Too Much “Hanging Out”


A couple of weeks ago, we got a look at a wimminz who was very upset that her husband was “hanging out” with his daughter. This appears to be a precisely similar story.

Once married, a wimminz will expect you to be on call if your children need to be yelled at, beaten, or otherwise punished for making your bitch wife feel badly. Any other services will not be required, and if you go out of your way to be a proficient father, your skank-ho wife will divorce you. Brother Jay is learning this lesson now.

It’s worth noting that the “lazy” Jay Cutler played professional football for the Chicago Bears for over ten years. He spent most of his life working very hard, and is now a multimillionaire. This is just more evidence that the “alpha” designation, used by guys like Roissy and Vox Day, is completely meaningless. Cutler will lose most of what he has busted ass to earn, in short order, as his estate is split between his useless cunt of a wife, and the feminist state.

Given that such top-tier men can not even keep a wall-hitting mediocrity like Mizz Cavallari happy, what chance do men like us have to stay out of the docks of the divorce court?

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10 thoughts on “Too Much “Hanging Out””

  1. He filed on her FWIW.

    Which was a shocker to her apparently ..

    Frankly, he married a sore-roast-ta-toot, what did he expect .. smh.

    If, the question before us is ..

    Given that such top-tier men can not even keep a mediocre wall-hitter like Mizz Cavallari happy, what chance do men like us have to stay out of the docks of the divorce court?

    Then, the answer is .. None.

  2. He filed on her FWIW.

    Which was a shocker to her apparently ..

    Good for him! I thought the Johnny Depp phenomenon was an anomaly, but I’m glad if it’s becoming the new normal, at least among celebrities and the upper middle class.

  3. It’s my “puma ninja spray” .. 60% or the time it works 100% .. heh

  4. Oh Boxer…..come on, this guy had zero ‘frame” obviously. He was a “beta” and wife to be didn’t have that “visceral look” when he was dating her, he should have made sure about this before he wed. He didn’t have enough “confidence” and should have just told her “no” and made her be a housewife and teased her / belittled her. We all know this is the only way to make women “behave” and want to be led.

    Sarcasm of course. It’s too easy to get divorced today, and this man will have plenty more options after the divorce, and she will too (plenty of thirsty men out there…..and we all know they will be the exception, if she shows interest… man will will be hailed as a “Game” king).

    99% of us are not as good looking as him. I am sure many in the sphere will claim he is some sort of a christian (like they do Tebow….and he’s christian now only when its okay to say it in certain company)

    This guy just needed some confidence, a better job, and needs to be a better leader and that wife would have just fallen right into line…..right??????? 😉

  5. He filed on her FWIW.

    He’s probably one of the “ten percenters” (the half of the remaining 20 percent of divorces NOT filed by women) who file because their wife’s behavior (e.g., adultery/infidelity, physical or psychological abuse, abandonment) leaves them essentially no choice BUT to file. I’m a member of this demographic.

    It’s doubtful that Cutler is a member of the other half (the ten percent of men who frivolously divorce). Someone of his socioeconomic status has too much to lose by doing so.

    Which was a shocker to her apparently ..

    It always is to that kind. They NEVER think that their will be any negative consequences to their behavior, that the husband will reach the point where he has had enough of the bitchsluttiness and decides that even the probability of legal and financial ass-rape by the cunt courts is preferable to remaining in the insufferable degradation that is marriage to her.

    If women were rational, thinking creatures, they would at some point realize that when their husbands are willing to impoverish themselves and potentially deprive themselves of access to their own beloved children just to get them out of their lives, it probably means that the women have “serious character and personality flaws” that need attention.

  6. Guy don’t have the advantage that this man did. He didn’t he was the due diligence. Most guys are dating a woman who was in Has their bad behavior telephonically archived
    Since I was a high school girl in the four years following 911. I know for a fact that she was in a teen reality show because when I was a sophomore in high school watch
    When she was in high school she starred in a teen reality show that right there disqualifies her. In the theories she routinely invite her mean-girl girlfriends on how to steel other people boyfriend and ruin the sexual reputation of her colleagues.She spent her time chasing after a boy who was in love with his best friend and was only with her because he was younger tiger and hotter by four months.

  7. Let’s see……the sphere will say she is about a “4” and they dated / banged / knew women much, much hotter than her. He’ll be hailed as hero to his children, and he “stood up” to this bad behavior by her.

    She’ll still get half, she’ll still dictate the terms of seeing the kids, and he’ll still end up paying. Doesn’t matter if he filed first or not.

    But isn’t he such an “alpha”?

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