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The ideological apparatus has evolved many strategies for the desensitization of its victims to inherently abhorrent ideas. One of the most visible is placing a brainless, but  physically attractive wimminz, out front, to shill for whatever poisonous position will keep the ruling class in power.

And so we see Ilhan Omar, the feminist congresswimminz from Minnesota, pretending to be a competent mother on twitter, immediately before telling us where her actual allegiance lies.

We should not forget that this is the same skank-ho who has made it her personal mission to export the toxic stew of American feminist theory to the unfortunate peoples of Africa.

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because what Africa really needs are abortion clinics and divorce courts

In this post code, we know Ilhan Omar to be the wimminz who dumped her faithful husband to fuck one of her campaign co-workers.

A month ago, I generally condemned the spinelessness of Muslim men, for not calling this brazen skank to account for her bad behavior. I am pleased to retract that claim today, and report that a few people have finally found the courage to check this ho’.

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Last week, our brother Retawa Agnihotri reminded Mizz Omar that she was in no position to give moral advice to anyone. Her response was to immediately threaten him with a physical beating for telling the (already widely known) truth. If I were able to participate in twitter, I’d have posted in this thread today, but I’m not, and so I’ll post here. Fortunately, another brother cited a source.

Ilhan Omar owes a great many people an apology. The first people she should humbly beg forgiveness from are her children, of course. She pretends to be a competent mother on twitter, but in reality, she has set a dismal example for her kids. She could move on, after that, to apologize to her faithful and loving husband, who she cruelly betrayed. She owes every American an apology, for the embarrassment she has brought to all of us. Finally, she could apologize to the rest of the world, for her tireless work exporting anti-family policies to other peoples.

She won’t do this, because she’s a wimminz, but she should.

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  1. If this “visit to Africa” included a visit to her native Somalia –a country that is 99 percent Muslim– and the Somalis didn’t lynch this adulterous slore in the streets of Mogadishu, then I’m VERY disappointed in the Somalis. I also can’t believe the stupid bitch had the unmitigated gall to attempt to quote the Qur’an in a lame defense of her inexcusable actions. There are no words for that.

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