Coach Corey Wayne

Down below, Jason refers us to this character who calls himself “Coach Corey Wayne.”

Off topic, but someone sent me a “coach corey wayne” video about MGTOW. Never heard of this guy. Wish I hadn’t. If I ever meet him face to face, I will pull his skull through his large intestines.

This particular video actually reminds me of another simp, Dr. Nerdlove, who wrote a similar article back in 2012.

What truths to these men teach us?

The last technique I’ve used is to ignore her flaking out. I make other plans for the day and put her out of mind… until the day after. The day after the aborted date, I’ll either call – especially if I know I’m likely to get her voice mail – or send a text profusely apologizing for having forgotten that we were supposed to get together. After I give whatever bullshit excuse comes to mind – long night and overslept, got caught up by a deadline, something fairly minor – I’ll insist that I need to take her out in order to make it up to her. Again: this reframes the situation to where she is the offended party and feeling as though she’s owed something in recompense… especially if it’s being treated to a nice dinner.

When some useless cunt rudely wastes your time, you should reward her with an expensive night out at your expense. That sounds logical.

Do you gentlemen have any thoughts on this nonsense? Shout in the comments.

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  1. “Do you gentlemen have any thoughts on this nonsense?”

    One of the things my wife likes to do is watch evening trash TV depicting various relationship disasters. I sometimes watch with her. It’s an interesting way for me to bring in the topics we discuss on this blog. Last night, we watched the implosion of one sad couple who didn’t communicate because they were obsessed about controlling each other in the relationship. I commented to her that it is bizarre how couples don’t just keep their spouses informed about what’s going on. It’s not that hard. Instead, they lie and withhold information.

    The flaking technique given above encourages lying. Just like those idiots on TV who couldn’t do a relationship right if they tried, you can’t base a relationship on lies. My wife and I do not lie to each other. My parents have never lied to each other. I suspect Jason’s parents never made a habit of it either.

    If a woman or man thinks it’s okay to lie in a relationship, then it’s not going to work out. You might get some amazing empty sex and some sensual empty companionship, but it isn’t going to last. What replaces it is going to be miserable.

  2. I don’t know…….all the relationship advice I ever have been given over the decades seems to be: “Do this, and when she says this this….do that. If she does this, it means this……or if its after your second or third date it means this, but only on a Tuesday if the moon is full…..then it means……make sure you don’t ever buy her anything. Don’t be nice. Be masculine. By the time you have several women you are dating. Make sure you do this….”

    They must have very cold marriages, cold relationships and must be exhausted for holding “rock solid Frame” on just a date with countless women, keeping track of what ever ioi means and when. Dating is fun they say??????? Sounds like a full time job with little or no rewards. Oh, yeah… and bragging right on forums or with other guys. Big whoop.

    These men make it out as if they just stood there, and women came up to them and just started talking to them and they are doing “their fellow men” a great service to help them. I am really starting to believe that most could care less about you.

    How do these men have “great loving marriages” when they work all day, come home and now have a full time job of figuring out “what my wife really means when….”

    I don’t believe it. Derek doesn’t do this. Scott I know does’t do this. Mrs. Dalrock and Mrs. Rollo don’t do this. They have trust, friendship, love, a common goal for their marriages. It just didn’t happen by his amazing frame or game skills. Some of it was luck, some was timing….some was the attitude they both had when they met, dated and both realized they indeed wanted the same things.

  3. “They have trust, friendship, love, a common goal for their marriages. It just didn’t happen by his amazing frame or game skills. Some of it was luck, some was timing….some was the attitude they both had when they met, dated and both realized they indeed wanted the same things.”

    Jason, it is very frustrating that you know the secrets of a quality marriage and yet you are unmarried. There is nothing to sell in these truths. Very, very few bloggers and commenters on the ‘sphere have demonstrated these things that seem stupidly obvious to us.

    Now contrast this with the lie that you have to have sex in order to know if you are compatible for marriage. The statistics prove that nearly every women you might potentially marry will have long since given up her virginity. You could, theoretically, cave to their demands and have trial sex with these women. Maybe you’ll marry one, but it will be a coin flip as to whether it develops into trust, friendship, love, and a common purpose. It’s a lousy bet, even if you could pull it off. Rather than that, I hope one day you chance upon another woman like that nun and you don’t hesitate to marry her.

  4. Not going to happen Derek. There was a some hope for me as I entered into my forties I suppose. I don’t have the massive amount of energy and time to put forward of running “dating” profiles and I am not going to quit my job, move to Texas, or Alabama because there is a “match” or “connection” on some dating site. That has not happened btw. At my age trying to find a decent job IS hard in a new state, or region of the country. At 22, 25, or even 30 it is easier to drop it, and just go. We hear over and over that “money doesn’t matter” from the sphere, and then they turn on a dime and demand you to be a provider.

    Someone who codes for a living, or is freelance in certain fields can do this a bit easier. An excellent web developer could move to my hometown in the Adirondacks of New York State, and probably setup shop in-house and do okay if he wanted to live in that beautiful, gorgeous area. Someone with my skill set…… in commercial retail and property management cannot get a job in Bullfrog, North Dakota. I would be reduced to being a janitor or working at a diner. Noble and honest work……….and I have done it, and did it well, and would do it again if I had no choice. The sphere will tell a man, that he can get a good job anywhere even in his fifties. No. Not true. He could in certain skills and areas. Learn new skills? Most men do not have enough money saved to trade-in a career at 50 and start over. Yes, it happens.

    I think also in the end, if I had children already from a woman, was like Roosh and countless men that had plenty-o-dating and women BEFORE they met a wife….it would probably be easier to meet someone. You must remember at my age with zero dating experience. No children. A virgin. Very few women will want to invest time in that. Men are supposed to have tons of sex, get married……become christian….and get holy on everyone else about “dating and relationships”

    I missed the boat. I can’t blame myself, or anyone else for that matter. It was just circumstance.

  5. Do you gentlemen have any thoughts on this nonsense?

    Well I got stood up one time (and I still see her)…I didn’t and haven’t gave her a second chance nor really talked to her since. She also didn’t do anything to show remorse or apologize so I guess we learned what the situation truly was.

  6. Here it is. One of the people who read my take on MGTOW from my blog emailed me. Corey with that shit eating grin on his face mentions that “MGTOWs are a shit stain on humanity, and people need to remove them from their lives”
    Well….coming from “coach corey wayne” I guess we’d better all listen! LOL!

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