backed out of the agreement. She’s still fucking him (at least she knows that she has zero other options.)

    The groom is of my tribe. Lucky us.

  4. But are children #3 and #4 the offspring of this man, or do they have yet a different father (or two different fathers)?

    That would mean, worst case, this slut has 4 children via 3 different men, and still got this fourth schlub to get engaged to her.

    Even if he is just the third schlub, this is already pretty extreme.

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