A Haloween Story


Richard Davis, at right, fought a heroic battle with the divorce courts.

Some stories I run across are so utterly horrifying that I can scarcely interpret the evil behind them. This is one of those tales.

Up above we see Richard Davis, smiling with his daughter, Janiyah. This happy looking photo conceals the fact that Janiyah had a very difficult life. She was born to an irresponsible dope-addled bitch. At birth, baby Janiyah was removed from the care of her mother, but she was never allowed to see or visit her father or any of her paternal relatives. Instead, some black robed faggot in the fake family court sent her into a foster home. This is, of course, all by design. The “best interest of the child,” to be sure.

Rather than wander off dejected, our man Richard raised some money and took the fight to the enemy. Years of court battles ensued, until he finally got custody of his little kid. This is, in itself, an incredible accomplishment. I wish I could stop here. Unfortunately, this is the point where the story gets truly ugly.


Murdering Cunt Shevhuan Miller

At some point in the past, Richard met a skank-ho bitch named Shevhuan Miller. I am unclear on the details, but it is established that they were together while Richard was fighting the costly and tedious battle for custody of his own little kid.

Let’s see what the lying pseudojournalists in the scroungy media can tell us about what happened next…

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 00.10.25

Leaving your child in the care of a ho’ is a very, very foolish thing to do. If I had a little child, I’d consider it about as sensible to leave the kid in the care of my latest tinder slut, as to let her toddle around in the tiger’s cage at the zoo.

We can judge brother Richard (and perhaps we should) but we should also remember the awesome power that these skanks wield over a man’s emotional state. A wimminz is a master liar and manipulator from birth, and most men are very easily controlled.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 00.23.03

So, this murdering slag with the unpronounceable name is arrested. Let’s see what bitch has to say for herself.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 00.19.43

I can’t fault Richard for not being there. I’d also like to see some video of the hearing. I’d be surprised if this bitch wasn’t laughing and goofing off.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 00.25.36

And now for the turn in the article… we shall see the rehabilitation of this murderous whore, right before our eyes, with the help of none other than Richard’s auntie!

Watch closely and see the magic of slanted journalism and female solidarity…

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 00.29.46

Bitch has just murdered a little kid, but she’s a real nice girl… She ‘dindu nuffin’… Time for the judge to plea bargain her down to jaywalking, and cunt pass her right out of the jailhouse, so she can go beat some more babies to death.

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 23.31.37

This kid deserved to grow up in a safe, normal, two-parent family. Sadly, she was born into a nation filled with single moms and rootless sluts. All her father’s heroic efforts weren’t enough to save her.

Read the whole depressing article at R-J

Author: Boxer

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  1. Do you think more children are killed by men or women? (Not including abortions which is a whole other issue.)

  2. Time for the judge to plea bargain her down to jaywalking, and cunt pass her right out of the jailhouse…

    This one’s a twofer: a cunt AND black skin. No way will she not walk.

  3. No, am not Karen. Actually trying to find an answer to my question since I cannot find any statistics on this. Maybe the answer is women; I really don’t know.

  4. “Do you think more children are killed by men or women? (Not including abortions which is a whole other issue.)”

    When I discussed breast cancer and abortion, I noted that some events are so rare that they defy detailed statistical analysis. For example, the death of a mother as a result of pregnancy is so small and the causes so varied that it is silly to bring it up in the abortion discussion. We must be very careful when discussing the statistics of rare events.

    The vast majority of child deaths are caused by abortion (as noted), accidental and health related causes, suicide, and homicide, in that order descending. We’ve ruled out the first two groups from our interest, so let’s focus on the last two.

    Suicide rates are higher in males, so, ironically, boys are most likely to be killed by themselves. You wouldn’t know this by listening to the feminist media. Young males, especially teenagers and young adults, are at much greater risk of suicide death. This will continue for their whole lives. For all the attention spent on the emotional needs of girls, it is boys who are most neglected.

    Leading causes of death for child homicides are beatings and suffocations. Like rape, the highest risk of homicide of children is from their parents or someone they know. Offenders are disproportionately women. Gender of the victim is irrelevant. There are less than 100,000 child homicides worldwide each year. In America the rate is 2.6 per 100,000 (less than half of the world average rate). To put this in perspective, this is about two to three times (an order of magnitude) greater than the chance a mother will die due to complications related to childbirth. Child homicide is the only major cause of child death that has increased in America over the last 30 years.

  5. Regarding homicides by females, the DOJ report is quite revealing. It is so informative that I’ll quote it here at length. My commentary follows.

    “In general, women kill much less frequently than men. However, one-quarter of the
    victims in killings by women are juveniles. Women are responsible for 43 percent of the deaths of children under age 12 who are killed by identifiable persons, a percentage that has been relatively stable since the 1980s. Women overwhelmingly kill very young children (75 percent of their juvenile victims are under age 6) and members of their family (79 percent). Thus, women who kill are heavily concentrated in child maltreatment homicides and infanticides. [..] Interestingly, 20 percent of the homicides of children committed by female offenders involve an additional offender, almost always a male accomplice. Women who kill children are more likely to be labeled mentally ill than men who kill children and are somewhat more likely to commit suicide. Researchers also have highlighted differences between young, unmarried females who commit infanticide (often by suffocation or strangulation) and older, married females who beat children to death in child maltreatment homicides.”

    Women, when they kill, disproportionately kill children. They further disproportionately kill the most vulnerable: infants and small children under age 6. This is why abortion is anything but irrelevant. Abortion, infanticide, and toddler murder are all the same crime. And we know from statistics that the child homicide incidence has, against all odds, increased in the last 30 years.

    The DOJ noted that in 20% of cases, women enlist the assistance of a male to help them. This is a classic application of Dalrock’s Law of Feminism.

    The DOJ noted that women are highly likely to get what Boxer calls the “cunt pass”, their behavior being excused by their mental health condition. Despite men having higher rates of mental illness leading to suicide (as discussed above), there is no corresponding pass for men.

    Young women prefer infanticide by suffocation and strangulation, which leaves fewer marks. As they get older and more brazen, they tend to prefer beating. There are interesting implications in this that might bear further hypothesis testing and analysis. Some quick possibilities: (1) Wimminz get more wimminzy the older they get; (2) stay away from single mothers; (3) Marry young and marry virgins, don’t marry used women; (4) they get more bitter, their hearts growing colder and colder, as they get older.

    These statistics and conclusions are reflected in the wide number of stories that Boxer has covered on this blog over the years. This is not a case of selective bias, but rather, an accurate portrayal of reality. Nevertheless, as I noted in the last comment, these are rare events and we must be careful with drawing statistical inferences beyond the strength of the data.

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