Joshua’s Path

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A brother named Joshua has started a blog, with the goal of motivating men of the androsphere to get up off their asses and do stuff in the real world. Given that actual activism is something that seems to almost* never happen, make sure and pop in there and show him your support.

*I’m aware that there are outliers. There’s a bit of social monkeywrenching by Fathers 4 Justice, and URL posting by The Fifth Horseman’s crew, but I don’t know of any other organized efforts in this direction, and they’re sorely needed.

Author: Boxer

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2 thoughts on “Joshua’s Path”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Boxer, I appreciate it. I hope the site is a blessing to those who participate.

  2. “Given that actual activism is something that seems to almost never happen”

    I really need to finish that postscript post to my series… Very pertinent to this point.

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