Scumbag Bezos Knows No Shame

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People wonder (sometimes writing me hostile messages) why a hardened communist like my own bad self would endorse a right-wing reformer like Bernie Sanders in the 2020 election. This is a good example.

The corporation which owns the controlling share of Whole Foods is amazon dot com. The man with the controlling interest in amazon is Jeff Bezos. Bezos is known for a couple of things in our community. He is the clown who cheated on his faithful wife with an old hag of a feminist. He also owns the scumbag corporate journal Washington ComPost, which regularly argues for censoring the internet and punishing dissidents like all of us.

Bezos’ company, which he has never done any real work for, and which provides him with a staggering one hundred and twenty million U.S. dollars a day in unearned income, is now telling the people who slave for their master that they are on their own.

Of course, if Bernie won the presidency (which he won’t) he would never do the right thing, which is to throw Bezos (and all his rich friends) into a work camp, liquidate this stolen wealth, and give local whole foods stores to local workers to run in the public interest. Even so, he might actually fight to give every one of these workers the right to see a doctor, and he might force Bezos and his rich friends to give their slaves some paid time off when they get sick. Those are steps in the right direction.

If you’d like to read this astonishing story, you can go to vice.

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3 thoughts on “Scumbag Bezos Knows No Shame”

  1. I figured that was where support for Bernie was coming from. A lot of young people are staring at an Establishment (combined Left & Right) that cares absolutely nothing for them and offers no chance of success via merit & participation. To say nothing of a family of their own.

    Violent revolutions are born of such entrenched, callous leadership. The Establishment’s choice of Biden is a perfect example. He might be winning the (rigged) voting but at the same time, his senility and creepiness perfectly captures how out-of-touch with reality his faction is.

    Nobody wants the current system except the Baby Boomers. One single guess why.

    I have nightmares that so many people vote for “Mickey Mouse” in the coming election that the Presidency ends up a subsidiary of DisneyCorp.

  2. “Bozos” could pay the people minimum wage (to stay home sick) instead of shaming healthy co workers into sharing their well earned paid time off.
    “Herpes is to be shared, not my time off”—Random “Randy” Ahole

  3. Bezos is a first-class douchebag. Ask anybody who has ever worked in one of his Amazon warehouses about this guy, and they’ll confirm this statement with the most stomach-churning descriptions of working conditions there. It’s the reason why I consciously avoid ever buying anything from Amazon.

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