The Teachings of Professor Wilhelm


Dejected. That’s what we were, and many still are.

So we began the quarantine, some ten weeks ago, learning that any mediocre skank-ho slut could get on a social media site called OnlyFans dot com, in order to get paid big dollaz selling lewds to simps.


This slut gets paid more per month than I do, and she doesn’t have to take a single dick in trade. What a world.

Comes now Anon, with a daring plan.


Unable to see so many of his brothers enter into unmasculine servitude, he rides forth in battle for the patriarchy.


The fuck is wrong with you, bitch? Now your father has the video of your dildo double-penetration.

You know he will be disgusted.


No woman with any self-respect would peddle her ass on the internet. It’s only right that mommy and daddy cut off your allowance.


Wimminz can get congressluts (like Ilhan Omar) to write all the feminist laws they want. Our brother is morally blameless for alerting this dumb THOT’s father to the fact that she is making a laughingstock of herself as an internet prostitute.

(Full disclosure: While I’m not a professional ethicist, I’m confident that Kant would back me up on this.)


“I’m crying…” LOL!

Props to Anon for offering her some respectable work, despite the fact that she’s stupid as hell and would be a liability to any employer. She may also be underage.

And now, a message for all of us, from the man who has begun the propaganda of the deed.


You’re too busy to start a patriarchal study group for your fellow Christians (Jews, Muslims, Satanists…) You can’t be bothered to mentor a young brother who is being raised by a slut single mother. You don’t have the spare cash to help one of the many men who is being impoverished by the divorce courts. Very well. You can at least do this.

Remember, men, if everyone does something, everything will get done.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

5 thoughts on “The Teachings of Professor Wilhelm”

  1. “Why you trippin’ girl?”

    ApPARENTly she knows how to feign shame. It’s fine if everyone can see your hardware .. except your dad .. right .. (probably the one footing your bill for shool) ..

    He’ll probably tell his buddies so they can flip ya’ a few bucks .. you know .. to help put threw school .. heh!

    Once again this proves my theory .. ALL wimminz want to be porn stars and greatly desire to be degraded (by men).

  2. Some hero’s wear no capes, man!

    Its amazing that these women are so gung-ho for making that account and pulling in that money, “YOU GO GIRL”, until their deeds are exposed. Shame is a powerful thing and something the West is sorely lacking.

    Wonder if this guy will start a GoFundMe or something. 😀

  3. The lawyer in me has to pick this apart.

    This is legally questionable under most revenge porn laws. The professor bought the nudes for the express purpose of sending them to the OnlyFans’ workers’ parents. He bought them specifically to embarrass and humiliate them. The only argument I can think of to counter this is that what the professor did was very similar to buying a Playboy magazine and then letting all your friends look at it.

    The upshot is that most people will do what it takes to protect women and prevent men from doing anything to harm, embarrass, humiliate, or disadvantage women.

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