MGTOW in 2019

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The Aging Mods' Forgotten Story

I’ve said it before that I consider myself a “MGTOW” but the greater MGTOW online sphere……be it in the incel community, the game / pua / frame side of things, or the man-o-sphere MGTOW’s don’t consider me one. That’s fine.

Everyone today seems to have “invented” MGTOW, or knows exactly when it came about. Let me tell you a little secret, just between you and me.

It’s always been around.

It has gained vast popularity over the past decade for the truth that it is indeed just a framework of how to live your life as a man concerning the nature of women. This is where the “sticky” differences over what it is or isn’t have become a topic of contention in the past five years or so. MGTOW has become popular because of the Internet. Whereas you had to come to foundations of MGTOW on your own a short…

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