Boxer’s Parade of Simps!


A Simp and his Skank-ho Princess

In what was supposed to be a nice photo, we see the father-and-daughter baseball bat murderers Tom Martens and Molly Corbett. Molly, who is still using her victim’s surname, was a skanky nanny who seduced a poor widower named Jason, after being hired to look after his children.


Jason Corbett: Dead As Dirt

Molly convinced her chump to liquidate all his property, abandon his family in Ireland, and take his two kids to North Carolina, to live with her. Like an idiot, he did so. This was an incredibly bad decision. Jason ended up dead, because he could not say ‘no’ to a ho’.

After only a couple of years in America, Jason soon got sick of his skank-ho wife and her weird relationship with her father. Police say he was planning to divorce the bitch, and take his two kids (from his deceased wife) back to Ireland. That’s when things got ugly. Molly-skank convinced her simp of a father, a former F.B.I. agent, to help her kill her victim, and to assist her in tampering with evidence so that they’d get away with the crime. The rest is history.

The murderers brutally beat Jason to death with a baseball bat, and then staged their horrible crime as though it was a “domestic violence” situation.

911 DISPATCHER: Davidson County 911…

TOM MARTENS: My son in law, uh, got in a fight with my daughter. I intervened and he’s in bad shape. We need help.

911 DISPATCHER: OK. What do you mean he’s in bad shape? He’s hurt?

TOM MARTENS: He’s bleeding all over and I – I may have killed him.

TOM MARTENS: He’s covered in blood

911 DISPATCHER: Alright, listen carefully. I’ll tell you how to do chest compressions. I’ll set a pace for you. … One, two, three, four.


Mug Shot Time for Simp and his Slut Daughter

After giving their false statements to local police, Dad and his slut daughter turned all their attention on eliminating the two heirs to Jason’s estate: his little children. The first thing Dad and his cunt daughter did was to file for an emergency order from the courts to take the kids. In the mean time, they instructed their attorneys to block the children’s biological relatives from having any contact with them. The babies’ auntie describes her feelings during this time:

Tracey Lynch: I was terrified.

Maureen Maher: What were you terrified about?

Tracey Lynch: I was terrified she would kill them.

Maureen Maher: You thought that Molly might kill the children?

Tracey Lynch: Absolutely.

In an unusually wise decision, the family courts in North Carolina found in favor of the children’s family, rather than the murderers of their father, and the kids were finally released.

You can read more about this sad case here.

Simp Tyrone Muhammad arrested

I’d like you boys to watch the original raw video which starts about one minute in. One can also find it on worlstarrrr. It just came out this week, and I find it quite interesting.

One of the most notable aspects is the relationship between this poor chump, Tyrone Muhammad, and the bitch behind the camera, who is ordering him to do her dirty work. I note the following curiosities:

  • No (normal, heterosexual) man patronizes a nail salon, so no (normal, heterosexual) man would have any cause to be upset at the proprietors.
  • While we might excuse Tyrone’s actions if the nail salon had done physical damage to his wife or sister, Tyrone is unmarried, and he never specifies what the motivations are, other than “disrespect.”
  • When is someone going to stand up for Black men, who are largely victimized by Black women, through child-support and domestic violence laws?

Tyrone is the sort of unthinking simp who did not have the presence of mind to laugh at this bitch, and tell her to go get her own dumb self arrested. Now he is facing months in prison, for defending the “honor” of a bunch of bitches in his community who have zero respect for him. Don’t be like Tyrone. Say ‘no’ to the ho’.

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  1. MGTOW is a necessary first step, a rite of passage, for boys.

    A boy needs to learn how to live in a world that clearly doesn’t revolve around women.

    Sure, the man-made systems may be bent or converged or broken, but when men stop playing the game, how many more rounds would it keep going?

    MGTOW is a key, and in order to keep people from unlocking the chains that key belongs to, they’ll act as if anyone who is using the key would be a demonstration of weakness.

    “A real man woulnd’t need a key to break chains like that!”

    The stories you have shared today are a cautionary tale for what happens when folks try to test such a claim. Thank you for sharing these stories.

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