The Prime Directive…

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If there’s one thing that Democrats, Independents and Republicans agree on, it’s an irrational hatred of fathers.

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I could be a tax cheat, and that would be fine; but, if I were a working-class father, newly unemployed, with little kids, then fuck me straight to hell.

Author: Boxer

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One thought on “The Prime Directive…”

  1. Boxer. This logic is the same as man-o-spherans, red pills, real-christian-men use on their fellow men. Can’t get a better job? Just move….go to night school and get a great job. Can’t get woman? Just shower be “cocky-funny” and learn Game. Get in great shape and lead a bible study.

    Deep Strength mentioned about carrying a guitar around….some study says women love guys in a band. Tell that to Joe Jackson. The new-wave jump jive English rocker was moving to a great career….then every woman in the nation saw him on MTV. Ruined his career…..but looks don’t mean a damn thing. He even jokes about it “MTV ruined my career since I didnt look like George Michael…lol”

    Having problems? Just understand following jesus is suffering.

    You quoted Roosh about the man-o-sphere being dead….and I’ll agree with him for different reasons. When they spend more time putting down fellow men, deciding who is cool and acceptable and who isnt. When more time again is wasted using “because feminism” answers, when one has to hear about other men and their anazing marriage and they didnt have to do a damn thing to get this…..when advice tells the 80% to just work out and hope for the best, vett, and use their foolproof and easy steps….then be told “they are all sluts”

    Well…..what purpose does it serve. Dalrock probably knew this. There hasnt been anything revolutionary said in the sphere in years if not a decade…..oh I take that back……if we called ourselves “unchivalrous” and studied courtly love….we niw can figure out why the church is useless.

    The sphere throws men under the bus daily and they all wonder why tbey are mocked and should he questioned and trolled.

    But…back to this article. My question is “I though Trump was a guys guy and a real man and us ‘standing up’ to feminism and ‘restoring alpha’ to men?”

    Oh he appointed a drunk frat boy to the supreme court. Problems solved!

    Jordon Peterson as much as I have disagreed with some if his topics has helped more men in daily living in the past few years than any “real christian man” has. People who hate Peterson are mostly man o sphere types. If the church and all the “real men of god” in the sphere were doing their job….Petetson would be a moot pint and footnote

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