Replacing Motherhood With Booze


American females, particularly hardened White and Black feminist wimminz, are quick to celebrate their victory over patriarchy and civilization, but their celebratory rantings don’t ever seem to touch upon how the typical empowered sister copes with reality.

Wimminz are increasingly binge-drinking themselves to death.

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6 thoughts on “Replacing Motherhood With Booze”

  1. but their celebratory rantings don’t ever seem to touch upon how the typical empowered sister copes with reality.

    You should see the antidepressant stats.

  2. You should see the antidepressant stats.

    Earl stole my thunder. Only the consumption of “head meds” comes even close to rivaling that of alcohol among the American female population.

    I can’t find a link to the stats, but I recall reading on more than one recent occasion that nearly one in four American women —twenty-five freaking percent— are on some sort of prescribed anti-depressant medication. And remember: those are just the women who have admitted that they have a problem and are being treated for it*. We can easily surmise that at least another quarter of the total are undiagnosed and untreated. Truly horrifying to ponder.

    (* Whether such “treatment” is effective, or whether it’s merely causing a whole new set of problems is fodder for a whole other discussion thread.)

  3. There was just a news report on the radio (K-CBS out of San Francisco) about the booming “pill trade” in Tijuana. Heavy duty anti-depressants and the like. Multi-billion dollar industry. I saw an enraged woman at the pharmacy here a few months back screaming at the pharmacist to refill her script. The pharmacist kept her cool “There are no more refills allowed until the first of the month. Please come back in fifteen days.” The woman began knocking stuff off the shelves, screaming that she was gonna “get her fired” and of course the very California thing of “I’ll sue you!!!”

    No this woman was not some low class trash type…..very well dressed. Very attractive. Thirties.

    My old boss when I was waiting tables was out of his anti-depressants one night. Flew into a rage, smashed his cell-phone, was behaving like I did when I was coming off cocaine and alcohol…………yet would tell me that his prescription was “safe” and it was a help.

    They can be a help with proper counseling and the attitude taken of “the prescription is not made or intended to be a lifelong solution”

    These medications are dangerous, and INMHO many a doctor should have his license pulled for the harm and addiction they have caused people by prescribing them. Especially to children. Sickos.

  4. Dear Anymouse:

    I pulled it from twitter, and did a bit of due diligence on cdc dot gov a couple of weeks ago.

    As an aside, I don’t know why you keep getting thrown into moderation. I apologize for the time it takes to approve your comments.


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