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So, I’m going through my e-mail this morning, and come across a link to a Canadian Youtube channel. A cursory investigation yielded a treasure trove of funny shit.

I’d like all the rest of y’all to meet Chantal Sarault, of Ottawa. She’s at least heavy enough to trigger a tank mine, and she’s in the mood to give us an Easter sermon. Take it away, bitch…

“There’s nothing wrong… Don’t let anyone shame you… If you’re being safe, and you want to have like, one hundred partners, it’s O.K. You’re allowed to do that. Don’t let people make you think it’s immoral…”

“But anyway, I was a total ho'”

[more shit about having a threesome with a desperate married couple who are into fatty fetishism]

I found a deeper bio of our friend Chantal over on Kiwi Farms.

Chantal Olive Marie Sarault, born March 28th 1984, aliases Foodie Beauty, Big Beautiful Me, Chantal Marie and others, is a Canadian YouTuber, whose channel was created in 2014. Although she was initially an attempted beauty channel, Chantal made an ostensible name for herself eating disgustingly large amounts of fast food in one sitting, usually while sitting alone in her car in an empty parking lot. Due to Chantal’s paranoia of being seen stuffing her face by some unsuspecting citizen, her eyes dart from left to right constantly. This nervous mania has yet to deter her from consuming massive amounts of food in a public setting. Her gluttony and foolishness have earned her the sobriquet “the Canadian Amberlynn Reid”.

Although at first blush she seems like a typical white trash fattie, Chantal is notable for her legitimately manic attempts to cultivate and control a glamorous image of herself as an attractive woman who is losing weight. In turn, she sabotages this confected persona by lying about diets, often while visibly gaining weight, and frequently succumbing to a seemingly pathological need to relate anecdotes about her losing bowel control or having sex with homeless men…

If you go over there, make sure to tell them Boxer says hello.

Chantal Fan Thread on K.F.

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