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So, last night, five minutes after I got done fucking some progressively feminist lawyer-ho’, she alluded to the latest pop-media fueled outrage that a nice male-feminist like me just had to commiserate with. Apparently, Dave Chappelle is in the crosshairs for making fun of trannies.

Bitch is apparently unaware that I got kicked offa twitter for that, but whatever. I did what I always do when a slut wants to pretend to lecture about politics: I sat quietly, while laughing inside, as her voice rose and fell, and her hands moved all dramatically. Then I resolved to watch whatever it was she was telling me that I should never, ever watch, and less than an hour later, I did exactly that.

The show in question is entitled Sticks and Stones, and it’s entirely relevant to the shit I’ve been talking about on this blog for the past six years. The show begins by lampooning the public’s tendency to impoverish talented people (like Louis CK) at the behest of the feminist cranks in the #MeToo movement, and segues into comparing a wimminz’ right to abortion to a man’s obligation to pay child support for a kid that isn’t his.

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Rotten Tomatoes Suggests You Not Watch Chappelle

The Atlantic calls it an angry tantrum, The Root calls it stale and lazy, and Vice (that cucked out celebration of sodomy and drug abuse) warns its readers not to watch it. I don’t know how much dogwhistling a normal man can take before he makes it a point to download and enjoy it, but I watched it last night, and I found it both funny and insightful.

On a personal level, I’ve always liked Chappelle anyway. He’s the son of a Christian priest who converted to Islam, and he had the number one comedy show on cable before bailing out and going anonymous. In that regard, despite being a married family man, he’s also the archetypical MGTOW. Celebrity and pretense means nothing to this man. He tells it like it is, whether you like it or not.

Did you watch his routine? What did you think? Shout out in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle on Wimminz”

  1. I’ve watched the bits and pieces of it I could find on youtube…but I’ve always liked Chappelle’s bits (minus his Michael Jackson take) and his old show. Anything that causes the baby leftists to piss their pants must be good.

  2. Saw the Jussie Smollet “segment” and laughed. Really laughed. The predom black audience was rolling in laugher as well. Chappelle doesn’t care. His comedy is some social commentary telling us all it’s okay. Everyone in the 1990’s was telling me how “funny” Seinfeld was………..and how “edgy” he was. How daring his comedy and show was!

    Really? My take was a group of whiney NYC Jews who went to a restaurant, always looking for some sort of scam to get something for free and showed us how boring NYC really is.

    Was never a huge Chappelle show fan for the fact that “I’m Rick James b*tch” got old really quick. The “I know black people” segment I related real well to at the time since I was then like now dancing to classic northern soul / r&b music at predom black clubs. No. I never had a problem with anyone, “now give me my watch back!” (lol).

    Mick Jagger on the 1973 Rolling Stones lp “Goats Head Soup” which had two big hits “Heatbreaker” and “Angie” closed with the song they tried to name “Starf*cker” but changed to “Star Star” which outlined some of the antics of women at their shows and backstage. Mick said of the forced name change of the song “It’s a shame because if women can do that, I can certainly write and sing about that”

    I’ll defend Chappelle for the same reasons.

  3. That was funny. We needed the part about why he wasn’t in the R. Kelly documentary I actually Peed on mysel I was laughing so hard.

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