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Before I begin tonight’s hate-filled islamophobic rants, I’ll cop to the fact that I’m not an expert on Islamic theology, and I don’t pretend to be. Even so, I did pray with Muslims for over a year. I’ve read through their holy book and had a large number of conversations with their scholars.

What I like about Islam is (surprise, surprise) the ways in which it resembles the Mormon theology I grew up with. Examples where Muslims and Mormons agree are numerous, but these are a few:

  1. Monotheism, specifically the rejection of the notion of a trinity.
  2. A strong prohibition against recreational drugs, including alcohol.
  3. Discouraging the use of icons, crucifixes, and images, at least in the sanctuary.
  4. Rejection of the notion of original sin.
  5. Polygamy…

Note that I don’t think that all of these are necessarily optimal. Example five, for instance… I just find them likable for their familiarity.

In the Journal of Discourses, we can read Orson Pratt noting that Muslims were closer to the true faith than those filthy Christians, which ought to clue any realist in to the fact that we probably borrowed (stole) some of their good ideas, and repackaged them for ourselves. In another sermon, Brigham Young talks about importing European Muslims to Deseret, with the idea that they would be easy converts, since our religions differed in few appreciable respects, and that their descendants would help us keep the American cruxtoids at bay. That didn’t happen, but it was an interesting idea.

Islam shares some other historical traits with Mormonism, and that is unfortunate, because I’m specifically referring to the degeneracy of the women in both of those traditions, coupled with the ease with which both Muslim and Mormon leaders defend bad female behavior.

The most obvious contemporary example is currently boasting on instagram, of marrying the man she cucked her devoted husband with. Let’s see this bitch in action.


One of the swinging dicks who reads this blog tipped me off to this shameless celebration of sluttery. In the photo, we see this wimminz showing off her wedding ring. She has actually managed to con the brainless chump to wife her up.

(Apparently he thinks that all her infidelities will resolve with the application of his magic penis. I doubt this very much.)

Another eyepopping note are the hundreds of Muslim females, gushing with approval over this illegitimate union. This includes Congresswimminz Omar’s Muslim sister, Congresswimminz Rashida Tlaib, chiming in with “mash Allah.”

Mash Allah is an Arabic maxim which translates to something resembling: “ordained by God.” Muslims use it like “congratulations” or “mazel tov.”

I don’t pretend to be on intimate terms with the Muslim God, but I am sure he doesn’t approve of this degeneracy. If there is a part of the Qur’an, or a judgment by any Muslim scholar, which celebrates a lady cucking her husband, then running him through the divorce courts when he objects, I would love to see it.

There is an even more shocking contraposition in the absolute silence by religious leaders in Minnesota (where Ilhan Omar is from) and Michigan (where Tlaib has her office). By their silence, whether they admit it or not, they signify approval of this loathsome behavior. They are allowing these filthy wimminz to be the public face of Islam in America, and to show us what Islam is supposedly all about.

Not a single Muslim religious man has stood up to offer even mild criticism of this abominable behavior by a public figure. Think about this for a moment.

Ilhan Omar was married to a good man. Those two had children and built a life together. Ilhan Omar decided to destroy her family, and did so by riding the dick of a simp named Tim Mynett. Now that Ilhan Omar has married Tim Mynett, we can be sure that she is already scoping out a new dick to ride, and the cycle is primed to repeat itself anew. (Mynett is a moron if he thinks this won’t happen.) In the mean time, Muslims everywhere get to be embarrassed by this immoral chucklehead, and we are all stuck with seeing her in congress, where she works tirelessly to normalize infidelity, and where she uses our tax dollars to spread feminism and sexual degeneracy around the globe.

The one (and only) upside to this carnival freakshow is in dim type, at the bottom of her instagram feed. Skank-ho Ilhan had to shut off her comments. That suggests that perhaps her readers aren’t the simps and sluts that she is, and a few of them found the fortitude to call her out.

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4 thoughts on “Comments Have Been Limited”

  1. I haven’t decided whether it’s a good or bad thing that America’s Muslim clergy are as cucked, converged, and compromised as the churchian ones.

  2. I haven’t decided whether it’s a good or bad thing that America’s Muslim clergy are as cucked, converged, and compromised as the churchian ones.

    When a woman frivolously divorces a good man, it is always an awful thing.

    Re: Muslims, Who do you suppose is more likely to get involved with violent crime or radical politics? Would it be the son of an intact family, or the rootless young man who has no father to guide him?

    Gangs and armed cults love feminism. Single moms and divorcées breed up countless new recruits. Civilization and high culture requires fathers. This will always be so.

  3. As a Christian I am fundamentally opposed to Islam for many, many reasons BUT I’m truly beginning to question something. Is the Islamic invasion that is taking over the world (The UK is already gone, especially London which is now totally Islamified ), I am wondering if this invasion is God’s punishment on the West for embracing the ideology of Feminism. Feminism is so evil, so filthy, and toxic to the core, it has literally transformed society and women into vile Demon inspired creatures spawning the twin fruits of Sodomy and Transsexualism. Maybe God considers these Satanic fruits so vile and evil and destructive of society HE has sent it’s cure, the Islamification of the world to put women back in their place and to return the world to a full fledged Patriarchy
    Thoughts people?

  4. @feministdestroyer

    Britain ceased to be anything even remotely resembling a Christian nation a long time ago. They consciously CHOSE to import hordes of Allah worshipers, knowing full well what these people’s faith demanded that they do to not only Christians, but European infidels who refused to submit. In other words, Britain chose national suicide by jihadist, for whatever twisted reason the globalists in control of that island had for doing so.

    As for your question, I think what we’re witnessing is a case of God giving a people over to their base desires, which will be their destruction unless they repent and change course (which is admittedly unlikely in this case).

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