Quarantitties Vol. 1


So, on 05 Feb, at or about noon, Skank-ho Sheila appeared in my text messages, wanting a taste of my cock.

I first met Sheila last summer, and she has been a particularly volatile part of my life, always eager to dramatically disconnect, the minute I didn’t follow her orders. Before 05 Feb, I had heard from Sheila last in mid November.

Given that my rotation was full, and given my fatigue at dealing with her antics, I kept Sheila at arm’s length until 07 February, when she started blowing up my phone with messages.

07 February was a Thursday, which means it is quiz day in my classes. I teach IB Mathematics (SL and HL): which is an incredibly rigorous course. My students tend to be exceptionally well-prepared; but it’s still imperative that I concentrate on helping them, rather than wasting time texting a skank-ho slut like Sheila.

Because I chose to serve my clients (whose parents were paying me) rather than indulge her in casual banter, Sheila went radio silent for 24 hours, and then announced her departure from my life in the typical fashion.

Fast forward to this week. Guess who has reappeared? And guess why?

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 10.07.31

Sheila is apparently living with her “oldest mat” (oldest mate, is what I gather). The fact that her “oldest mat” is a male is not surprising (she’s objectively pretty hot, and there are plenty of thirsty simps in the world.)

Now she is playing on my sympathies, hoping I will help support her and her “oldest mat.” And thus we see the end result of feminism. All the “girlz rock,” and “wimminz rule the world” propaganda evaporates, once the money runs dry.

Author: Boxer

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6 thoughts on “Quarantitties Vol. 1”

  1. Welcome back Brother.

    I haven’t split. I just locked the blog down, lest I become too busy to log on for a while.

    I can imagine, leaving this place for a few weeks, logging on, to find myself hosting Cane Caldo’s friends calling me a niggerlover, and Sue’s sisters posting girlpower memes.

    While I’m updating, the place I’m volunteering is specifically for non-COVID19 patients to be evacuated to, if and when space runs out in the local medical center for our elderly brothers and sisters who have the lung fungus. I learned that today. Whether or when I get asked to go down I still don’t know, and apparently I won’t until it happens.

    And another thing: I’m aware of a lot of people (they tend to be my WN friends) who claim that this disease is some sort of liberal political conspiracy in order to keep us from fucking strange wimminz at the night club. FYI, it’s not. For most people in decent health it’s not particularly dangerous, but it’s brutal on our elderly, and very real.


  2. Out of curiosity, do any of your students know about this blog? Has anyone close to you ever found out about it?

    Before I decided to walk the walk, and move to where I’m at now, I was a university professor in a southern American state. My department chair (politely and discretely) clued me in to the fact that my posting habits were public. I doubt she reads this blog, but I know she did look at it before she mentioned that. She thought the content here was equal parts humorous and distasteful.

    My job now is in the K-12 arena, which entails far less “academic freedom,” and my students are younger, so I’m a lot more careful. I don’t ever log on here from the district network and keep myself far more on the downlow. I’m 100% sure that no one knows about this blog here, because I’m equally certain that I’d be called in if I was found out.

  3. “Sheila” is a perfect illustration of what desperate +stupid looks like.

    Seriously, how is it possible for even the most brainless skank-ho to think that such an unsubtle approach would work, especially on someone she HAS to know isn’t one of her run-of-the-mill desperate, thirsty simps?

  4. Times are tough for the slores ..

    Her recipe is some parts truth and lie .. it makes de-sir-kneeing how to separate her web of lies more dificult ..

    This an instinct ALL wimminz have.

    She’s moving up the tree of options .. from most desirable to least. Cue crash landing message.

    Her approach (to landing) will vary with each mark.

    Regardless she re-scents any choice but her primary choice. Even her primary choice will fail to reward her efforts .. and this thot will always feel like she settled.

    I know you know this .. but for all you brothers out there .. never engage into a relationship with a womminz that chases you .. nevva!

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