Studies in Parapraxis

When this character rambles on all stream-of-consciousness like, he ends up condemning himself. There are numerous examples, but this one at 31:35 is particularly humorous.

If you know how to apply the things that I cheat… er… teach

Thanks again to Jason for turning me on to this ham-fisted PUA.

Author: Boxer

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2 thoughts on “Studies in Parapraxis”

  1. He has a pedo face / smile.

    But that’s none of my business .. heh!

  2. He has a pedo face / smile…But that’s none of my business .. heh!

    While I don’t think there’s much to Gunner Q’s ideas about phrenology, I thought this guy had a distinctively “gay” vocal fry.

    Given that he’s a mystery-type PUA, this is not all that unusual and probably means nothing. Speaking like a valley girl and wearing a big fuzzy hat is apparently part of that schtick.

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