The Broke Down Time


It’s the holiday season. I know, because I’m starting to see men’s rights and MGTOW web sites declare as much, and in the same sentence, they’ll tell me about how our liberation from feminism is right around the corner. Nevermind the fact that they’ve been posting identical shit every single year since I started reading such web sites, which would have been something like 2007. Unlike the rest of them, I’m not going to lie to you. Nah, I have some practical advice for the lonely hearts, instead.


’round about mid October, I got my ass on Plenty of Rotten Tuna, OKStupid, Stumble, Snatch dot Com, Bender, and all the similar sites, just to enjoy the show; and, what a show it is, too.


Every desperate slut within 500 miles has suddenly regained interest in a relationSHIT, conveniently right before the holidays, when they’re suddenly confronted with the fact that they’re alone and no one likes their dumb asses.


As much as we may like to deny it, there are certainly male correlates to the holiday wimminz on the dating sites. Just as Jane is ready to get down on all fours to take dick in return for not looking like a total loser to her parents at Christmas dinner, so is John ready to suffer through dinner at Jane’s father’s house, in order to get some cunt.


It might not even be sexual. Maybe he just wants a few facebook profile photos to show his skank-ho ex that he can pull a better looking piece of ass. Whatever his motivations, it is wild season on the internet.


So I’ve been hitting lots of new holes in the past few weeks, and striking out with orders of magnitude more than I land. Such is the way of the holiday hoez. And I don’t have any doubt that I’m not the only one.


Of course, if you are one of those nearsighted men who wants a relationSHIT at this time of the year, you might be deceived by the scarcity of responses in light of the overwhelming traffic. A few things you will want to remember, my brothers.


In the first place, you aren’t going to find a decent woman on the internet. The decent girls don’t get on Tinder or Bumble, because they don’t need to. What you will find on the internet are beyond being called prostitutes. A professional skank-ho at least has the dignity to perform a competent service, with a minimum of hassles, and leave when the transaction is concluded.


None of the skank-ho bitches you meet on the internet are worthy of a decent man’s time or attention. A more meaningful relationship can be fostered with a cat or dog, and there are plenty of those down at the shelter. You may have to feed a pet, but that pet will not fuck your friends, wreck your car, or sue you for lifetime alimony.


Every bitch on the fucking sites has taken miles of cock, and no matter how sweet or innocent little Janie looks in her profile photos, it’s a safe bet that she sees you as nothing more than a new piece of furniture, to be used only so long as you continue to be amusing, and to be discarded the moment you become inconvenient.


So you can start crying tears at the fact that little Janie has quit responding to your messages, and send her ever more invitations to connect, making yourself look more like a thirsty simp. Or you can message Susie, Staci, Josie and Amy, and let one or more of them worship your cock, until that day that little Janie decides she actually does want a new rocking chair (with penis attached) and finally calls you up.


You can be absolutely certain that you are not the first chair that little Janie has lowered herself onto — in fact, your turn will most likely be in the mid three digits. No matter how tough you might be, or what a good earner you are, little Janie has already seen every simp move you can make, and your lovesick messages telling her how she’s “the one” is about as interesting to her as a Star Trek rerun.


When I was a little boy, I just assumed I would get married and have a wife, in whom I could confide things, through whom I would get children, and with whom I would build a complete life. Of course, when I was that age, I also assumed I’d get a flying car, just like the ones I saw on the Blade Runner movie, and I assumed that I’d be able to take a trip to Jupiter, just like I saw in 2001: A Space Odyssey.


I can keep wishing it were so, and by extension, wishing that I could bring back the innocent mentality of little Boxer who was naïve enough to build such mental castles-in-the-sky, and the minute I act on such immature wishes, I have set myself up as prey for a wimminz, who will eventually divide my life’s work up between herself, the state, and a bunch of scroungy divorce attorneys.


Or I can live in the real world, and accept the material conditions on the ground as they actually exist. Life is not all bad here. After work yesterday, I met Angie, and fucked her hard. Then I went directly from her house to Rachel’s, and after a late dinner, I fucked that bitch, too.


Angie texted me this morning, wanting to fuck again this weekend. Rachel texted me this morning, telling me that I was an asshole, and warning me to shape up or she’ll quit talking to me. I texted Angie back, in a noncommittal way, and ignored Rachel. Stacy also texted me, inviting me to her place on Saturday. I’ll probably accept.

Happy Halowe’en. Happy Veteran’s Day. In case I don’t see y’all, Happy Thanksgiving.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

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  1. “they’ll tell me about how our liberation from feminism is right around the corner”

    Meanwhile, I’m developing a thesis that we’re basically screwed. At least there is balance.

  2. Did you just read the same article about the motivations of suffragettes that I did?

  3. No, but Tyreese might have. He sent me all those humorous little cartoons. Post a link to the article here!

  4. What the anti-suffragette posters were pointing out was the true motivation of the suffragettes reason for the votes for women. Suffragettes wanted the right to vote so they could free themselves from family and patriarchal religion. It was a social revolution…and ‘women’s rights’ (to no fault divorce, abort their kids, and be the head over men).

  5. I’m developing a thesis that we’re basically screwed.

    I’m with you on that one. We’ve already lost the war, and we deserved it.

    If men want to devolve into weak simps, there’s nothing I can do to stop them. All I do with this blog is a frankfurt-school-inspired job of illustrating what could be, and isn’t.

  6. I have not…but when it comes to Marxism in regards to men and women and our relationship…it was turning the sexes into ‘classes’ and the relationship is mainly ‘master-slave’ or ‘tyrant-victim’ rather than the sexes are complimentary to each other.

  7. We come now to a last and very important fact, and that is that if we take our stand on universal adult suffrage, there being a vast majority of women in the population, we are simply handing over the whole administration of affairs to the female sex. At any time if the female sex chooses to vote solid it can upset the entire male vote. Now, I ask, are you prepared for this? And I think I need hardly say more on this point.

  8. This was the money line from what I read that cemented it…when they pointed out the suffragettes true motivation. And they got it.

    Suffragists still demand the vote. Why? Perhaps the answer is found in the cry of the younger suffragists: “We ask the vote as a means to an end—that end being a complete social revolution!” When we realize that this social revolution involves the economic, social, and sexual independence of women, we know that Gladstone had the prophet’s vision when he called woman suffrage a “revolutionary” doctrine.

    Woman suffrage is the political phase of feminism; the whole sweep of the relation of the sexes must be revised if the woman’s vote is to mean anything more than two people doing what one does now. Merely to duplicate the present vote is unsound economy. To re-enforce those who clamor for individual rights is to strike at the family as the self-governing unit upon which the state is built.

  9. A few years toad had a blog post at the peak the featured a friend of the Rockefeller family thing that women live with created so that they could tax both men and women and put children into the public school system
    There’s this mean we’re going around my circle of Facebook thing I wish I was certain certain age in a certain year. I wish I had been 21 in 1980 so I could’ve gotten married unfortunately my parents didn’t conceive me in 1969 they can see me in 1986.

  10. Fitting that I watched the 1984 British film “Threads” last night….all this talk of Russia on the news you would think we’re in the height of the ‘cold war’ again. If you have never seen it, it was a made for TV movie about the running up to, and nuclear war between the West and the Soviet Union. It took place in Sheffield, England. It was aired on PBS in the USA that December. I watched it with my parents. I was freaked out for the next six months. It still holds up. Watch it, if you dare 🙂

    After the fires up here. The non-stop political news on the TV and radio its gonna be a cactus christmas, thanksgiving, new years and dr. king day for this holiday season.

    There is really nothing left to do. I am taking a few weeks off in June 2020 to go camping back in the Adirondacks. Other than that, trying to get in a little better shape, keep slender, prepping and buying a new scooter.

    This past year has taught me: I am indeed middle aged now, and no, not a mess…….but I have to accept the hand I was dealt in this life. Things will just continue to swirl down the drain……even with impeachment, or even if Trump wins in 2020. Marriage will continue to decline, the debt will continue to skyrocket, Dalrock will continue to lecture about chivalry in the 12th century ruined men in in the 21st one. DS will continue to tell us to bench press in order to find that rare unicorn (that are everywhere) and the terms Alpha and Beta will be come more weaponized.

    What of it? All most men can do now is just get in the best shape that they can. Get out of debt…..and well, carry on until its time to bug out, or bug in…… to Bodega Bay for the weekend. Trusting my scoooter won’t quit going over the coastal mountains

  11. “the terms Alpha and Beta will be come more weaponized”

    I can’t tell if what you wrote is coincidence or if you are referring to my comments. I agree with your assessment. As I noted:

    “…we no longer operate in a society where the alpha/beta male distinction typically has much practical significance”

  12. No, I mean it will become more amplified. Any man who takes “seconds” by another man is Beta. Any man who gets up, goes to work, does the best he can is Beta. Any man who performs a soft act of kindness, or regret is a Beta. Any man that actually loves his wife is a Beta. Any man that actually tries to improve himself in any way or fashion is a Beta. Alpha’s? They were perfect from day one by genetics, place and class by birth.

    This is where its been accelerating, and from my understanding…..just about all men in the man-o-sphere……according to them are natural Alphas. Anyone else who dares stray off the narrower and anrrower path of what is one is now “hopelessly beta” and I find these terms used in the christian man-o-sphere more than than the secular one now. Hows that for “love”?

    The modern usage of Alpha Man btw was coined by a feminist writer named “Naomi Wolfe” shows the real underpinnings of their manhood right there to me.

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