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I have a ton of work to do, and I also don’t want to break up the current argument that’s raging downstream. So, I’m just popping in to plug some worthwhile research I found others doing…

In case you didn’t know, men-factor will remind you: Wimminz are such beautiful creatures…


Matt has a fun(ny) and depressing article up illustrating that: Human Resources isn’t.

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Jack Donovan wants you to get your priorities straight.

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Female Entitlement


Vasily Neyasov: Man from the Urals (1959)

Back in the old days, it was customary for men to treat random, unknown females with a certain measure of respect and decorum. Such demands were placed on us by default. These demands were reasonable, in historical context, because the average woman was:

  • not allowed to be a “loud and proud” skank-ho bitch
  • not allowed to whore around openly
  • faithfully married to a man who was busy building civilization
  • the mother of such a man’s children

Women grew entitled to such courtesies, and began expecting them as a matter of course, even as they agitated for the right to not marry, refuse motherhood, whore around openly, and shoot their mouths off in public.

Thanks to filthy skank-ho wimminz, we now live in a feminist matriarchy, where all the worst female behavior is explicit everywhere. Despite their “liberation,” wimminz still expect men to keep up their end of the bargain they broke. While many wimminz are too stupid to understand the consequences of their pathetic collective behavior, some wimminz actually have the temerity to whine in the press about the results of their pathetic “revolution,” which any intelligent person could have predicted from the get.

Comes now Lizzy Acker, to lecture us on our duties.


This article has been redacted, with inline responses, to demonstrate a transformative purpose. The link is above, and I encourage all my readers to peruse the original.

In several days, I will be 38 weeks pregnant, and I ride the bus twice a day.

Good for you, Lizzie!

…I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon on the bus. When it’s full, usually when I stop in the morning for a chocolate croissant or when I am heading home from downtown in the afternoon, the people who give me their seat are almost exclusively women, and usually older women.

That’s nice of them. Sisters doing it for themselves, and all that jazz.

The priority seating area is frequently full of young-ish people, a lot of them men, with headphones on, entranced with their phones. They don’t even glance up to see who might have just walked onto the bus.

The atomized dystopia we live in is a direct result of radical feminists, exactly like yourself. You and your sisters engineered this mess, and now you have the audacity to complain about it.

Not only do they ignore me, the very pregnant lady, I’ve seen them ignore elderly people with canes or heavy bags.

I expect they would. In a world where every polite gesture is used against them, as an excuse to accuse them of sexual harassment, it’s safer just to keep one’s headphones in.

Recently I was on a bus where an older woman gave me her priority seating seat. Then another pregnant woman got on and another older woman gave her her priority seat. The young men occupying the other seats just sat there.

Am I crazy to find this behavior annoying and antisocial?

Radical feminists have created a world in which men are punished for their kindnesses, and where every healthy male instinct toward civilization is used against them. Our behavior may seem annoying and antisocial, but it’s proven to be the path of least resistance when dealing with wimminz, and as such, it is a sensible response to material conditions.

Boxer’s Parade of Simps!


A Simp and his Skank-ho Princess

In what was supposed to be a nice photo, we see the father-and-daughter baseball bat murderers Tom Martens and Molly Corbett. Molly, who is still using her victim’s surname, was a skanky nanny who seduced a poor widower named Jason, after being hired to look after his children.


Jason Corbett: Dead As Dirt

Molly convinced her chump to liquidate all his property, abandon his family in Ireland, and take his two kids to North Carolina, to live with her. Like an idiot, he did so. This was an incredibly bad decision. Jason ended up dead, because he could not say ‘no’ to a ho’.

After only a couple of years in America, Jason soon got sick of his skank-ho wife and her weird relationship with her father. Police say he was planning to divorce the bitch, and take his two kids (from his deceased wife) back to Ireland. That’s when things got ugly. Molly-skank convinced her simp of a father, a former F.B.I. agent, to help her kill her victim, and to assist her in tampering with evidence so that they’d get away with the crime. The rest is history.

The murderers brutally beat Jason to death with a baseball bat, and then staged their horrible crime as though it was a “domestic violence” situation.

911 DISPATCHER: Davidson County 911…

TOM MARTENS: My son in law, uh, got in a fight with my daughter. I intervened and he’s in bad shape. We need help.

911 DISPATCHER: OK. What do you mean he’s in bad shape? He’s hurt?

TOM MARTENS: He’s bleeding all over and I – I may have killed him.

TOM MARTENS: He’s covered in blood

911 DISPATCHER: Alright, listen carefully. I’ll tell you how to do chest compressions. I’ll set a pace for you. … One, two, three, four.


Mug Shot Time for Simp and his Slut Daughter

After giving their false statements to local police, Dad and his slut daughter turned all their attention on eliminating the two heirs to Jason’s estate: his little children. The first thing Dad and his cunt daughter did was to file for an emergency order from the courts to take the kids. In the mean time, they instructed their attorneys to block the children’s biological relatives from having any contact with them. The babies’ auntie describes her feelings during this time:

Tracey Lynch: I was terrified.

Maureen Maher: What were you terrified about?

Tracey Lynch: I was terrified she would kill them.

Maureen Maher: You thought that Molly might kill the children?

Tracey Lynch: Absolutely.

In an unusually wise decision, the family courts in North Carolina found in favor of the children’s family, rather than the murderers of their father, and the kids were finally released.

You can read more about this sad case here.

Simp Tyrone Muhammad arrested

I’d like you boys to watch the original raw video which starts about one minute in. One can also find it on worlstarrrr. It just came out this week, and I find it quite interesting.

One of the most notable aspects is the relationship between this poor chump, Tyrone Muhammad, and the bitch behind the camera, who is ordering him to do her dirty work. I note the following curiosities:

  • No (normal, heterosexual) man patronizes a nail salon, so no (normal, heterosexual) man would have any cause to be upset at the proprietors.
  • While we might excuse Tyrone’s actions if the nail salon had done physical damage to his wife or sister, Tyrone is unmarried, and he never specifies what the motivations are, other than “disrespect.”
  • When is someone going to stand up for Black men, who are largely victimized by Black women, through child-support and domestic violence laws?

Tyrone is the sort of unthinking simp who did not have the presence of mind to laugh at this bitch, and tell her to go get her own dumb self arrested. Now he is facing months in prison, for defending the “honor” of a bunch of bitches in his community who have zero respect for him. Don’t be like Tyrone. Say ‘no’ to the ho’.

Manufacture of Consent in Microcosm

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 14.33.36

Part of the strategy of managing a large, diverse society is siphoning off discontent. This is done in a number of ways. One essential tact is giving the majority of people the idea that they share in a collective responsibility for whatever problem plagues them. Another is corralling potential dissidents in a cycle which promotes shame, silence and inaction.

Dalrock’s blog is a perfect example of the latter, in praxis. Feminism’s victims are attracted to it, with the idea that they will finally get to network with other men who are woke to the problems that face us in our degenerate society. Immediately, the blog’s author sets his readers to work fighting other antifeminists. In one recent example, Derek Ramsey pointed out that Dalrock was mocking and criticizing an antifeminist scouting organization, which was set up to keep young women healthy and safe.

There is a scouting organization which is run by radical feminists, and which overtly encourages our little sisters to explore the exciting lifestyle of the fat, “empowered,” banged-out skank. It’s called the Girl Scouts. Dalrock has never once criticized these people, nor does he seem to encourage the exploration of their organization on his blog. He saves his vitriol for other antifeminists, and in this way, he does his part to keep antifeminists busy fighting among themselves, lest they make any positive impact on the social environment through which we are all, unfortunately, forced to swim.

Chronoblip has begun an excellent analysis of Dalrock’s personal motivations, which dovetails with my own suspicions.

Occasionally, a dissident will see through the collective angst in Dalrock’s comment section. Derek pointed out a comment by “White,” who publicly questioned why the author was attacking an antifeminist organization, which represents all of us in the fight against our enemies. Dalrock has responded in typical passive-aggressive fashion, sending his asslicking attack-poodle, Cane Caldo, to shut down any legitimate questions and keep his audience on feminist-friendly topic.


Cane Caldo does not defend Dalrock’s false premise, that the American Heritage Girls are teaching feminism, because it’s indefensible. Dalrock was lying from the get. Instead, Cane Caldo frantically attempts to rebuild Dalrock’s strawman, by asserting that the American Heritage Girls are focused on:

hiking trails or writing polemics…

As we have already seen, the AHG have a very broad curriculum, which includes Cooking, Cake Decorating, Family Helping, Genealogy, Money Management, and Home Decorating, all things which will help a young sister attract (and keep) a good earner, and which will make her a successful wife and mother. The lie told by Dalrock, and echoed by his fawning sycophant, is not merely libelous to the antifeminist organization in question, it has the express purpose of shutting up any discontent among the antifeminists on Dalrock’s blog. Anyone who questions Dalrock or his idiot stooge Cane Caldo will now be implicitly defending not sincere antifeminists who care about the next generation, but hikers who write hateful feminist theory. Where these feminist hikers actually exist is a question no one will answer, because the audience finds it safer to remain silent than continue to use their masculine brains.

Cane Caldo continues by (surprise, surprise) sexualizing these young girls for Dalrock’s audience, describing them as:

bits of flesh… self-esteem thrusters!

This is not at all surprising, given his perverse history as a writer of thinly veiled fetish pornography.

Not content to quit embarrassing himself, Dalrock’s slurp-boy segues into a superficial analysis of Christian scripture. Let’s see what he can teach us…


Our bitch Cane has quoted the bible in an effort to… prove that the antifeminist AHG organization is unchristian. Does anyone wonder why he doesn’t quote the antifeminist AHG organization to support this contention? It’s not because he’s lazy. It’s because he’s lying. It’s because he can’t find any quotes in the AHG’s materials or in the mass media which suggest that the AHG is the group of hiking radical feminists that he and his master has painted them as.

Dalrock and Cane Caldo continue to channel antifeminist rage into libelous smears of other antifeminists, painting good people as sex-freaks and hateful polemicists. They do this because they do not have the courage to write about actual feminists, and they do this to keep you brothers chasing your tails, and they do this because they get a weird thrill out of styling themselves “thought leaders” in some sort of “movement” which exists only between their degenerate ears. Through their work, they shield our enemies from criticism and ensure that feminism will be spread to the next generation.

Survival v. Status


The following is a guest article, authored by our brother Chronoblip. Visit his site here.

When survival is the priority, because resources are scarce, human social interactions are driven by necessity.

When survival is not the priority, because resources are abundant, human social interactions are driven by novelty.

Put differently:

Shepherds are concerned with the survival of the flock.
Charlatans are concerned with their status in the flock.

Or as Jesus Christ put it:

“I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep. But a hireling, he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them. The hireling flees because he is a hireling and does not care about the sheep. I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own. – John 10:11-14 (NKJV)

Shepherds “police the flock” for the safety of the flock, to ensure there are no “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, and the flock may or may not recognize and appreciate this and may or may not confer a higher status to the shepherd, but he’d be doing the same regardless. Charlatans “pace and lead” for their own status and benefit, because they are goats who want the wolves to eat the sheep first. Hirelings have some level of innocence, they may only be cowards, but charlatans cannot claim ignorance of what they are doing.

Goats think they’re sufficiently smart or cunning enough to avoid being caught, and that their schemes won’t be discovered until it’s “too late” for anyone to do anything about it.

Living in Italy, how much does someone like Vox need to worry about the consequences of people taking him as seriously as he takes himself? But we don’t need to waste our time trying to “expose him” or ensure he “gets his comeuppance”. Why?

Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord. – Romans 12:19 (NASB)

We shouldn’t be distracted by revenge from our work to “make disciples of all nations”.

Folks like him will get what he deserves, or it’ll have been nailed to the cross with Jesus Christ, and we won’t likely know for sure which it’ll be until after this life, so we can instead ignore him as much as his own choices allow us to. If he gets in our way, we can then deal with him, but if he runs away like a hireling at the first sign of danger, or worse ends up feeding people to the very mechanisms he claimed to be working against, then we’ll have been blessed by God to know for sure in this life to then act confidently and decisively with respect to him or folks like him.


Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 09.12.36

Skank-ho Karina, seen above, was allowed to babysit her little brother before this shit happened. I think it’s interesting to compare her booking photo with her facebook pics.


It will surprise no one here to learn that Karina is the spawn of a skank-ho single mother. Karina is currently awaiting trial, in Brazil’s far-west Amazonas province. If this happened in America, we could expect some faggot judge to release her almost immediately because she’s a wimminz. We shall see…

False Accusations

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 18.14.52

Listen and believe, gentlemen…

Footage shows Mary Hunt slapping herself on the head over and over again while she sits on a bed in a pink top.

Hunt, 29, claims Scott Mitchell was violent towards her and she suffered black eyes and bruises at the hands of the Florida businessman.

Mr Mitchell, 45, has accused Hunt of stealing nearly £2million worth of jewellery from his mansion when the pair separated last year.

Watch the video at Sunday Express