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Over on reddit, a young girl writes about a contentious situation with her roommate. I’m attaching a screenshot because the censors there like to alter and delete content which isn’t sufficiently feminist.

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I(19f) live with my roommate(22f).

Every week she ends up bringing home another guy to have sex with and recently she commented that I never bring over anyone. I told her that I have never had any sexual relationship and plan to stay that way.

If the feminists were serious about a woman’s “right to choose,” and “my body, my choice,” this would be a non-issue.

The typical feminist is not merely a liar. She is so psychologically damaged that she is unaware of what she, herself, really wants. She has been conditioned from the cradle to respond to emotional appeals, and in this way she is easily controlled and manipulated into doing whatever her masters want her to do.

Some of us find this annoying, but bright people can use this conditioning for their own benefit.

She said that I need to try to be more like her and offered to let me sleep with one of her guy friends.

This behavior reveals that roommate is not “friends” with any of these men she describes as such, and she’s not O.P.’s friend, either.

Her roommate wants O.P. to be more like her… specifically, roommate wants our sister to:

  • have a higher risk for std
  • have less money
  • have less time
  • have diminished prospects for marriage

Her roommate wants her to be more like her, because her roommate feels threatened by the mere existence of a stronger and more successful female in her proximity.

This is called ressentiment. It has been covered here before.

I told her no and she started shaming me for being a virgin. She’s really upsetting me what do I do?

What O.P. should do is shame the roommate. Being disciplined and not wasting time on no-strings sex is something to be proud of. In contrast, the roommate is a complete embarrassment to herself and to her family.

Women like this need to transcend the conditioning which makes them upset when the herd signals disapproval. This is probably a challenge but I believe it is entirely possible. A great benefit to the application of this is on display when the typical feminist discovers that you are immune to their shaming tactics. She then kooks out in a delightful frenzy that is truly entertaining to behold.

The bottom line is that the 19-year old will likely marry a good earner, in a very short time, and if she continues her long-term planning, she will rapidly be in a very good position. In contrast, the 22-year old roommate is on the fast-track to being an unmarried 30-something untouchable, of the type that we enjoy scoffing at on this blog.


Author: Boxer

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10 thoughts on “Advice for a Young Sister”

  1. The virgin needs to act as though her life is in danger. Because it is from this slut.

    Run .. don’t walk .. away.

  2. Can someone with a Reddit account post Boxer’s article, so that the young girl actually sees it? We have to actually try to help such a person as she is seeking help, and is on the right side of the fence.

    I didn’t read too many of the responses, but while they are generally giving her the right type of advice, it is more of a ‘my body my choice’ set of guidance with no mention of diminished prospects of marriage AND THUS motherhood within a two-parent setting.

    The young lady may be unclear about how much this will damage her marriage prospects, as almost no women in our culture are aware of this anymore.

  3. Knowing Reddit, this post would likely get downvoted into oblivion. The site has gained a reputation for censorship and not allowing dissident voices. That’s one of the reasons I stopped using it.

  4. My friend, feeriker, has just started his own blog. He is apparently too humble to be out pimping his site, so I’ll pimp for him here. Go over and “follow” feerikers site, so that you’ll be notified when he posts.
    I’m expecting some good anti-Feminist stuff from our bold brother, feeriker!

  5. She’ll be fine. She’ll become a cat lady and regretful / upset later on. She’ll hold out and wait and by 35 be upset and blame men for not “stepping up” to her standards (all men are pigs thing). She’s probably average looking and by 35 that average will be sinking fast and she’ll just go with the first guy that is just as thirsty as she is. She is right now, below or very below average and her roomies friends will do her because most young men are just as thirsty for any action…..the dude will then brage to his friends he nailed a perfect ten on some Game / PUA blog

  6. She needs to forces of her energies on getting married before she turns 21

  7. She needs to forces of her energies on getting married before she turns 21.

    Yes, and that would have the added benefit of really enraging (and probably embarrassing) her slore roommate.

  8. Well…this young woman probably will not become this. Drunk and fighting in the street……The British press is ruthless even on a bad day. I subscribe to this rag and the Daily Mail. The reason why Americans find the British press so “funny” and shocking is because of the way they speak. So refined. So dignified, and so proper……..and when one sees this kind of behavior in the papers (rubbish or not) it just adds to the comic level and reality

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