Just For The Camera?

2020-05-08 07.57.13

Vice President Mike Pence was photographed this morning, delivering what looked like boxes of supplies to a large public hospital. Unfortunately, his staff left the microphones running.

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NOTE: Thanks to @Covid19_Up for breaking this story.

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8 thoughts on “Just For The Camera?”

  1. Never let a “pLandimick” go to waste .. heh .. nothing “see” “hear” here.

  2. It’s funny that politicians still have not learned that they are always under the microscope… including their past lives from decades before they entered office.

    This is one of the reasons I would not want to be in politics. Not because I would plan to be dishonest, but because our media is basically the “respected” version of the paparazzi, always looking for a “gotcha”, whether true or not.

  3. My question here is what “medical supplies” were being delivered here? Bill Gates’s vaccine?

  4. rolls eyes…….

    Mike Pence and any politician alwyas thinks they are just like “you and me”
    How about an actual budget. How about actually tackling serious problems instead of signalling how much they “care”

    Nacy Pelosi once rang a Salvation Army kettle in SF “all day” in the cold December damp. What happened was she showed up for a photo op…….and left.

  5. Thanks for posting this. It’s embarrassing to think I got chumped by a hack like Jimmy Kimmel, but such are the fruits of posting in haste.

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