She Made It All Up…

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Earlier this week, I found (and listened to) an audio file on YouTube, purporting to be a recorded conversation between world famous actor and ALPHA MALE GAME superstar Johnny Depp, and his total nobody of a skank-ho wife, Amber Heard.

Depp made the mistake of marrying this wimminz in April of 2015. Almost immediately, she started making his life Hell. Heard filed for divorce in May of 2016, after accusing her husband of being a serial wife-beater, a rapist, and a sexist misogynist pig who reads v5k2c2. She subsequently gained the only bit of fame she has ever managed to garner, by plastering herself all over social media and public service announcements as the poor victim of this maniac’s brutality.

In the audio file I heard, Depp can clearly be heard telling his bitch wife that they need to quit squabbling, and warning her that if she begins throwing shit and acting like a toddler, he is going to leave the house. Bitch wife laughs at Depp, alternating between telling him that she will continue to beat his ass whenever she wants, and warning him not to leave her alone. She also admits that she was the aggressor in their fights.

I didn’t have a lot of time when I heard the audio (this was on Monday, if I recall correctly) and by the time I was ready to post it here, YouTube (being YouTube) had removed it for being offensive to feminists.

Fast forward to today, when I noticed that there’s yet another bit of entertainment up on the web (thanks to Jim Goad on Twitter.)

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Skank-ho Amber can be heard in this audio file laughing, admitting that she starts the fights she complains about, and pointing out (correctly) that the authorities operate under the “duluth protocols,” and as such, Johnny will never be taken seriously if he tells the truth about her abuse.

I’m busy this week, but let’s quickly go over some lessons that our man Johnny has taught us.

  1. If there is even a hint of future conflict with a rebellious skank, always record your interactions with the bitch. I don’t know what Depp is using, but an iPod Touch acts as a very good recording device that’s totally unobtrusive.
  2. Never simply “give in” or “plead guilty” to a bitch’s made-up allegations. Some men describe even their own lawyers encouraging them to do “be the bigger man” and “take one for the team.” This is stupid. Take the fight to her, and make her regret ever fucking with you.
  3. A wimminz will gleefully dismantle her own house with her own two hands. (I stole this line from the bible, but don’t know where it is.) Amber Heard has never acted in any film that wasn’t a F-list piece of shit, and she isn’t particularly attractive, either. She managed to get Johnny Depp to marry her, and rather than riding this lottery ticket into retirement, she’s ruining herself and everyone around her for attention.
  4. If Johnny Depp can’t keep a third-rate skank actress and total loser happy, then what chance do I have at marriage? The answer, of course, is none. Thus, I’m happy to play the eternal bachelor and let better men than I shuffle through the divorce courts.

That’s it for this episode of Hollywood Clownworld. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? Tune in to find out…

Author: Boxer

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16 thoughts on “She Made It All Up…”

  1. My default position is .. THEY (Th Wimminz) are ALL lying.

    Until proven (without a shadow of a doubt) correct.*

    * I will require over-whelming evidence.

    And more .. and more people are too.

  2. “…always record your interactions with the bitch…”

    Unless you live in a two-party consent state. You don’t want to do prison time for felony wiretapping. Be sure to let her know that you are recording it for “marriage quality control” and get her explicit consent if possible.

  3. I live in a two-party state right now, and I had this conversation with a licensed attorney I was fucking last summer. It went along the lines of “Bitch, I’ll take my chances over an illegal recording citation rather than face a fake rape accusation…” She didn’t really have an argument.

  4. Inre false rape accusations, I’ve reached the point where I’m not averse to the idea of a woman who is found guilty of making one being sentenced to “enjoy” the real thing at the hands of multiple psychopaths. That just MIGHT serve as a deterrent to this becoming a popular pastime among the skank-ho-lying-bitch demographic.

  5. In the end, nothing will happen………and I say this with no glee, sarcasm intended.

    Johnny Depp in some circles will be belittled by MEN for “oh, he just wasn’t alpha enough, and let it get to this point in the relationship…..he should have done this or that / never married her/ pumped and her / the first time she rebelled, he should have read Dalrocks post about (insert topic) / smacked her the second she got out of line….”

    I’ll say it. He was blinded by her youth. He was not immune and despite how famous, rich, or “cool” he is or was…..Johnny Depp is getting old. Its a fact. He looks nothing like his “21 Jump Street Days” and instead of growing old gracefully he marries someone a generation and a half (or thereabouts) younger than himself. If he wasn’t Johnny Depp……Miss Amber here would have called him a creep the second he put the moves on her. You know it and I do too.

    Yes, I know all you guys here at 45+ years of age have tons of 24-29 year old women hitting on you daily……….

    She’ll have no charges, or at the most a mild dressing down by a Judge if charges are indeed pressed. And the real “jump” here is that many will criticize Johnny if he does press charges “oh….can’t stand up to a girl” type of thing.

    She’ll give the tears, give a half-assed apology and then say…….get ready for it…….”I made the claims about Johnny because I speaking for the 99% of women who don’t have a voice, or options to leave actual abusive relationships”

    MGTOW will continue to grow, the press (never lacking for a good story) will ask reader “how come men don’t want to grow up / marry / date / committ” and any answers or examples like Johnny Depp here will made into “not all woman are like that”

    and then we will be told to “believe all women”

    She’ll get a book deal, the Dateline NBC interview……hell, even Oprah or Ellen will give her a safe place to “tell her side” and she has already had that……and even with this evidence….she will still be allowed to “tell her side”

    The thirst is real, and “real men” like Depp, Pitt, and even Bogart got caught in bad divorces…..but if we all just learned “game” none of this would ever happen now would it 😉

  6. “If Johnny Depp can’t keep a third-rate skank actress and total loser happy, then what chance do I have at marriage? The answer, of course, is none.”

    This is silly. Stop fornicating and your marriage prospects might improve. You can’t have both. Johnny Depp is hardly the paragon of chastity. Expecting marital success when you engage in huge amounts of anti-marital behaviors is not very smart, therefore I would expect him to fail at marriage.

  7. Though not bad advice for young men ..

    The rub is that the number of partners doesn’t effect his marriage success .. and only enhances his SMV & MMV to th wimminz.

    Not true with th wimminz though.

  8. “If Johnny Depp can’t keep a third-rate skank actress and total loser happy, then what chance do I have at marriage? The answer, of course, is none.”

    This is silly.

    Yes, Derek is correct that violating sane marital expectations will obviously not improve your chances of having a life-long committed marriage.
    However, I agree with Boxer’s view that American women are mostly unfit for marriage with a normal man. I searched for decades…. then finally gave up and found a worthy woman from another culture.
    Congratulations to the men who successfully have life-long committed marriages with women from America. But I think it is foolish to expect the average man to be successful in this.

  9. @JPF

    “American women are mostly unfit for marriage with a normal man. I searched for decades….”

    Unfortunately, those extra decades don’t matter all that much.

    From statistics, we know that over half of people have lasting marriages. The problem is that you can’t marry people who are already married, and presumably you don’t want to take the chance on a non-virgin. By age 25, of women are not virgins (and most of the best are married). You’ll have to find a quality wife by the time <b she is 25. By the time you (or she) are ~32, your options become much more limited and your divorce risk steadily increases. Thus, a man’s window of opportunity to find a quality wife is time-limited.

    Bottom line: You need to get married in your twenties, or you probably won’t.

    “But I think it is foolish to expect the average man to be successful in this.”

    It is the wrong message to say that the average man will have an unsuccessful marriage. The average married person is basically ‘successful’ in marriage (no divorce). But with marriage rates so pitifully low, the average man isn’t married. The average man isn’t getting the opportunity to be successful, but the ones that do manage to marry are, on average, successful.

    It is the wrong message to say that that women are unfit. Around half of them are acceptable. Focusing on why all women are terrible does not help anyone, except to help them avoid rash and stupid decisions. Beyond that, you need specific, context-sensitive strategies to find a quality wife. To wit:

    “I searched for decades…. then finally gave up and found a worthy woman from another culture.”

    Bottom line: You can get married after your twenties, but it’s going to require a more strategic approach.

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