Bullshit Runs The Marathon


Before I begin this article, I should anticipate my critics, who hang on my every word, and always draw the most ridiculous conclusions from whatever I write.

I think everyone should take the present situation very seriously. If you can stay home safely and look after your family right now, you should do so. If there are temporary legal restrictions on your movement, you should respect them. This is especially true for those of you, brothers and sisters, who have little children or elderly relatives in your care. If you, or some member of your family falls ill, then you should seek out competent medical care, and know that your brothers are constantly thinking of you , praying for you, and hoping for the health and safety of those who may be afflicted.

Presently I am laughing at the hysterical ninnies running around on social media, desperately trying to convince us that we will all be dead in a matter of days, and blaming all manner of different agents for starting what has come to be known as the COVID-19 pandemic. I find these shenanigans more depressing than entertaining, and while I think I understand the fear people feel, I am forced to tell all my readers why this blog will not become an outpost for the blackpill.

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The fact that people are acting so irrationally, over an illness that has a mortality rate of less than one percent, clues the average observer into a couple of things. In the first place, most people have come to maturity without any exposure to hardship. These same people are hopelessly weak, in a psychological sense. When you are raised in the sociological equivalent of a pink and purple playpen, in which the most grievous harm is considered to be the calling of someone else a nasty name, then you become an adult infant. This is (arguably) a far more serious and widespread problem than any virus currently circulating.

Secondly, most people are, only now, coming to realize that they have nothing to do that doesn’t involve working at a wage-slave job, chasing rancid skank cunt at the nightclub, and drinking themselves into a stupor. The average American has no productive hobbies or interests, he doesn’t truly love anyone, and no one loves him, either. The coming weeks will be a healthy dose of reality for most of these people, but I expect some of them to go insane.

Only three months ago, I would never have imagined a time when the government would encourage people to quit working so many hours, quit consuming frivolous commodities, and spend more time with their families. People are acting as though this is some sort of burden, and I am endlessly amused at their whining. I have a paid, six-week vacation, during which I can become more fit, better read, more competent. You have a vacation too. If you’re crying and moaning about it, I don’t know what to tell you.

I am also forced to wonder what would happen if this had been a serious pandemic. Off the top of my head, I can think of a number of different scenarios that would be as calamitous as this one is pretended to be.

  • A drug resistant form of plague, which has a mortality rate of 50%.
  • A genetically modified form of smallpox, which has a mortality rate of 40%
  • A mutant form of wheat rust, which would leave human and animal life perfectly healthy, but which would wipe the world’s food supply out in a matter of weeks.

That last bullet point is arguably the most frightening to think about. Can you imagine the way these morbidly obese nutters in North America would behave, once they lost access to their EBT funded tendies at Wal-Mart?


What if vegetables and wild game were all that were on offer? Truly, we’d face a situation which could best be analogized in one of those 1990s Hollywood zombie films.


Tomorrow, I may drop dead from COVID-19. Tomorrow, I may be killed when I space out and step into traffic. Tomorrow, I may be murdered by a crackhead. Tomorrow, I may be electrocuted in a freak accident involving high-tension power-lines. In an hour, I’m going for a run through my neighborhood. I’m on the border of fatass territory. If I don’t die of a heart attack on my run, I may slip in the shower, and drown after.

If I don’t die this week, it’s a certainty that I will die someday. This was always so, and it will always be so. We are born astride the grave, brothers. Too much comfort has artificially allowed too many of us to forget this simple fact. Until I die, I am going to live my life on my own terms. I am going to keep calling my family members and reminding them that I love them. I am going to keep writing. I am going to keep thinking. I am going to stay alive.


Some of us might get sick in the coming weeks, and some of us might see people pass away. What I hope that none of the rest of you will succumb to, is the sort of endemic hopelessness that is the result of listening to the blackpillers on the internet. Men ought to be careful with their lives, but men don’t cower in the corner, afraid of living.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

9 thoughts on “Bullshit Runs The Marathon”

  1. Well said friend Boxer.

    I have been reporting to work, but I am the only one reporting. The rest of the staff has been detained home. My company said they will pay everyone under my supervision their normal 40 hrs a week until April 30th…..after that, they may use their vacation pay or sick pay to continue their pay.

    The property requires me there to monitor systems. Get ahead on paperwork, billing, lease adjustments and to handle contractors that are coming in to do repair (we have a few companies left doing this). Handling the day to day operations…….sweeping up the front. Setting lights and timers to give the illusion of the property being active (it’s Fresno, as soon as a building looks empty..in come the homeless and they usually burn it down)

    I have made a few forays to smaller local stores and markets (I stay away from any Walmart, Target, Cosco….big box plaza and supermarket) for some supplies. In late December I saw what was happening in China, and got a decent supply going then……including the gloves and masks if indeed I had to go to a place where humans congregate.

    I have plenty to do at home. Books! Records! My old Atari 2600 has been busted out and I have plenty of thinking games, word searches……its kind of like living like it was ten years ago for me…..I would pay the rent and have nothing, so home I would stay. I even ironed all my shirts and set the closet right on Saturday. It looks great. I will beat out some serious sexual tension by polishing my boots and shoes to a fine gloss during this week.

    I have heard stories of what you speak of and there was a time when I would have felt sad….but emotions like that got me nowhere. I have no one left to look out for here in California and the only cause for concern are actually a few people I met in the UK this past summer, and my few relatives left there.

    This will pass, and many will suffer…..and I probably will contract this (as most of us will) but I will get through it

  2. Good stuff Boxer ..

    Except some of use aren’t a 6 week vacation .. I’m slavin’ away all hours of the day (just got off 2 weeks of 12 hour nightshifts) .. business as usual for me (back to 3 weeks of dayshifts).

    And .. yes .. my black-pilled views drive people nuts. They think this lock-down is good. What a bunch of brain-dead zombies .. relient on the government to give them their marchin’ orders. What mow-rons.

    Frankly .. restrictions on my movements are met with a “go fook yourself” you anti-constitutional jack-boot.

  3. Beautifully written, Brother Boxer! The only critics I can imagine you having would be the sort of low-IQ brain-stemmers you describe in the OP who have lost what few mental marbles they have over this event.
    Definitely to be pitied more than cursed, but I must admit that they are testing my patience threshold (and I imagine that of everyone else here as well). It’s obvious that the (over)reaction to Coronavirus is more dangerous by orders of magnitude than the virus itself.

  4. This was a good, sensible read.

    As I’m still working in a critical “life sustaining” field, I don’t have the kind of free time that a lot of other people have. I’m still working at least as many hours as before. But I am getting to spend a lot more time with the family. It is like a mini-vacation and it’s nice. Sure there are small problems here and there, but they are not worth mentioning. While I could take honeycomb’s approach…

    “restrictions on my movements are met with a “go fook yourself” you anti-constitutional jack-boot.”

    …I have no need to do so. We just stay at home and do our thing. We are taking the time to fix the damage caused by public education and sprinkle in a little deprogramming here and there too.

    Had this been a more serious end-of-the-world scenario, I realized that I was not as well prepared as I would have liked. Sure, the family could live for 3-4 months on the stores we have in our house, and then live out of the garden for a little while longer, I could have done much more to prepare. A 2 to 5-year supply of rice + beans + coconut and olive oil + sugar + vitamin supplements is really not that difficult to acquire and store, and I already own dozens of canning jars. What struck me was that I didn’t have many seeds. I had no way of making the garden in the first place. Fortunately I’ve resolved this problem, though most of the online seed retailers had a week or two processing delays.

    I don’t have enough land to live off of, so I’ll have to wait for my neighbors to starve and then take their land and fuel. Just kidding.

    “What if vegetables and wild game were all that were on offer?”

    Mass starvation, especially due to protein poisoning. Interesting note: cannibalism kills you faster.

    ” most people have come to maturity without any exposure to hardship. These same people are hopelessly weak, in a psychological sense.”

    I grew up with hardship, as did all of my ancestors. It’s why I keep months of supplies on hand, not just food, but various hard goods (e.g. tools and equipment). We live frugally. We have a house full of toys, most of which we got for free. We have a (school)room full of computers, monitors, and laptops, the majority of them were gifts or discount used. Most of our furniture was either free or we built it ourselves. We have used four old cars, the youngest is over 13 years old. One of them my son and I rebuilt ourselves to save money. We shop at second hand stores, buy discounted dented cans, and get 50% off produce. I render down all meat carcasses/scraps and freeze the results.

    It is utterly impossible to explain to my children why I do this. They have experienced nothing but ease since joining our family. It may be that this experience will instill in them just enough fear to make them aware of the need to prepare for life’s difficulties. If that happens, it will be useful. I explained to them how after the Great Depression, our ancestors learned frugality by necessity and we’d be wise to follow their example.

    “If I don’t die this week, it’s a certainty that I will die someday. This was always so, and it will always be so. We are born astride the grave, brothers.”

    My father has stated that he’s prepared to go. He lives his whole life that way. He doesn’t live in fear of death, knowing that it will come. My parents have their affairs in order, and he knows that his three sons would take care of their mother if anything happened to him.

  5. Those “morbidly obese nutters” are the most valuable sources of nutrition for a starving population in a zombie apocalypse.

  6. One thing that stuck with me from my RC upbringing –

    Remember man that you are dust and unto dust you shall return

  7. What an awful story.

    You can’t save’em all.

    Starting that magic countdown until the typical feminist judge enforces a child support order against the rape victim. It’ll happen.

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