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I continue to marvel at all the people who, just weeks ago, claimed to be brave CONservative Christian soldiers ready to oppose the system, and who are now actively agitating for that system’s salvation. I must sound like a one-trick pony, at this point, but it’s endlessly entertaining.

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The man in head-to-toe protective equipment would like you to know…

Marxists have always expected this system to fail. The man himself noted the internal contradictions in the system which make collapse inevitable. My own amusement reaches its climax with the wails of the antimarxists, who claimed to want this system to fail, up until a few weeks ago.

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Lady MAGA?

Suddenly, these people are very concerned by the illuminated weaknesses in their beloved feminist state. The change began shortly after these same people realized that all of the conveniences they previously enjoyed were temporarily unavailable.

I live in what is certainly the most “liberal” parts of America. Our wimminz governor closed our schools, gyms, restaurants and state parks, but otherwise there is tons of stuff to do. Our liberal democrat controlled state is loudly encouraging people to go fishing, hunting, kayaking, biking and hiking, and they’ve waived some of the licenses and permits needed to do this stuff. Our gun stores are still open, and doing a brisk business.


Not to be outdone, the feds have promoted fucking Tinder skanks, in national media. Even still, this isn’t enough for these pretenders.

When all this nonsense started, I lost tens of thousands of dollars and was thrown out of work indefinitely. All my favorite leisure activities (equally divided between academic conferences and sex with strangers) were severely curtailed. My response was a commitment to serve my family and my neighbors. I wish I could join some of you blackpillers in the idea that the system is going to collapse any day, but it isn’t. I am grateful for the display of obvious hypocrisy in so many, and when all this blows over, every man should remember who is ready to act, and who is nothing but talk.

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  1. BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE – The Burning Platform

    Only one state had an actual out-break .. thank Canada for that .. and it is Ny.

    Whether a state went into lock-down early or on-time or late (or not at all) made no difference.

    We allowed them to destroy the economy for a non-issue. Even when they count every death they can on Covid19 it still is just a bad flu season.

    I’m still working .. nothing has changed for me .. but I’m a part of critical assest / essential / vital services (i.e. Nuclear Power Generation).

    If I had stayed at the Airlines I’d probably be furloughed .. AGAIN ..

    This over-reach will have significant (i.e. bigger) impacts and for longer than anyone can imagine.

  2. Why be bored? For some levity, and a bit of admiration to the French, look up “woman head shave ww2” on YT. In the wake of the liberating Allies, skank-ho collaborators were rounded up in many countries and given a nice haircut, then driven outta town. Props to the impromptu barbers!

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