Who Is The Real Asshole, Here?

Rosalie Needs A (Scumbag Con)Man

Last fall, Australia’s state run media (similar to CBC or PBS) re-ran a news story from a few years ago, entitled Scumbag Conman. Dated as it is, I’m glad I caught it. The truths that are illuminated are only becoming more apparent.

I find it worth discussing here for a number of different reasons, not least as an example of the selective outrage that is promoted by the feminist state and its media.

Rosalie, pictured above, is described as

fifty-three, divorced, and terribly lonely.

What is not explored is the reasons behind Rosalie’s divorce, which leads me to assume that Rosalie is one of the vast majority of wimminz who has divorced her husband for no reason whatever. Very well. Let’s hear her story.

Rosalie is fifty-three, divorced and terribly lonely… looking for love online, she met “Ben”. 


Ben looks like a catch!

Never pictured is Rosalie’s ex-husband. Rosalie dumped a man before she met Ben, and while the feminist state and its media apparatus would like you to forget that, I think it’s pertinent.

While we don’t know much about Rosalie’s ex-husband, we do know he was a man, and thus we can reconstruct some reasonable assumptions.

Karl Marx described man by the term homo faber. He is a creature that derives his genius from building and creating wealth. It is his raison d’être, his reason for existing. Unfortunately, our enemies know this, and (like the demons they are) they use our own strengths against us.

Rosalie believed she had finally found true love. And when the man she loved asked for loans, she happily gave away her entire life savings.

Blogs like Wimminz, Dalrock and The Spearhead spent years spilling ink about our enemies and their typical modvs operandi. By now we all know how it works. The feminist state (through its media) convinces everyday females that they’d be much happier working in a cubicle than being a faithful wife and mother. They encourage those women to go down to the anti-family courts, and file for divorce.

Those wimminz stupid enough to fall for this ruse have been regularly titilated with visions of castles in the sky. They have been promised, for years, that all manner of hot men will want to fuck and marry them, once they divorce their faithful and loving husbands. They have been told that once they divorce they will have the “freedom” to “find themselves” and achieve “happiness.

Thus are peanut-brained wimminz like Rosalie chumped into divorcing good men. And here we find the dumb bitch today. She has already liquidated the lifetime produce of one such homo faber, and that produce was divided, between the wimminz, various scumbag lawyers, and the feminist state.

What has Rosalie done with the loot that she stole from her industrious husband? She has given it to Ben, a man she has never met.

Here is what Rosalie imagines Ben to look like:


Here is what Ben actually looks like:


How much money did Rosalie give Ben?

ninety thousand dollars, plus phone calls, and I have a debt of fifteen thousand dollars.

I don’t know what Australia’s dollar is worth. Probably close to what Canada’s dollar is. That’s a year’s salary at a comfortable middle-class job.

What ABC’s 60 Minutes will not expound upon is that every dime of that money was created not by Rosalie, but by her husband. Rosalie stole that money from a man who worked a lifetime to earn it, and Ben stole it from her. The feminist state and its media wants you to be mad at scumbag Ben, but it wants you to have sympathy for scumbag Rosalie.

When I think about it, I can find many more reasons to hate Rosalie than I can find to hate Ben. Ben is from a desperately poor country, and he is stealing money from a stupid foreigner; but, Rosalie lived a comfortable life, with a man who she promised to obey, and she turned on that man one day, and stole from him.

Ben had immigrated from Nigeria, to Malaysia, where he was employed by a master con-artist. When he was arrested, police found that he had the telephone numbers of eighty-one Australian wimminz in his mobile directory.

It is safe to assume that each and every one of those eighty-one wimminz had a fat bankroll, which she had previously stolen from a loving husband.

Here’s one…


Here’s another…


I don’t know what the alimony laws are in Australia, but I doubt they’re much different than the laws we have on the books in the U.S. and Canada. I assume that all these skanks are continuing to swindle the productive men who promised to love and care for them, even after they have divorced them to fuck strange Africans.

So who is the Scumbag Conman, again?

As a postscript (I swear, I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried) Rosalie is confronted by the reporters about the fact that even after Ben’s arrest, she is back on Tinder.

Even after all we told her, Rosalie had been back at the computer being wooed by a new man, who isn’t who he says he is…

She’s getting scammed by other men, before her story even goes to press.

When asked how she feels about Ben, the man who fleeced her for tens of thousands of dollars, she breaks down in tears…

I don’t hate him. I just feel sorry for him (boo hoo hoo) … I don’t know how that a person can do that to someone who is just trying to help… and that’s all I wanted was to help him to get out of Malaysia, and he promised me, absolutely, a new life…

She didn’t want to help her loving husband. She wanted to help a strange dude she didn’t know, with loving husband’s money.

In a healthy, patriarchal culture, the money Ben stole would be looked after by Rosalie’s husband, because such wimminz would not have the opportunity to divorce without cause. In those cases where there was cause, a windfall would have been managed by Rosalie’s son, father, brother or another male relative. Only in our feminist state are there fortunes available for Ben to steal.

Watch the whole hilarious video at invidio.us and let me know what you think.

Author: Boxer

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5 thoughts on “Who Is The Real Asshole, Here?”

  1. That brother “worked” and earned that money ..

    How dare anyone think she was scammed. She willing “paid him” to listen to her droning on about nothing.

    Free Ben! He earned it!


  2. Hilarious!

    Another example of why, since we’re letting obviously incapacitated wimminz exercise adult responsibilities, we might as well let children and the mentally retarded do the same thing. Matter o’ fact, there’s a high probability that even a child or a mentally retarded person would have known better than to fall for the scam Rosalie fell for – especially since it’s one of oldest and most widely known con games in the world.

    One also wonders how long it will take the stupid bitch to realize that the reason no men on Tinder are playing any attention to her ugly, skank-ho ass is because she’s BROKE (and probably has made that known) and that therefore there’s no longer any reason for any man to pay her even a millisecond’s attention.

  3. Your accurate critique that the condemnation for a male thief should be equally applied to the female thief will unfortunately never be widely accepted.
    Of course the female is obviously worse. Partly because she stole more than Ben did; she has been living off the avails of her former husband, so obviously Ben was not able to receive all of the ex-husband’s money.
    But more for the betrayal that you noted. Betrayal is not pleasant of course, but I’d rather be betrayed by a person I never even met, than by my wife.

    I am curious about the statement that Ben had contacts for eighty-one Australian wimminz in his mobile directory

    He was obviously calling them, or receiving calls, for the numbers to be typed into his phone. Suppose he was speaking at least occasionally with 60 of the 81. And actively pursuing/conning half of that number; so 30. How would he be able to keep detailed info about all these different women straight in his memory? Was he only having shallow conversations with these dozens of women? And if a person is only having shallow conversations with you, how do you get to the point where you “feel” close enough to trust them with 90k AUD / 58k US?
    I am sure he was more detailed with the women he felt were the better targets, but something still seems weird. Women truly belong under the authority of their fathers and then husbands — for their own benefit.

  4. The other great thing about these Nigerian Romance Scams (aka market forces) is that they drive White Trashionalists into a tizzy.

    Their urge to whiteknight for these middle-aged white women scammed by a Nigerian gets dialed up to 11, with sentiments like ‘nuke Nigeria’ common among these White Trashionalists.

    At the same time, they insist black people have sub-human IQs of 75 or whatever.

    The cognitive dissonance among these WN wiggers is as high as it is among these feminist women.

  5. The cognitive dissonance among these WN wiggers is as high as it is among these feminist women.

    The cognitive dissonance among these WN White Knight wiggers is as high as it is among these feminist women.


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