We Need To Respect Wimminz!

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Ol’ jug ears here just got acquitted of attempted murder. The cunt pass in action, all the way. She did get convicted of assault, and she’ll be sentenced in December.

Here’s the back story…

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12 thoughts on “We Need To Respect Wimminz!”

  1. She won’t be able to “bid her number up” with my favorite line: I’m someone’s mother! She had some big handles on the side of her head.

  2. Just another mother in Merica wanting to do a very late term abortion.

  3. She looks like a female demon. Again, I ask: who would breed with THAT?!

  4. feeriker….the answer is simple to your question “who would breed that”

    the man who would do this is what we call a PUA or “Game” advocate. He used his amazing charm, skills, confidence and bedded this woman….told all his friends she was 8/9 in looks……….and that was that. These Game retards are still in 2019 totally convinced on their importance in the world……and instead of using these supposedly “foolproof” skills on actually attractive women for this purpose (getting sex) they spend all their time on women who look like this, claim a “victory” and “it works” and forgetting how desperate and thirsty they are.

    Still looking for the chapter in the Game manuals about STD / STI’s, how to deal with a woman who says “she can’t get pregnant…but suddenly voila….she does (so many “jesus” babies born since the arrival of PUA / Game). Gamme is so foolproof, and your brimming confidence is so mind blowing to the woman…because that is ALL she wants in men. Just confidence….there is no need to discuss #metoo and the like….and this nonsense still makes women “worth” pursing and a “prize” to be won…………..yet they call men like me “chumps” and “blue pilled”

    I’ll take a dump in my trousers if the man in question who fathered the child wasn’t a Game advocate

  5. Honeycomb. I don’t think he could have, and even if he could……….he probably didn’t want the drama of even a woman in her thirties because most still act, behave and THINK they are as hot as they were when they were nineteen.

    Though this new one may be “calmed down” a bit, by her sign on her “wedding pic” (Mrs. ‘always’ Right) he still may be in for some serious drama. Yes, he had the ‘religious’ ceremony a few months back. Christians will hail this as “see, he’s so into Jesus……..come on men, just man up before god”

    Never mind that his divorce wasn’t even final. Kinda like Newt Gingrich giving his terminal wife divorce papers to sign while she is sick from chemo…..or what’s his name….the football player who is some “devout christian’ but only dates supermodels, lived with them before marrying one of them and is hailed as some “real christian man”

    Hence the faith loses more traction. No congrats to this man……the x will be taking him back to court (they always do) and this new wife will keep his nads in her 5000.00 Coach purse I am sure (that he bought)

  6. Sir, did you mean to spell reject wrong in the title ?

  7. Sir, did you mean to spell reject wrong in the title ?

    You’re right! It’s a real shame whoever impregnated this sadistic bitch didn’t get that advice, too.

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