Cheap Fun on Twitter

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In what I assume will be an extremely limited engagement, I am back on twitter. The following (low-effort nonsense) is a warm-up, after getting over the shock of finding a loophole.

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Twitter claims to be a “public utility,” while it bans people for making fun of millionaires and celebrities. Join me in poking fun at society’s most privileged crybabies.



Author: Boxer

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5 thoughts on “Cheap Fun on Twitter”

  1. What a cesspool (re: Twitter) .. pass on the invite. Glad you’re back in the game though ..

    I’ll do my trolling in person .. it’s very effective.

  2. I am just absolutely amazed that any sane person with the intelligence above that of a moron could claim that Trump is responsible for ca. 70,000 deaths (presumably those from Covid-19). Perhaps they’re trolling, but I see these sorts of claims about Trump too often to think that is the case. Do they think Hillary would have prevented all or even most of those deaths? Who’s responsible for the other 180,000 Covid-19 deaths in the world? Based on these outlandish claims, I fear the state of society is going downhill like a runaway freight train.

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