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Another skank single-mom cunt has brutalized another little kid. This happens on a near daily basis in our twisted society, and I wonder when we’re going to get a collective clue about how to deal with these bitches.

A three-month old little kid’s bones are not fully formed, and fractures in cartilaginous tissues are incredibly difficult to cause. These injuries are surely greenstick fractures, caused by someone bending the poor child’s arms and legs into ninety degree angles. It is pretty much impossible to do such things accidentally, of course.

Needless to say, this child’s father is nowhere to be found. No doubt he has been chased away by child support enforcement. This filthy wimminz is an absolute sadist and she needs to be locked up. Unfortunately, we can expect that this toxic whore will be cunt-passed into a jaywalking conviction, and cut loose later this week, to do it all again.

In other news, Gunner Q lifted my content without proper credit and ran with it, producing a detailed article about the assholes behind the phony ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ review aggregator. You guys should go check it out.

I don’t care if my readers steal my work. All the content here is the collective property of men everywhere. Even so, if you write something worth reading, kicking a backlink in will get my audience to your site.

Down below, jg1 wrote a series of comments detailing the takeover of Dalrock’s comment section by Vox Day’s pet idiots. This is a hilarious turn of events, which explains all the “new” traffic my blog has seen this week.

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In one of the funniest exchanges I’ve seen recently, the feminist SirHamster suggests his critics post proof of his dishonesty

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Anyone who frequents Dalrock’s blog should feel absolutely free to “put up” SirHamster’s history of false accusations of rape, transvestism and pedophilia. These lies are always told against manosphere authors who are more accomplished, more intelligent, and more grounded than he is: well-respected thinkers and accomplished military officers are his typical targets. As such, whoever he is kooking out about now ought to take his angst as proof of his own inherent superiority.

While I haven’t bothered to get any intel on the kook behind the SirHamster sock, he’s almost certainly in his 40s or 50s, given his endless tirades against MGTOW-minded brothers. I would bet money that he has at least one (and probably several) skank-ho slut daughters who are riding the Tinder carousel. The one thing he seems to fear most is the fact that none of you young brothers are game to pay princess’ bills, when she decides she’s “had her fun, and is now ready to settle down in a serious relationship.”

Back in my teenage years, I used to love to torment such bozos by socking up and laughing at them on usenet newsgroups. I don’t have the time for such stuff now, but I have archived enough embarrassing material that this idiot has vomited up into the discourse to make it easy for some enterprising young troll to have a bit of fun. Feel free to use one of my old sigs, if you’re game, and tell the idiot that Boxer sent you.

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The Brethren will Rise Again!

Author: Boxer

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13 thoughts on “What Else Is New?”

  1. Bro Boxer: If I lift something without a mention, credit, or hat tip. Feel free to email me. It isnt out of malice. It might be laziness.

  2. Hey Matt:

    If I lift something without a mention, credit, or hat tip. Feel free to email me. It isnt out of malice. It might be laziness.

    We’re all good communists here on this blog, and no one here cares about copyright infringement. Even so, if you write a quality rebuttal or expansion, let the four regular readers of this blog know, so that they can come enjoy it.

    I really enjoy your articles, by the way. Great blog, and I’m glad you found me. Keep it up.

  3. Dalrock’s blog sux. It’s now riddled with holier than thou pious cats casting accusations at others at their weaknesses and show that the they are pure as the driven snow. When a blog stagnates and it ends up as a Mobius strip, then its time to look elsewhere for stimulation and different ideas.
    The other sychophant of Vox is the blogger Didact. He worships the path that Vox walks. He too despises MGTOW and I asked questions about one blog post looking down on our ilk and he wrote a “Domain Query” about the questions asked and basically called me a loser for my life’s decisions. It seems that I was not man enough to sacrifice myself at the alter of the divorce grinder.

  4. This filthy wimminz is an absolute sadist and she needs to be locked up.

    Only after being sterilized. That needs to happen to ALL single mommy skank-ho slores who neglect or abuse their children.

  5. Part I
    One guess of the young babies gender .. since not mentioned .. it’s an automatic .. MALE.

    Press gender supression success rate 100%.

    Part II
    As for lifted material .. it shouldn’t be hard to offer credit .. but not necessary if you’re lifting my posted stories .. I lifted’em too .. and I always offer a link.

    Part III
    Dalrock .. never heard of her .. 😉

  6. “In other news, Gunner Q lifted my content without proper credit”

    I hadn’t read your article and there’s no overlap in content. You know I reference my sources and don’t mind hat tipping or linkage. I saw the story on Breitbart.


    Last month, Rotten Tomatoes said it had added more than 600 new critics to its review platform in the past year, more than half of which were women.

    “There’s still lots to do, but we’ve learned a lot,” said Paul Yanover, president of Fandango, Rotten Tomatoes’ parent company.

    And down the rabbit hole I went.

  7. Basically all Vox did with his ‘gamma’ creation was point out effeminate behavior in men. The ironic part is that he often displayed such behavior too (wearing a tutu when he called out one of this adversaries who took a photo wearing a dress). Basically all the top sphere guys are jockeying for position to be the king of the effeminates.

  8. Needless to say, this child’s father is nowhere to be found. No doubt he has been chased away by child support enforcement.

    Or just as likely he was a playa who promised to stay and father the kid but then bailed when the next loose woman came about. The main problem all this ‘sex is just for fun and pleasure with strangers’ nonsense is that the main purpose is still procreation. Hence quite often both men and women want to get out of that responsibility either through abandonment, abortion, or some after birth action hoping it somehow kills the kid.

  9. Honeycomb, the article says it was a daughter.

    A relative used to foster. One of my favorite of her kids was a sweet, bright little boy who had x-ray evidence of multiple fractures over a period of months. He went to a semifunctional grandmother, I think, and his mom produced another baby that went into the foster system. Depressing.

  10. Re: Daughter ..

    If it did .. I missed it ..

    My automatic response is male unless explicitly stated otherwise.

  11. Honeycomb, the article says it was a daughter.

    My automatic response is male unless explicitly stated otherwise.

    You’re giving these wimminz far too much credit. They don’t care enough to put any higher reasoning into their antics. They just see a little child and associate it with some sentient being that they can inflict some of their own internal misery onto.

    Little Nalania’s dad, for instance, thought he’d get on Tinder to meet a quality female. That was his first mistake. He made a second: Like a moron, he let her drive his little girl someplace.


    Turns out the bitch was not only married, but also a murderous whore, and now that little girl is dead. Murdering ho’ didn’t care that it was a girl, rather than a boy. Ho’s dim peanut brain just registered “victim,” and it was off to the races.

    Had that poor man read my field guide to online dating, his child would be alive today. Let this be a lesson…

  12. I could not refrain from commenting. Well written!

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