History, Sex Consciousness, and Pedagogy


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Down below, our brother Vortex writes:

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Hey Boxer, I’m not good at copy/paste on my phone, but check out “investigating Kylie Kirkpatrick part one” read all 7 parts…it’s an outstanding takedown of a scuzzy SJW grifter wimminz.

Allow me to help. Last night I read Investigating Kylie Kirkpatrick, and I got the details about a virtue-signalling school-lunch scam. It’s definitely worth my readers’ time.

After I got done, I went and bought the author’s book. I’m three chapters in. If you’re interested, you can buy I am Turtle Boy by Aidan Kearney.

BONUS: It’s sold exclusively at Amazon, so you’ll be helping our favorite granny-fetish freak Jeff Bezos pay his alimony judgment.

Kearney, the author of both of these works, used to be a schoolteacher. I’ve been employed in that same position for a little over a year. I can immediately verify the basics as he tells them. So far this year I’ve received a verbal warning for allowing my students to leave the classroom without raising their hand and getting permission.

I teach mathematics, and while it’s high school, I teach some pretty rigorous material. One thing I hate is people interrupting my lectures to ask if they can go to the toilet. At the beginning of this school year, I wrote a general order at the top of my white board:


My students are 15-19. We’re all adults. If my students need to leave the room for some reason, they have my permission. Of course, if they skip out and go smoke dope and miss some material they need to know for the next exam, that’s their problem.

Just last month, two females left the room, I don’t know what they were caught doing, but when they were confronted, they told my principal that I had given them permission to do whatever they were doing. When I was asked, I immediately confirmed that this was my policy, and added that “this is a high school, not a prison.”

The administration didn’t like my attitude, so now everyone has to raise their hands and interrupt me ten-times an hour, and I’m officially on the shit-list, for not treating adults like a bunch of babies in a kindergarten.

I really enjoy your blog, using a Marxist dialectic against feminism is outstanding seeing that it’s a very bourgeois ideology basically. It’s given me some great ammo in conversations with young leftist Bros.

The only people who claim that feminism was something Karl Marx championed are idiot feminist wimminz, and manosphere kooks. Both of these groups feature people who are generally clueless about everything they talk about. Back in the day I had a lot of fun on blogs with members of each set, asking them questions and watching them get all upset.

For those who don’t get me, feminism basically reduces male-female interaction to exchange value. As such, feminism is a form of commodity fetishism, and its ideological attributes serve to mask the true value of human beings in a husband/wife relationship.

Also, I know who your avitar is, have you ever read a bio of Port Rockwell by a guy named Schindler?

I have. My first degree was in history, and my plan was to compete for a job with Professor Kearney. I love history, but jobs in that discipline are very hard to come by. I haven’t written history in years, and at this point, I don’t call myself a historian any longer.

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6 thoughts on “History, Sex Consciousness, and Pedagogy”

  1. “I’m officially on the shit-list for not treating adults like a bunch of babies in a kindergarten.”

    Good for you. Though it’s a pointless, losing battle, please try to keep it up. My wife and I both spend a considerable amount of our time dealing with this kind of stuff in the educational system. Fighting the system is our second job. Even the “good” teachers are unwilling to help.

    A few hours ago my 14-year old son (~70 IQ) was asked by his teacher to repeat the word “chirps” and he said “tirit”. When his teacher asked him what the first letter was in “chirps”, he said “t” and she said (no joke) “I like how you got a ‘t’ in there”. They can’t bear the thought of correcting his mistakes, so they always baby him by telling him he is right when he gets the wrong answer. As bad as this is, this is the best we can get: he goes to an expensive private school, because public school was a glorified baby day care where they couldn’t even teach him the alphabet.

    My other son recently instigated a fight where he pushed another child. He’s been the recipient of a lot of aggression this year. Either way, the school’s response to these altercations? Do nothing. Can’t do anything that might upset the little snowflakes. Got to baby them!

  2. Didn’t know I’d get a whole post, thanks Boxer, and pleased to meet chat. Stay healthy friends!

  3. Also Boxer, thanks for turning me on to Belfort Bax. Much appreciated!

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