Some Random Thoughts on Protest Culture


Jason from Aging Mod sent me this youtube video, which I found surprisingly thoughtful.

Jason has a post of his own on this topic, which is equally worthy.

One of the most disheartening aspects of the lockdown protest are the reactions that typically erupt on my side of the American political fence.

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When I see the “white” protestors that Bernie voters describe as “imbeciles,” I see a bunch of working people worried about things like mortgage and healthcare costs. The imbeciles on the American left could go down to this protest and start talking to these men about things that matter, but they’re too comfortable being smug and self-important, so we will continue to lose, and the billionaire class will continue to reap a record bailout harvest, that we will have to pay for.

It’s also worth noting that these “imbeciles” have been successful at shaking up their governor, who gets airtime when these things happen and looks closer to a nervous breakdown every time. This same stupid wimminz successfully rigged our democratic primary in favor of a senile old degenerate. In doing so, she disenfranchised tens of millions of people, like me. If we had some of these “imbeciles” on our side, maybe she would have second thoughts about doing so again, but we don’t, and so she won’t. She fucked us over without breaking a sweat, and laughs in our faces.

I cast my meaningless vote today, which in my area, is as difficult as putting my ballot into a prepaid envelope and walking to a blue mailbox. It won’t change anything, but I have nothing better to do.


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