Abortion As Pastime

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Those of us who are woke to the abortion issue recognize it for what it is: a refuge for the lazy and the irresponsible. The vast majority of clinic patrons, at least in the U.S.A., are not underage rape victims or mothers who have contracted some life-altering disease. They are life’s failures, who choose to have anonymous sex, with no planning, and who then show up at the doctor’s, to kill the children they somehow didn’t realize would be the result of their poor life choices.

And now it’s time for me to segue into the point of this article. I’m sure my readers (all three of them) are waiting for the punch-line, the apex, the denouement. Without any further delay, I will now introduce you to a gaggle of bozos who are even more disgusting than the irresponsible assholes we enjoy scoffing at on this blog. There are actually people who get a sick thrill out of killing their kids. You’ll find them boasting on Reddit… the front page of the internet.


Occasionally, someone shows up on their newsgroup, aghast at its stated purpose, wondering if these dopes are actually serious. Let’s hear from Oolaiva, who asked that redundant question a year ago…

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Ooliava’s friend seems to be seriously fucked in the head, and in a normal society, she’d be in a mental hospital. Of course, in clown-world, Ooliava’s sister is free to keep breeding and killing… her body, her choice.

Ooliava wonders if dozens of abortions might, say, fuck up her pal’s body? Almost immediately, Klaus appears, to lecture all us normals on how healthy and normal this bizarre kink actually is.

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Yeah, Ooliava, why you gotta be such a busybody? Let folks like Klaus alone, to keep aborting his own kids!

Suddenly, 1972POV arrives, to express his disapproval. He seems way too sensible for this bunch. Fortunately, short-tingles is on hand to set him straight.

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That’s right, you asshole. Abortion is “morally sound,” (whatever that means) so you should mind your own bizniss.

At about this point, Aborterrific appears, to agree and amplify. Let’s listen to this clown’s words of pseudowisdom, as he waxes all philosophical, with the eloquence of Hegel himself…

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Such an exciting and romantic fetish! Let’s all get pregnant and have a series of abortions (at public expense, naturally) to express our love for each other!

Cometh now a fine, upstanding gent who calls himself “rapebreeder,” who would like to tell his story…

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I tend to doubt the veracity of all this… DNA evidence would land such a creep in the clink in short order, but at least he has a safe space on Reddit to express his feverish fantasies.

The next time Planned Parenthood spins a bunch of stories about poor mothers and deformed kids in an attempt to get a donation, remember the fine folks of Reddit, who were good enough to shed light on where your money is actually going. As always, don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to the ho’!

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5 thoughts on “Abortion As Pastime”

  1. I’m pretty sure any woman who has an abortion has her womb filled with demons afterwards. Or at the very least becomes possessed.

    Much like that one crazy lady who beat herself up and then falsely accused the guy in your next story. I’d ask how many abortions she’s had.

  2. Folks are breeding themselves out of existence, and on the way down are competing for social status based on how effective they are at accomplishing extinction for themselves and others.

    Truly is a culture of death. Thank God for alternatives.

  3. ” I’m sure my readers (all three of them) ”

    Hey, I got that reference! *Looks at the talk-show camera for it to pan on him, high-fives the guy sitting adjacent*

    Tongue-in-cheek mentions aside, I am bewildered that anyone could view breeding as a fetish. Basic procreation is odd, a kink?

  4. Yes breeding is a fetish. Check out the erotica section on Amazon or Eden Books. Or more specialty sites, if you want the really freaky stuff. Lactation is also a fetish (Google hucow). I make my living writing naughty books, but some of these kinks scare even me.

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