Fauxcahontas in Lead!

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It seems that kooky Joe Biden is sliding into that dark night of nutcase obscurity, with more rapidity than I could predict. Taking his place is none other than Elizabeth Warren, better known as Fauxcahontas.


Warren is a clever attorney who advanced her career by smearing herself with red shoe polish, pretending to be a first nations / native american. In reality, she’s as white as I am.


After her redface scam played out, she began pretending to be some radical leftish reformer who was going to stand up for working families. She has been running this con ever since. In reality, Elizabeth Warren is the democrat version of Ted Cruz: a degenerate insider pretending to be a maverick.

If anyone is thinking of voting for this old bag, I would like to personally posit a more authentic candidate. Don’t vote Fauxcahontas. Vote Smokohantas instead!

Author: Boxer

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3 thoughts on “Fauxcahontas in Lead!”

  1. It doesn’t matter what liar that party chooses to play in the Presidental theater…all of them are frauds.

    Frankly I’m surprised there isn’t more video evidence of Creepy Joe groping women on the campaign trail.

  2. If the Founders could have foreseen what American elections have degenerated into, they would have probably just let us stay a colony of the British Crown.

  3. This is some food for thought, but it is too little too for these type of videos, however it is interesting to see how much worse it is going to get for men and MGTOW is the only way. I am sad to see so many men being so blue pilled in this day and age of misandry and societal collapse.

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