The Hilarious Implosion of Joe Biden…


I would have liked to have titled this article: The Hilarious Implosion of Joe Biden and The Panic of the Managerial Class, but this blog has its limits. In any event, one proposition entails the other, so I suppose it would be superfluous.

The managerial class was posited by Ehrenreich (John or Barbara, I don’t know which) as a defense mechanism of late-stage capitalism. Post-industrial societies come to be managed by talented members of what used to be the proletarian class, rather than controlled by the owners of the means of production. I think it’s a clever explanation, and if I’m using it to backdrop this illustration of contemporary politics, I’d put my friends at the establishment media outlets as the official organists of the managerial class.

Those same wonderful souls are beginning to screech, and the din is as sweet music to my ears…

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 20.16.51

The hack pseudojournalists who spend all day telling us that skank-ho wimminz need more rights at the expense of healthy families, and that fathers are superfluous, have apparently woken up to the dreadful reality: their hand-picked candidate, Joe Biden, is too old, unhealthy and stupid to take his place as their doddering figurehead.

The panic is beginning.

One would expect, after four years of lackluster performance by President Trump, that the opposition would be in an excellent position to retake the White House. That reasonable assumption conceals a painful naïveté, because as anyone familiar with American politics ought to know, the Dems are really great at losing. AOC and Tulsi Gabbard are economic populists, and when it comes to things that matter, they agree with the orange devil in the oval office more often than not. Kamala Harris, who would have been a managerialist surrogate, is all washed up (thanks to the aforementioned Tulsi). The Zombie Cunt Hillary, who is currently braying like a jackass on her book tour, may find a way into the race, but that’s looking more and more unlikely. Elizabeth Warren, who is the managerialist’s fake radical (she’s the liberal democrat version of Ted Cruz) is currently scrambling to explain some unusual correspondence she had with a U.S. Marine.

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The managerialist press is working overtime these days, and it’s hilarious.

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 20.35.27

Joe Biden may have once been a reasonable man, but that was a very long time ago. In the last couple of decades he painted himself as the ideologue who convinced Barack Obama to nullify due process for millions of American college boys. He constantly boasts about muscling the (misnamed) Violence Against Women Act through congress, and he played a key role in starting America’s disastrous invasion of Afghanistan, which has left tens of thousands of American men dead and disabled. It’s almost a shame he won’t get the nomination, because nobody deserves to be the target of the Trump war machine more than he does.

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  1. Uh’Merica is a (second rate) third world chit-hole .. it won’t dawn on any of the lemmings till we are a First Rate (third world) Chit-Hole!

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