Pinging all trolls… Pinging all trolls…

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The 23-year-old begged with Magistrates to impose an anonymity order on her trial to keep her case out of the public eye. Glencross’ lawyer Shelley Buchecker said there were multiple Facebook posts showing her client could be in danger following the savage beating. Goolang Magistrates’ Court, in Victoria, Australia, threw out the application under the presumption of open justice. It was ruled she would have to live with ‘demeaning and humiliating’ posts on social media after finding no evidence of threat among the messages. Open justice is based on the fundamental principle that the actions of the courts should be transparent to the public.

Apparently, there is one judge in Australia with the guts to say ‘no’ to the ho’. Good for him (or her).

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12 thoughts on “Pinging all trolls… Pinging all trolls…”

  1. Typical of th’ fembot wimminz .. they can dish it out but can’t take it .. “She’s a strong independent woman until she’s just a poor lil’ girl”.

    They (Assie Gov) should look into this request as a Mad-Cow infection .. or maybe she was just high on beaver tranquilizers when she asked for “immunity” a-non-uh-mass treatment .. heh

  2. ‘It was ruled she would have to live with ‘demeaning and humiliating’ posts on social media after finding no evidence of threat among the messages. ‘

    She should of thought of that before deciding to beat up an eldery woman.

    Also…she’s fat.

  3. What.. in the.. actual.. F*$! is THAT? Who let the hippo out of the zoo? And HOW do you get that fat by 23? Don’t tell me ‘thyroid’ nor ‘genetics’.

    Boxer, I know you don’t put much stake in physiology, but I’ll be damned if the appearance of people is not a dead give-away in many cases. And in her case, being 300-large tells me she’s toxic.

  4. As a side note ..

    We all know that th’ wimminz are the best primary care-givers to children and the elderly .. /S [1]

    I’m not sure if it qualifies but as a young man in high school we had a male substitute teacher tell a young male brat of a student that “he’d drop him like a used rubber” (after that male student challenged him to a fight).

    It’s so heart warming to see th wimminz doing the job men won’t used to do .. heh!

    [1] Teacher told Jewish children they’d be ‘sent to the gas chambers’ | Metro News

    A teacher told a class of primary school children that she would ‘ship them off to the gas chambers’ if they didn’t finish their work.

  5. Horrific moment two sisters mock disabled homeless woman for being a ‘HUNCHBACK’ then beat her senseless breaking her nose and eye socket

    I checked out the video but couldn’t make out the beatdown. A couple of thoughts:

    *In the video, note the car that stops. Someone seems to be yelling at princess to stop murdering the hobo. He doesn’t emerge from the car, and that is the world we live in. If you see some drunken cunt killing a wino, you had best not intervene, lest bitch accuse you of rape.

    *Imagine the wall-to-wall media coverage if men were beating up old pensioners and hobos. I can’t find these stories anywhere in the controlled American press. That is not an accident. Journalists in North America deliberately suppress such stories.

  6. State police are “considering” charges. In California they just shoot you, though “no one has a gun out here”

  7. Of note, Younger and Georgulas used an egg donor to conceive these kids. She isn’t a biological relation.

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